Friday, June 11, 2010

A Review of Sarah Palin’s New Book: “Going Rogue, An American Life”

I just finished listening on my IPod to Sarah Palin’s new book, “Going Rogue, An American Life.” I personally found this book to be quite fascinating, encouraging, positive and full of old school values which are absolutely missing from American culture today. No wonder why the American Left hates this book and Mrs. Palin. All that Sarah stands for is a threat to their secular, liberal, nanny-state ideology.

This book starts off with a call to Mrs. Palin at the Alaska State Fair from John McCain headquarters, then delves into the personal autobiography of Sarah’s life up to the present. It includes her struggles, joys, achievements, hard work, family, political service, overcoming endurance and singleness of vision for America - the land that she loves.

I personally love knowing what makes people tick - what’s behind their core beliefs and how it motivates them and their lives. Her “old school” upbringing of faith in God, hard work, family and love of country is what people love about her and what is truly gripping in this read. Her genuine honesty about life’s realities, joys and trials are quite refreshing in light of the current political hypocrisy that dominates the elite class of Washington’s aristocracy. She is truly an overcoming victor in the midst of life’s trials and tribulations.

This book had me glued to it. In the audio version, Mrs. Palin personally narrates her book with passion and with authenticity that is warm and personal to the listener. She answers all the questions that one might have about her in the light of her rush to popularity within the last year.

In this book Sarah talks about her upbringing, her family, her son Trig, her faith in Almighty God, her political career (Mayor, Governorship, and her VP run with John McCain) her “Going Rogue,” Katie Couric’s unprofessional, hit piece interview, the limitations that the moderate GOP put on her while running with John McCain, the political debauchery of present day Washington D.C., Reaganism, Conservatism, her love for country and her vision for America future.

This book is a tribute to the American dream, to all women and to all who work hard and possess steadfast determination with much endurance. These attributes when applied will bring about the success and a fruitful and encouraging life to all, as Sarah and others have shown us. In the eyes of the elite of Washington D.C., Mrs. Palin should never have been successful. All the things that she achieved were done without Big Government’s intervention.

To dislike this book and this dear American is to abhor the American dream, our Judean/ Christian heritage, morality, traditional family values, hard work and the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the American dream!

This book is a must read for all Conservative men and women, and for all Americans in general. Sarah’s life is a true success story - one which our Founding Father’s dreamed and envisioned for all Americans. Who knows what potential and future success that Mrs. Palin’s life holds? With Almighty God’s watchful care and Providential outworking in her life, her potential is limitless. I truly believe Sarah is the Deborah (see Judges Chapters 4 and 5) of today for America, and she was raised up to be a leader in America in light of its falling stature and decline. God’s hand is indeed upon her – that’s for sure!

This book receives 5 Golden Fishes!

God Bless America and God Bless Sarah Palin!

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