Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Making War With The Right and The Righteous.

There was a Homeland Security report dated April 7th which brought great alarm to all Conservatives entitled, "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment." WND {Article Link}

This report seeks to legitimize the surveillance and demonizing of many conservative groups, values, leaders and core beliefs founded in our Judeo-Christian heritage. Make no mistake: this report is the spearhead of the current Radical Leftist Administration.

This administration is hell-bent on conducting a subtle stealth war against the Right and its values. It has been in the heart of this President since his early days. The report’s main purpose is to plant the seed of suggestion and move a hostile action line and agenda. The Left is engaging in a total offensive war against the Right, with very little Republican opposition in Washington. The Left’s main goal is to preserve and protect its power base and eliminate any threats against its political agenda. They are riding high on a wave of political momentum and are drunken with their acquisition of power.

As we look at the history of the Leftist agenda through out the twentieth century we see the parallel out-workings in this current administration and Leftist-dominated House and Senate. The masses are “ripe for the picking” and the stage and setting seem perfect for the coup. For decades the never-ceasing Media’s attacks on the Constitutional ideals of our Founding Fathers has “softened up the ground” of public opinion. The bureaucratic infantry is now ready to roll in and seize absolute power.

How much more do Conservatives have to see until we truly patriotic Americans finally comprehend that our liberties and ideals are likely in their final days. Like Rome of old, we are being destroyed from within. This statement is not meant to sound like “doom and gloom” but an honest assessment of our nation’s current condition. All the Right can do is redouble their efforts and seek to hold onto our great heritage that we once possessed. Soon there will be no place to go nor hide.

The Bible, God’s Holy Word, has stated repeatedly that in the Last Days, a despotic global tyrant - a Secular Fascist - will arise to reign over the world with great power and absolute authority (Dan. 7:8, 17-25; 9:26; 11:36-43; Luke 4:6; 2 Thess. 2:2-4, 9; Rev. 13; 17:8, 11-17).

In a demonic, Satanically-inspired rage, this man Will Make War with the saints of Almighty God and the Lamb who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Dan. 7:21; Rev. 11:7; 13: 7; 17:12,14). He will have the authority and ability to prevail over God’s people on earth for a short time until his absolute defeat and destruction at the Battle of Armageddon (Dan. 7:26; 11:44-45; 2 Thess. 2:8, Rev 19:20). There will be an absolute global war - on an unprecedented global level - to eradicate from the face of the earth all that know Almighty God and the Lamb (The Lord Jesus Christ) as Lord and Savior. In pursuit of his insane desires and vain ambitions, Satan’s final attempt to overthrow Almighty God and His Eternal Sovereignty will lead to his own demise and ultimate destruction.

My friend, God’s Word has given us a clear-cut picture on how events would be in the last days. Nothing can stop these events from coming to pass. Today, Americans live in a false reality and delude themselves, saying, “It can never happen to us.” My friend, that is our Achilles heel! America will eventually succumb to the unbridled passions of men and the tyranny that our Founders feared. Our good intentions and vainly optimistic hope will be our undoing.

Like the Titanic, the American ideal has hit an iceberg and is taking in water fast. Sadly, it is just a matter of time until we go down to the depths and are removed from the scene to usher in The Day of the Lord - the Great Tribulation (Matt. 24). -SEE CHART-

In these terribly turbulent and changing times prior to His coming, may you allow Almighty God to bring you the Hope and Comfort that only He can give. If you do not know The Lord Jesus as your personal Savior, may it be your sincerest desire to receive Him today.

The Kingdom of Heaven truly is at hand!