Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Biblical Perspective On The New EU's Foreign Policy Chief On Israel's Settlements

Just a short update on an important story this week. I will be talking about it on Jimmy DeYoung's Prophecy Today on the radio tomorrow.

As I have mentioned before, the EU's new foreign policy chief officially began took her position on December 1. I noted that I thought this diplomatic corps aspect of the EU would move quickly and take the helm of foreign policy for the EU. The policy chief, Catherine Ashton, speaking at the EU Parliament, came out strongly against the state of Israel. She called East Jerusalem "occupied territory." She demanded the immediate lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip and the "Union's" opposition to the West Bank wall. Notice that she is speaking for all 27 nations of the EU. Many thought she would remain somewhat behind scenes and slowly organize the new EU diplomatic corps.

"The goal of this new EU department is to unify the 27 nations into a single nation"
I believe she plans to move quickly and establish a single-voice for the EU in matters of foreign policy. The goal of this new EU department is to unify the 27 nations into a single nation. In the days ahead, this corps will replace or displace the individual foreign policy of the EU states.

This speech shows both her determination to be in the front of the EU's diplomacy and policy. Being British, she is reflecting the British foreign ministries tendency to oppose Israel. It appears that she is now moving that position to center stage. Many of the left-leaning groups in the EU are supporting her position. Clearly, her position reflects that of the current EU Council President from Sweden. On January 1, Spain will take the presidency and traditionally has held a positive position of support for Israel. We need to see where they stand on her comments.

What we all need to watch is how the President of the Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, handles her remarks. She was endorsed by him at her selection to the position and she is currently on the Commission and the Council boards, resulting in a very influential position. I have speculated that they are the two most powerful people in the EU and we need to see where they are headed. This will be the first test to see if they are working as a team and hence opposed to Israel or whether Barroso willdistance himself from her comments. We must never forget that Genesis 12:3 says: And I will bless them that bless thee (Abraham and Israel) and curse him that curseth thee.

Just in case, time gets away from us, may each of you have a Christ-filled Christmas and a blessed New Year. Lord bless you all.

In His service and yours, until He comes,

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