Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rush Limbaugh’s Far Greater Adversary Than Sarah Spitz!

Sarah Spitz, a producer for National Public Radio let her wicked heart manifest its self to the American public by revealing her murderous desires and ghoulish ambitions towards America’s Truth Detector, Dr. of Democracy and harmless little fuzz ball, Rush Limbaugh.

In her devilish desires, Sarah wrote, that she would “Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out” as Limbaugh writhed in torment. In boasting that she would gleefully watch a man die in front of her eyes, Spitz seemed to shock even herself. “I never knew I had this much hate in me,” she wrote. “But he deserves it.” That there… is true liberal hatred at its best!

No doubt, Sarah most likely loves baby duckies, polar bears, saving the rain forest and the whales, but when it comes to a human being created in the image and likeness of Almighty God (Gen. 1:26-30) she has no problem to MURDER him in her heart (Romans 1:29-32). This emotional volcano is nothing new when it comes to the Left. Sarah’s outright and visible hatred is derived from her hatred of core moral absolutes and Rush’s political position of conservatism and pro life stance (Romans 1:18-32).

When these on the Left spew such hatred and murderous intentions they are not just going after Rush, but they are also going after the American people who love and cherish freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In a sense, Spitz would love to see millions of Americans suffer this ghoulish fate along with Limbaugh in her wicked reprobate mind which is void of absolutes and logic (Romans 1:28).

The Game Plan

The Liberal, State-Run Media and their allies have been working feverishly for years to distribute the Kool-aid to those “oblivious despisers” wishing to cause maximum damage to Limbaugh’s character and reputation. It is what these ravishing wolves do best.

In the "Bizarro World" America of the Left (Isa 5:20), which includes Washington D.C., Hollywood, the State-Run Media (including the Political and Sports world and its Kool-aid drinking mob), there is absolutely no place for Conservatism or Judeo/ Christian values to exist. The Left absolutely despises these ideologies and realities and seeks to destroy them at any cost (John 3:18-20).

The Liberal (Leftist) mind and heart twists reality and truth to fit their alternative world of delusion. They are subjective and narcissist; they follow the unbridled passions of their fallen humanity and seek to achieve status, power and prestige at any cost (2 Tim. 3: 1-7). These have given themselves over to the basest of ideals and have abandoned the spiritual and moral absolutes of time and eternity (Rom. 1:18-32). The secular Liberal mindset is the most susceptible and open to the highly organized and rebellious agenda of the first radical in Almighty God’s creation – Lucifer (2 Cor. 4:3-4; Eph. 2:1-3).

The Bible - God’s Holy Word - states the true reality that describes this fallen world of man (Rom. 5:12-19) and who is truly calling the shots against all that is just and right. Satan's (Lucifer's) agenda takes precedence over all human ones. His influence over the masses that live in a godless, base world are the easiest to deceive and drive as cattle using his subtle and hypnotic agenda (Luke 4:5-6; John 12:31; 2 Cor. 4:3-4).

Almighty God’s Word states: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph. 6:12).

This agenda is far greater than any human has ever conceived. It exceeds us in a multitude of ways. Unfortunately, the majority of Conservatives are oblivious to this truth - let alone the Left. They cannot think “out of the box” of this world in which we live. Even Conservatives possess a subjective mindset and, apart from the grace of God, do not grasp any vision of Christ's Kingdom to come - which is at hand - and the destiny and eternal future of all mankind.

In the light of the latest all-out attack on Rush Limbaugh, his character and accomplishments, Limbaugh’s adversary is far greater than he ever imagines. The battlefield far more horrific than he could ever conceive. The souls and eternal destinies of billions are at stake. There is at present an intensely heated battle for the spiritual soul of America and its current position on the chessboard of the world in time. Rush Limbaugh (representing our nation's Judeo/ Christian heritage and Conservative ideology) stands in direct opposition to a major goal of the god of this world (i.e., Lucifer), which is the demise and removal of the United States of America as a world power. The United States is a major restrainer of evil and the unbridled desires and passions of fallen (base) men throughout the world. From the founding of our country, Lucifer’s game plan has been to destroy America from within and to make it a base, secular nation. Rush and many others in the New Media are seeing this happening today quite rapidly under the socialistic and fascist dictates of Barak Obama and a Leftist controlled congress. Never in the history of this nation has there been such a rapid seizure of power and fascist form of government control instituted upon the American people. John Adams prophecy is coming true that:

"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and true religion. Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence."
Lucifer’s godless agenda, i.e., the absence and removal of honoring and worshiping God in spirit and truth (John 4:24), and the secular movement is preparing the way for the upcoming global, fascist state of Lucifer’s Man of Lawlessness, the Anti-Christ (Dan. 7:23-25; Matt. 24:15; 2 Thess. 2:3-12; Rev. 13).

Little is known regarding whether Rush truly believes the Holy Scriptures and has saving faith in Jesus Christ. Whatever might be the case, Limbaugh's conservative activism, his great dedication to the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the United States, and his adherence to the original vision of our Founding Fathers is enough to put him in the target sights of the god of this world, Lucifer.

Rush and other conservative leaders are up against a foe far greater than MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barak Obama. These all serve the radical ideology of Lucifer and either knowingly or unknowingly are doing his bidding in lock step (John 8:44; Acts 13:10). [Just a brief note here: Unbelieving Conservatives also are swayed by Lucifer but not to the full extent of the secular Liberal mind.]

It is helpful to be objective - not subjective - in one's worldview. In a world where globalism, godlessness, government tyranny, violence, anti-Semitism/ anti-Americanism, and anti-God/ anti-Bible/ anti-Christian sentiment is on a sharp rise, truly what hope is there here in this “Womb of Eternity” called Time?

My friend, there is only ONE hope that is true, ONE expectation that is real, ONE Savior who can save, ONE way that is right, ONE Deliverer and ONE reality: The Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God the Son!

Rush and fellow conservatives, we need more than our conservative ideology and optimism for eternity future and our expectations here in time. Time is but a drop in the bucket, but eternity is as vast as the biggest ocean. In our own strength we can never beat the god of this world and his ultra-intelligent wiles (Eph. 6:11). The Bible tells us what is and will be. The Global fascist state of Lucifer and his Anti-Christ must come to pass. There is no stopping the future (1 John 2:18; 2 Thess. 2:3-10; Rev. 13). The good news is that at the end of his global, despotic reign, the Lord Jesus Christ will destroy his demonic kingdom and establish His 1000-year reign in righteousness and in truth (Isa. 9:6-7; Dan. 2:43-44; Rev. 19:11-21). Then - and only then - will there be world peace and conservatism as Almighty God meant it to be forevermore. That alone is the only hope for mankind in these exponentially changing times.

It is your personal choice. Either you as an individual will choose to place your faith in God’s Savior of your soul, or you will not.

Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace (Isa. 9:6-7) as your personal Savior? He alone is where all our expectations should be found. Have Faith in Almighty God (Mark 11:22), and your eyes will opened to see the Biblical realities of time and eternity. Then - and only then - will you truly be free to engage in the realities of the day in which we live with real hope and change!

Place your trust in the Prince of Peace today. You will never be the same!

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4).

The Kingdom of Heaven is truly at hand!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Constitutional Apostates of America - Elena Kagan and the American Left

As our country dangles over the precipice of judicial tyranny and lawlessness, President Obama’s appointee to the Supreme Court – Elena Kagan will be confirmed and America's "next Surpreme Court Judge".

It's no secret that Elena Kagan, a pure progressive and lawless secularist, is a staunch opponent of our Founding Fathers’ vision for America and its posterity that was founded on the solid bedrock of the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. In light of their godless ideology (Romans 1:18-32), the Left generally rejects and despises these natural laws and sees them as fascist, tyrannical and oppressive.

"The Left generally rejects and despises these natural laws and sees them as fascist, tyrannical and oppressive."

These Natural Laws and moral absolutes were instilled at creation’s founding by the Creator, Almighty God. This indisputable truth for the genesis of earth, time and humankind gives the indispensable blueprint for Adam’s fallen race to live in harmony with his fellow man and environment (Deut. 4:6; 28:1-6; Psalm 1). These Natural Laws and moral absolutes transcend all national boundaries of the world’s nations and all human cultures, creeds, and philosophies of the earth’s inhabitants. When these absolutes are embraced and followed by a nation and its citizens, there is to be found harmony, blessing and prosperity (Proverbs 14:34).
Our Founding Fathers uniquely comprehended this reality, and that is why there has NEVER been a nation on the face of this earth as the United Sates of America. The foundational seeds of America were planted in the Philadelphian Church Age of the Open Door (Rev. 3:7-8). In just a few hundred years no nation has sent out the gospel (1 Cor. 15:2-4), transformed the world, been such a beacon of hope for all the oppressed and a liberator of the inhabitants of tyrannical nations like the United States of America!
"The foundational seeds of America were planted in the Philadelphian Church Age of the Open Door (Rev. 3:7-8)."
We have spread liberty, human freedom and prosperity into all the earth by which many have been blessed. Have we been an absolutely perfect nation? Truly not, as a lot of America-haters and apostates love to point out. But our Founders’ ideals were perfect, and because we have followed these absolutes and ideals, to say, even 50% to 70% at our best, we have been greatly blessed and have prospered as no gentile nation ever has. Even our so-called “poor” are well taken care of, despite what the leftist, "victicrat” mantra repeats. These are fed and clothed; they possess running water, toilets, electricity, shelter, TV’s, cell phones, cars and medical coverage. Where has that ever been the case in world history? Absolutely nowhere!

The American Apostate Mindset

The apostate American Left of today holds the position that the Founding Fathers original intent for the Constitution was to be an “evolving” and “living” document to fit and conform to the hour and day which Americans are living in. America has devolved into a lawless, narcissistic, decadent, and immoral nation because of the ABANDONMENT of the ideals of our Founding Fathers. Therefore, the Left believes that the Constitution must also change due to the lawless practices of godlessness by many (including themselves), and the immoral decadence which exists must be accommodated by calling it "normal" and "constitutional." It doesn't matter how many people you can get to agree that 2 + 2 = 5, it is still wrong, no matter how many math scholars and college professors you can win to your side. Absolutes are absolutes. Truth is truth. Morality transcends the vain imaginations of godless man, and natural laws must always prevail as they are always relevant and absolute, like it or not.
"The Left believes that the Constitution must also change due to the lawless practices of godlessness by many (including themselves), and the immoral decadence which exists must be accommodated by calling it 'normal' and 'constitutional.' "
My friends, nothing could be more damaging to a healthy society than holding this pluralistic and relative position. It is a damnable lie, and those who adhere to it will only reap the consequences of its poisonous fruit. Are we not as a nation beginning to reap a whirlwind (tornado) of calamities for abandoning of our Founding Fathers’ timeless wisdom and accurate insights? The rhetorical answer is yes, we absolutely are.

These Constitutional apostates interpret the Constitution from a subjective, secular and lawless viewpoint based on their unbridled passions and emotionally dominant reasoning, which is contrary to the aforementioned Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. These subjective practitioners of lawlessness are quite easily offended when they are called into question about their anti-natural law positions to which they are completely enslaved. Have you ever noticed how quickly liberals and progressives get "hot under the collar" when challenged on their anti-Constitutional perspectives and lawless positions? They become enraged, spiteful and vindictive toward any who point out to them the error of their way.

What is at the root of their liberal, progressive ideology and secular adherence to the anti-natural law position is their subjective rejection of Almighty God and His moral absolutes instilled at the dawn of creation (Gen. 1:1-31). The height of this abandonment is founded in their practice of sexual deviance and the promotion of licentious behavior as normal and natural (Jude 1:10). Notice how the majority of their secular progressive positions are for the promotion and establishing of sexual deviance and the legalization of licentious behavior? These seek to make such vices legal and normal by the marketing of them, and demonize any who voice a sound, moral stance against them. From sodomy to pedophilia, from infidelity to abortion, from the redefining of marriage and family to the war against abstinence and sound moral teachings, to the removal of personal accountability and responsibilities of the father (and even seeking the elimination of fathers!), these are the advocates of deviancy and the destroyers of historic American culture and society.
"Absolutes are absolutes. Truth is truth. Morality transcends the vain imaginations of godless man, and natural laws must always prevail as they are always relevant and absolute, like it or not."
Kagan fits this lawless, secular mold to a tee and is in total lock-step with her President’s totalitarian demands and ambitions. She is the perfect candidate for any who adhere to the lawless practices of the secular progressive American Left. Like Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor, Kagan is the perfect constitutional apostate to promote the secularization of America and the removal of the fundamental mechanisms for maintaining the prosperity of American freedoms and liberties.

It Will Be

No matter how much was revealed about Kagan’s anti-constitutional positions, she will be accepted and approved to the Supreme Court when the Senate votes on her approval. Many Republicans - who themselves are just fiscal conservatives and moderates - will vote for also her approval. They are too afraid of losing their seat and would rather not offend anyone than to stand for our Founding Fathers’ ideals and the United States of America’s sacred document, the Constitution.

As lawlessness abounds everywhere today in America and is accelerating at exponential speeds along with its horrific social consequences, may you be sure that your trust is in the Creator of all and the True Author of Liberty, the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Savior for all mankind!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


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