Monday, April 26, 2010

What is Driving the Left's Hatred of Sarah Palin?

Ever since Sarah Palin entered the national political arena two years ago as the Republican VP nominee, she has caused sheer panic in the hearts and minds of the Leftist Liberals and Moderates in America. Accordingly, the Leftist media is hell-bent on doing all they can to discredit Palin’s accomplishments and destroy her character at any cost. Even now, much effort and energy is being expended to deceive the American people regarding her considerable achievements. Her popularity among Tea Party and conservatives is astounding, and many believe that she will get the 2012 endorsement for the presidency. As Sarah's new books were flying off of the selves, the progressive libs in their hatred were attacking and trashing her on's book review section.  Newsweek a few months ago took some shots at Sarah with their subtle article on Palin and her great influence with conservatives and being the voice of evangelical women.

Even now, the Left and its State-Run Media Minions are now extremely busy trying to discredit Palin and have set up an unparalleled smear campaign to derail any 2012 presidential run.

Remember how the Left loathed and eschewed George W. Bush? Their daily bombardments and slander of this man's character utterly destroyed his reputation and achievements. It didn’t help that he sat by and took it and never went after his political enemies. The New Tone destroyed Bush and weakened the Republican Party so to strip it of any power.
"Although with Palin, the Left have a fight on their hands and they know it."

This destructive and slanderous tactic worked so well against GWB that the Left is now applying the same politics of personal destruction against Sarah Palin. Although with Palin, the Left have a fight on their hands and they know it.

Palin, a social and moral Conservative, sends chills up the spines of the Leftist Media Elite. They are honestly horrified of her fundamental core values and belief in moral absolutes. There is something about moral absolutes, core values, accountability and faith in Almighty God that absolutely terrifies the liberal-progressive mindset. The Liberal mind utterly abhors and rejects these tenets. They live in a “relative,” pluralist reality and any threat to their delusional world must be attacked and destroyed.There are no depths of the destructive slander, no depths of baseless acquisitions, no lawsuit too frivolous, and no tactic beyond the hate-filled secular-leftist, “Democrat” organization that they will not use to hold their power base and autocratic position of national leadership. This is an all-out war to them and any threat must be exterminated. It is a Leftist trait. Look at the history of Hitler and the Nazis, Stalin and the Communists, Castro, Mao, etc. Seek and destroy to preserve the position of power at any cost.

Who truly knows what Palin’s future political ambitions are for the future? For all we know, she might just be calling it quits, but I think not! Who can endure such a supernatural movement of the demonic world and of the fallen, base mind of the political Left machine?

The Bigger Picture
One only needs to think “outside the box” of this world system and believe Almighty God and His Word to see more clearly the big picture. The Word of God teaches: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" (Ephesians 6:12). It's much bigger than just us!

Here is the heart of the matter. There is now ensuing a Great Spiritual War for the hearts, minds and souls of men. Satan's desire is to remove the United States from the World Stage along with its Judeo/ Christian heritage. Also included in his diabolical plan for the country’s demise are any remnants of Christian testimony and support of Israel. At the present time, Satan's Minions abound everywhere in the American Mainstream Media. They unknowingly do his will (see 2 Corinthians 4:4) . Satan’s goal is to destroy any semblance of "Rightness" and that which threatens his evil agenda.

"Their words will torment the inhabitants of the World with reality and truth"

In the Great Tribulation period which is coming upon the Whole World (see Luke 21:35), God's Two Mighty Jewish Witnesses (Rev.11:3-13) will speak with great Authority and rebuke the inhabitants of the world for their Godlessness. They will also preach repentance and faith in Jesus Messiah for Salvation. The Bible says that their Words will torment the inhabitants of the World with reality and truth (John 3:18-21, 2 Thess. 2:2:10-12, Rev 11:10). Satan will seek to destroy these Witnesses via the media, national governments, assassination attempts, etc. - all to no avail until the allotted time. They will preach God's Word and it will torment those who reject it. We can see today just a glimpse of what will be attempted in the near future.

Jesus said, "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God" (John 3:19-21).

How real and how true is this truth! People run for the hills, change the subject, run for cover, hide their children, tremble and shake whenever the True Gospel message of Jesus Christ is declared.

My friend, God loves you and sent his Son Jesus Christ to be our Savior, and to save us from the wrath which is to come on the ungodly. You don't have to hide from Him. He is there to receive you as you receive Him, and to love you and deliver you from the judgment and consequences of sin.

Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? If not, trust Him today! Quit hiding in fearfulness and receive Him today. Only Christ will CHANGE your life and you will never be the same.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Sarah Palin Shares Her Faith in Almighty God - Video
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Anonymous said...

I have just read the rantings of a lunatic. Nothing in this absurd screed is worth even commenting on. What a deluded person the author of this insanity must be. I hope you get better someday, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Wow, man.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful summation of what is being done to Sarah, and what is immanent for the world. I salute your courage in the face of hatred (some of which lost no time in denouncing you in your own comments section). Pay no attention to the liberal scorn - that's what liberals do, they scorn. If they ever lost their twisted rage, they'd have to face their own empty lack of humanity, and that is something that frightens them more than death itself.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin brings out the worst of her enemies simply because of her religious beliefs. The enemy always reacts with volatility.

Unknown said...

Good summary. Maybe the anonymous coward should pray to his Obama shrine while he still can.

Former Marine '69 '72 said...

I have just read the rantings of a lunatic...

So have I, that being you!

As Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him/her with a terrible resolve."

600,000 supporters and climbing:

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thanks bloggers for getting Sarah's back and ours here at the IFB. God Bless Sarah Palin and God save the USA or those whosoevers who want to be saved!!!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

Benjamin said...

The right seems to think that we on the left are "at war" with Sarah Palin. This is giving her far too much credit. In reality, we're just pointing and laughing at her. However, part of the Sarah Palin narrative is this myth that she's being persecuted, and if we're simply chuckling at her being petty and unfit for office rather than actually organizing some sort of "war" against her, it hurts the story you guys are busily telling yourselves.

Come on guys, you can do better than this. You're putting all your support behind a person who's served half of one gubernatorial term before quitting, who can't get through an interview without appearing completely out of her depth (Gibson, Couric, Walters -- take your pick), and who, perhaps worst of all, doesn't even share your values! While in office, despite her big talk, Alaska took more money from the Federal government than it paid while also redistributing corporate earnings directly to the citizens. It's pure welfare-state, big-government socialism, but the right totally ignores this because you're infatuated with this woman.

So, no. We aren't at war with Palin. In fact, most of us on the left are eager for the far right to go all in on Palin, the way many lefties did with, say, Howard Dean in 2004, only to have their hearts broken and become disenchanted when the wheels came off. We'd like nothing more than for Palin to split the Republican Party down the middle, siphon off a bunch of the available political donations, and bash other candidates and be bashed herself for months and months. She probably can't win the nomination and if she does she'll be so polarizing and gaffe-prone that she'll likely collapse.

But if you want to believe this myth that the mean ol' Left is coming after poor Sarah Palin, if you really thrive in this mythology of victimization, knock yourselves out. It's totally nonsense, but I'm glad it amuses you.

Anonymous said...


Your obsession is telling; please do continue with your rage towards good while your evil loots and pillages everyone and everything.

You give the good a glorious purpose in defending what is right about demolishing your evil 'social justice' tyranny.

I thank you persistently reminding free people what we are up against.

wnaegele said...

Thanks, Anonymous, for brilliantly defining just who -- and what -- a member of the deranged left is...

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Truth is not hate or rage. Rage and hate are found in those who hate truth and reality. (John 3:18-21, Jude 1:10)

The Left hates Sarah because they hate liberty and love confusion and anarchy. The Left hates Natural Laws and love chaos. They hate Almighty God and the Bible Authority and love Lucifer, Saul Alinsky and any who fight against the rule of Law, the Constitution and common good John 8:44).

Truth and reality, moral laws and Almighty God are despotic and fascist to those who hate them. The Left is seeking to fight against any who hold these realities sacred and seek to place them on our society. They are with out doubt… haters of reality.

Have Faith in God my friend. That is what life and this little world is all about.

Thanks for your reply.


Anonymous said...

The left doesn't "hate" Sarah Palin, they're just amazed that someone who so obviously has not done their political homework has the support of so many. There are conservatives who have a grasp of issues and are worthy of support. Palin is not one of them. If one cares about America, one wants someone competent and hard working in office, not someone with a celebrity mentality.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Sarah is everything American. In the elite realms of Washington and in ivory tower base liberalism they can not comprehend her. I wonder why? Maybe because she practices common sense and natural laws and believes in Almighty God. That scares you doesn't. That there... is the true heart of the matter.

All lefties call her stupid just as they labeled Bush, Quail and Reagan. When they cannot compete with those who practice right and wrong, believe in Almighty God and are full of plain o'l common sense nothing is left but baseless slander.

A fool is a fool is a fool... You will never get it to you wake up from your delusional emotional world.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is the epitome of "the elite," you just haven't noticed. How many people do you know that were selected to run for Vice President of the US? How many have written books for which they received an enormous amount of cash, following up with a book tour and speeches for exorbitant fees? She's now living the life of the very elite.

PS - Love her screeds against the "main stream media" - of which she is now a part (if you count Fox News as MSM). Isn't there something in the bible about opening your eyes?

Anonymous said...

Benjimini: While in office you said AK took in more federal dollars than it gave back.That might be true.However the last study conducted was from 2005.A full year before she took office in dec 2006.She cut earmark requests by 83% in her short term.Yes she quit however you lefties know why.You forced her with your bogus ethics complaints to do so.Given her choice stay on and cost her state millions more and face personal bankruptcy.She oppted to side step your lefty pals and their ethics loophole,to go on the offense.You think Americans are stupid and are not finding out the facts each day of that BS destroy Palin attempt up there?Then you said she distributed the corporate wealth to citizens of AK.Hmmm yes she did,however what you fail to point out and you lefties know this but never say it is.Under her states constitution she has every right too.Back in the 50s(at the hight of anti socialist sentiment)when AK joined the union as a state the federal gov approved AKs conditions of unification.One of those was to allow its citizens ownership rights of their states mineral,oil & gas resources.AK can redistribute the revenues generated,directly in payment to its citizens.They have being doing so ever since joining the union.Palin introduced an elevator tax structure(now adopted by some other nations such as Norway)that taxes more when oil is high and less when oil is low in price.That structure played out well when oil hit 147 a barrel and she sent out extra resource divedend cheques that year.Of an aditional 1200 per man woman and child.Because under her states constitution she was allowed to do so.One can argue if your from AK,your expected to do so.That rebate was in addition to the yearly rebate of 2000-3000 they allready recieve.One last point about earmarks you lefties never mention when you condem AK, is its geographic location.Shipping of goods makes everything way more expensive.AKs construction season due to extream weather,is a shortened time frame that drives up construction costs due to overtime costs and 24-7 shift work.Having friends from AK.I know more first hand about AK,than any of you so called smarty pants people do,so there.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating as I find the blind hatred toward Palin, right now I'm much more fascinated by the ability of commenters hear to defeat the space/time continuum by posting comments months before the article about which they're commenting.


oldfart said...

Benjamin, I used to live in Alaska so I have some idea of what I'm talking about.

You seem concerned that Alaska receives more money from the feds than it gives. Well, back when Alaska became a state, the feds owned all the land. To get the people to vote for statehood they(the feds) promised to turn it all over the the state except for a few military bases and national parks.

Then they struck oil and the rules changed. The state still got a lot of land but most of the oil-bearing land was kept by the feds regardless of their promise. Some diligent investigation found oil under some of the land the feds had already turned over to the state so the state still had a significant income... enough to invest and pay the citizens a healthy dividend check each year from the earnings.

Still, the feds DID cheat a bit on all those thousands of square miles of land they didn't turn over to the state.

Frankly, I think the state has every right to charge, overcharge and charge interest on anything they can get from the feds.

Even if they want to build a bridge to nowhere!