Friday, September 11, 2009

The 9/11/09 Hartford Tea Party

My Fellow Fishermen and Americans,

9/11/09 - We attended the Hartford Tea Party this morning and had an awesome time! In light of our God given freedoms to send a loud and focused message to Washington D. C., we had the great opportunity to talk to many- one on one - and to share with many individuals - as the topic arose - to keep focused on Almighty God and His precious truths and promise found in His Word.

Almighty God also gave me the honor and privilege (a nobody) in His grace and mercy to lead about 1500 Tea Partiers at the State Capitol before Him in prayer. To thank Him. That He alone is the only Author of liberty and freedom. That He alone is the only deliverer from the tyrannies – in this world and in the world to come. To ask of Him, for His righteous out workings in the affairs of our country and to give wisdom to those in Washington. That He would watch over and take care of our brave and valiant military men and women around the world. To help us as nation go back to the original foundations as our Founding Fathers once held and that all would bend their heart and minds to His Wonderful Person – in spirit and Truth - with Thanksgiving. We remembered 9/11 and that we would as a nation never forget that day and it’s slain. Then finally we closed in the Blessed Name of Jesus Christ (John 8:32,36).

Also, we had great opportunity, to hand out many - “True Tyranny in Light of the Tea Parties”- tracts to almost all that were in the leadership and speakers of the Tea Party Express. We also had a chance to do the same with the Local Tea Party organizers and crowd. Thanks to all those who prayed for Almighty God’s outworking and Spirit’s leading through out this cold rainy morning.

Our official political mantra here at the Ignorant Fishermen Blog is , The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Which it surely is my beloved. Keep looking up and not to Washington. Keep your feet planted firmly in Almighty God’s Word and in all things whatever we do, to Almighty God be the glory! May we be His bright shining lights in this day of confusion.

May Almighty God save and bless the USA till He comes! In all things to Almighty God be the Glory forever and ever! (Romans 11:36)

All of Almighty God’s highest and best for you!

The Kingdom of Heaven is truly at hand!