Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Man is This?

The words of this hymn are set to the traditional English melody of Greensleeves. The question at hand is one of inquiry of the one on the cross of Calvary 2000 years ago. Many people have a mistaken view of who Jesus of Nazareth truly was. The song - What Child is This?- presents the inquiry from the first advent of Christ, while -What Man is This? - seeks inquiry of the crucifixion.

May it be our sincere desire to see Jesus Christ only through eyes of Holy Scripture as we seek to know Him.

What Man Is This?

What man is this, that hangs and dies, on Calvary’s Cross bleeding?
Forsaken by a world of men, for their souls, is pleading.

This, this, is Christ the Lamb, The Sinless One, The Son of Man
Weep, Weep, for your sins, for you, He gives His life.

Why does He go to Calvary, when He caused the lost and blind to see?
Oh wretch, for thee, He takes your stead, that you, through Him may live!

Nails, thorns, shall pierce Him through, the Cross, He bares’, for me, for you
It is Finished, is His cry, redemption’s work is done!

In dark despair and hopelessness, Christ rose up from death’s dark abyss.
Oh grave where is thy victory? Oh death where is thy sting?!

He is risen, from the grave, to ransom you, oh sinful slave. Glory! Glory! Praise and Laud! He lives forever more!

This, this, is Christ the Lamb, The Word of God, The Great I Am
Who was this, upon the tree? The Man, the Son of God. The Man, the Son of God. The Man, The Son of God...

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!