Wednesday, February 3, 2021

O Messiah Return! - Song and Music Video

O Messiah Return!  

Behold dark days arise, which blanket the earth
The four horsemen they, ride beginning God's curse
Woe unto the world, for they know what's at hand
O hide us in caves, from the wrath of the Lamb!

In Jerusalem Two Lampstands arise
Dressed in sackcloth, with power Divine
Repent is their cry, to both Jew and world
For Messiah is nigh, FOREVER to rule!


Behold the Day of the Lamb and who shall abide, in His light!
Behold, He cometh with clouds in great power and might, to judge, 
Satan's dark world! Oh Messiah return!

Days spoke long ago, now finally are here
Behold this is the Day, which godless men fear
O, demonic world, repent and be saved!
Never their cry, the Beast's mark we'll take!


Behold the wrath of the Lamb and who shall abide, in His light!
Behold He cometh in clouds before every eye, shall see, His glory return!
O Messiah return!

The valleys all fill with hordes, and the skies open wide
All the nations they rage, shaking fists to the skies
With one word from the King, their armies lay waste
The remnant of God, praise His Great Name!


Behold, the GREAT King returns to His lost world, to reign!
The saints redeemed from all tongues shout songs of great praise!
To the One, God's King of the world!
Oh Messiah returns!

Unto The Chief Musician Music!