Thursday, March 3, 2022

Global War Statistics - Past and Those Which are to Come!


In light of the Ukraine invasion and the current war drums beating world wide, we here at the IFB took the liberty of adding to the list of death causalities of  history's wars the HORRIFIC EXPONENTIALLY war statistics that are yet to come as Almighty God's Word so clearly states in the Book of Revelation (Rev. 6-19). We did not add Gog's invasion based on our belief that its death totals are found somewhere here in these two wars spoken of in the Book of Revelation (Ezek 38-39). This world absolutely mocks the Bible and the revealed truths from it. Of a truth these wars will be and great world tribulation will engulf this world, which will lead to the coming Anti-Christ and to Almighty God the Son's return to earth to establish His 1000 year reign and rule for FOREVER!

This is a very incomplete list of wars (an estimated 3,010 wars have taken place in recorded human history and  a few are recorded here).[1]
Stats taken from Wikipedia