Monday, October 18, 2010

American Conservatism at the Alamo

Dear Mr. Limbaugh, Greetings and Dittos from the Ignorant Fishermen Blog. Pertaining to your question on your show today, we - the Ignorant Fishermen - have the answer. It brings us no joy or pleasure in our response to your question, but as you have so honestly taught us, we must have courage to look at the truth. We ask of you to do the same also. In this sobering reply we do not leave America hopeless, nor do we leave America without the answers to the catatonic realities at hand. Our dear Mr. Limbaugh and fellow Americans, there is great hope to all American Conservatives and to the world in this very hour as we as a nation hang at the very precipice of doom.

"Our dear Mr. Limbaugh and fellow Americans, there is great hope to all American Conservatives and to the world in this very hour as we as a nation hang at the very precipice of doom."

Today Conservatism in America - and in the world - is at the “Alamo” of its existence. As we shall see, there is no way that we as a nation - let alone a global society - can survive the devastating secular impact of the past 50 years. Even now we are at the imploding point. The overall structure is ready to collapse by the overload of godlessness and decadence heaped upon it by the American people. The dam is about to burst, and the “lawlessness flood” of oppression, tyranny, global war and human catastrophe is soon to deluge the United States of America and the entire world. With the recent passing of the Health Care Reform bill and a tyrannical President and Leftist elected officials, we are speeding toward a lawless fascist state.

We should not become overconfident or overly excited by the Scott Brown victory or other conservative-moderate victories in 2010, however exciting they might be. The true heart of the American people has NOT changed for the better. It is what it has always been over these last 50 years or so: licentious and haughty. Even now many conservatives have been subtly intoxicated and tainted by socialism, godlessness and the immoral practices of the Left (Jer. 6:16-17; Matt. 15:8, 18-20). For example, consider the Republican administration and congress of the last 8 years. Except for a core of faithful and true conservatives (fiscal and moral), the movement would have faded away years ago. What makes you think that the heart of these politicians or the American people has changed or will change? It hasn't and it won't. Sadly, the "voter reaction" victories to occur in 2010 (e.g., Scott Brown) are likely displaying the last struggling convulsions of a decadent nation on the precipice of total collapse. I have absolutely no pleasure in making this statement. In fact, I do so with a grieving heart.

A 2010 victory may slow things down a little and look like a solid victory to conservatives, but below the surface is the rotting root and core of 50 years of secular liberalism perpetrated on and by the American people."

A 2010 victory may slow things down a little and look like a solid victory to conservatives, but below the surface is the rotting root and core of 50 years of secular liberalism perpetrated on and by the American people (Isaiah 1:2-10). After a certain point, the cankering and corruption of a society cannot be uprooted and fixed. This is stark reality. There will be no stopping this decadent tidal wave and tsunami EXCEPT by Jesus Christ’s second coming to earth to establish His Kingdom in RIGHTEOUSNESS (Dan. 2:34, 44; Rev. 19:11-21). This, my friends, is by no means a fairy tale or imaginary dream. All of life attests to the fact that Divine Justice is coming and we all must give an account, whether conservative or liberal (Rom. 1:18-32).

 .2009 has been the year of the point of no return for America. There has never been a time of more devastating legislation and drunken power-inflamed spending alongside an immoral secular dominance in our nation’s brief history, than in the year 2009 . There is no way for America to survive this deluge of secular occupation. This is not just our own personal evaluation and private interpretation. Sadly, many in the Conservative leadership and movement today cannot grasp this final reality even while knowing that things are indeed grim. It seems to be a Conservative trait to remain thoroughly optimistic of the future despite very grave realities.

If we are to survive as a nation, Conservatives need to fight like never before and do all we can to hold back this “dominance of decadence” and marching tyranny. 2009 also has been the year of the “grassroots conservative” American. From organizing Tea Parties and other rallies, calling and writing our legislators, voting, being informed about the issues and legislation affecting our nation and personal freedoms, the Conservative American has stepped up like never before. We have a lot to be proud about and thankful for, but in the end will it be enough?

"The Conservatism movement in America - much like those who fought valiantly at the Alamo - will shortly be overrun and butchered at the hand of the godless, lawless world in which we are living."

The Reality at Hand

The Conservative movement in America - much like those who fought valiantly at the Alamo - will shortly be overrun and butchered at the hand of the godless, lawless world in which we are living (Gal. 1:4; Eph. 6:12). This sobering reality is too much for the majority of conservatives to think on, and understandably, they do not want to have this in their mindset. This outlook is just too horrendous and frightening. It is even more alarming that multitudes of conservatives are oblivious or have very little understanding of what Almighty God’s Word has to say about events transpiring in the Last Days of godless mankind (Matt. 24; 2 Tim. 3:1-7; Jude 1:18; Rev. 6 - 19). If they truly had faith in Almighty God and believed His Word, they would fully comprehend the day and hour in which we live, having the liberating knowledge that Almighty God is still on His Throne (John 8:32, 36; Rev. 4-5)! Fallen humanity (conservative or liberal) is doomed to failure without their Creator and Savior. Unfortunately, many conservatives want to remain subjective and willingly ignorant about the harsh realities at hand. They cannot let go of their “Conservative Optimism” that insipidly insists that “all will be well in the end" (Jer. 6:14, 8:11; Ezek. 13:10; 1 Thess. 5:3).” Such delusional optimism is rampant in the conservative movement, preached by its false prophets of optimism to the optimist Kool-aid drinkers” on the right. We must see “outside the box” of time and look at the whole, eternal picture. That is the only way to truly comprehend the day we live in.

The Kingdom of Heaven and the Rule of Natural Law
Our hope should not rest upon the American people or the conservative movement; and our expectations should not be focused on the outcome of future (e.g., the 2010) elections (Psalm 146:3; Jer. 17:5-9).

Our only hope for today - and tomorrow - is found in Almighty God’s Son Jesus Christ. He alone can set men free from the bondage and tyranny of sin and its dire consequences (Rom. 3:23; 6:23; Rev. 20:11-15).

At the end of the horrific seven-year tribulation period wherein global lawlessness and anarchy reigns (Isa. 13:9-11; Zeph. 3:8-9; Matt. 24), Jesus Christ will come back to earth from Heaven’s glory to crush the godless world’s rebellion (Isa. 24; Daniel 2:44-45; 2 Thess. 2:8-9; Rev. 19:11-21). Jesus Christ will then establish His 1000-year reign on the earth in righteousness, and banish all those who rebelled against Almighty God’s natural laws and spiritual absolutes (Matt. 25:31-32). These lawless ones will be held fully accountable and their punishment will be severe, swift and eternal (Dan 7:27; Matt. 25:41). At this time Christ will establish His kingdom and will rule the world with a righteous rod of iron (Isa. 9:7, Micah 4;2-3, Rev. 2:27, 12:5, 19:15). Peace, liberty and justice will be the fruit of the Reign of Christ (Isa. 2:2-4). The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s Creator will be established and honored throughout the world, and harmony and peace shall be the fruit thereof (Isa. 2:1-5, 11:1-10, 65:25; Hab. 2:14; Zech. 14:16-21). The 1000-year reign of Christ will be a “Conservative Utopia” of righteous perfection for all who truly want it (Psalm 27:7; Isa. 32:17; Matt. 5:3-12; Rom. 14:17; James 3:18).

"The 1000-year reign of Christ will be a 'Conservative Utopia' of righteous perfection for all who truly want it."

It is ONLY through and by God’s Son Jesus Christ that we can find peace with God and peace in our lives (John 14:27; Eph. 2:14; Philip. 4:7). The tide of our day is inexorably moving, and it is a losing battle no matter how valiantly we try to fight or stem it. Godless mankind cannot overcome or alter the oppressive nature of the flesh (fallen unregenerate humanity). It will eventually succumb to its power and destroy itself. This is exactly what Almighty God’s Word tells us (Jer. 17:9; Rom. 7:18, 23-24).

Do You Personally Know Your Creator/ Redeemer?
May I ask you this serious question? Do you have the perfect righteousness needed to enter into the holy presence of Almighty God? That is exactly what Almighty God has provided in the person of Jesus Christ for all those of Adam’s fallen race (Rom. 3:23; 6:23; 10:2-4; 2 Cor. 5:21).

These turbulent and troubling days are only going to get worse. There is nothing we can do to stop what is happening and that which will come to pass. We are indeed at the Alamo in our world today. May you look “outside the box” of your time-constrained worldview, and have faith in Almighty God who so loved the world that He sent His Son to die for your sins and mine, i.e., the sins of the entire world (John 3:16-17). That is what LIFE is all about - having a living relationship with our Creator in spirit and truth (reality) - John 4:24.

May you place all your expectations in Him alone for your eternal - as well as temporal - well-being (1 Peter 5:7; Rev. 1:5). You will never be the same, no, never!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Edited by BEL I.F.
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Unknown said...

You are right about a good many things here and your focus on the Lord as our only hope and Savior is most certainly correct. However, you still have quite a bit of ingested cool aide yourself. May I mention that Judaism is a false religion and the way much of Christianity is practiced today, makes it also a false religion. Which Savior or which Jesus are you trusting to, or wishing to save you? Perhaps you focus to much on the issue of Anti-Semite-ism and haven't considered that those who call themselves Jews today are NOT actual descents of Abraham, they in fact promote a false religion and are at the forefront of promoting leftist, secular, communist agenda in our society. We need the true Jesus, the everlasting Word, not the Jesus "Christians" are promoting.
Robert Begnaud

Anonymous said...

Why does this writer automatically assume that the "right"...referring to the political use of the automatically superior to the "left?
Jesus was not a politician but that does not stop these blog writers from impressing Jesus into their political suits and thus stating, falsely, that somehow Jesus and the Republicans and the American Flag are the same.
Nonsense! I am so tired of right wing and left wing idealogues trying to hijack the Word of God for their own political purposes.
If Jesus came back today, he would not be a Tea Party member nor a member of the Black Panther party.
He would be Jesus.
Stop the shenanigans with this nonsense of somehow American Conservatism is on hallowed ground.
American Conservatism has spawned a lot of nonsense in this country so spare me this flag waving bilge.
Jesus said that his kingdom was not of this world but this right wing fanatics say otherwise. A pox
on their house!

inalley said...

good job, anonymous. Bringing the Alamo into this discussion is a little too ethnocentric. Many people act like Jesus is an American, and then wonder why other countries consider us obnoxious and arrogant. Would Jesus have fought on either side of the Alamo?...Did he love one side more than the other?

I doubt it.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Robert, a biblical Jesus (1 Cor. 15:1-4) is what we are preaching and Israel's place in His kingdom we are also preaching... which is quite biblical OT, Romans 9-11).

Secular and orthodox Judaism is a false spiritual philosophy (religion) just as Secular and much conservative "Christianity” but many Jews have received the truth about Their Messiah and mine just as many gentiles have.

The two witnesses and God's 144,000 Jewish witnesses will personally know the Messiah of the Scripture and will preach His Gospel in the last days called the 7 year tribulation period. As the first church was Jewish so will be God's agents of preaching the Gospel when the Church is taken up in the Rapture.

True... They are all not the children of faith as of Abraham was (Luke 9:19, Rom 4:16, Gal 3:7, but are children of his flesh (John 8:39-44)

Global Anti-Semitism is a sign of the end of the age and also God has commanded that we honor and pray for His chosen nation (Gen 12:1-3, Matt 24, Rev 12).

Robert, I think you need to research our work more clearly. Some of your statements are accurate.

Thanks for your reply!


The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thanks for your inquiry and response… I can feel your rage… If you read this post more clearly and took the proper time you would see that you would have saved yourselves a lot of time in your assumptions and your questions would have been answered.

There is a great difference between the Left and the Right. It is NOT just political but on how these two ideologies honor natural laws. The Left does NOT generally follow natural laws and are far more active in transgressing them and encouraging others to do so. The Right “Conservatives“seek to follow more these absolutes and reap the betterment because of it. Morality and natural laws are usually offence to the Secular liberal mind which is dominated with a more narcissist emotional perception than one rooted in absolutes and truth. These relativize truth and are quite offended when on holds them to these natural laws.

If you relativize Jesus then you will miss who He is and the Absolutes of natural law and spiritual laws which he Created and commands us to follow. Jesus is neither Republican nor Democrat!!! He is for Almighty God and for the adherence to god’s natural and spiritual laws which transcends the realms of earthly politics. Is Jesus a Politian? Yes and no. He preached repentance to the violators and transgressors of natural and spiritual laws (the 10 Commandments) and faith in Him and His propitionary work (John 3:16-17, Rom 10:2-4, 1 John 2:2). He will one day rule the world in righteousness (adherence to natural and spiritual absolutes and laws) and judge it’s violators. This is very biblical and sound. The questions you have to ask your self is do you believe God’s Word and adhere to His commands. If you do not then you possess another Jesus (Matt 7:21-23) and live in a delusion about who He is and who Almighty God is.

If you read this post more clearly and took the proper time you would see that you would have saved yourselves a lot of time in your assumptions and your questions would have been answered.

Thanks again for your reply! May God bless you and lead you into all truth!