Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What Comes After the Fall of America?

Coming very shortly – after the collapse of America (via the Rapture and our nation’s compounded lawlessness) is a time called the tribulation period (Rev. 6-19). This period is a seven year period in which Almighty God will remove His restraint and allow man to be as unrestrained and unbridled in their lawlessness, violence, godlessness and decadence as they want to be (Dan. 9:27, 2 Thess. 2:3-12, Rev. 11:3 13:5). He will allow the god of this world (John 8:44, 2 Cor. 4:3-4, Eph.2:2-3) to raise up a man called the beast (i.e., the Anti Christ), who will be the pinnacle of lawless and oppression that this world has ever known (Dan, 7:8,11, 20-26, 11:36-45, 2 Thess. 2:3-12, Rev. 13). It will be during this time called “the Day of Wrath” that Almighty God will judge the inhabitants of this world and in the end they will march unto Megiddo to the GREAT Battle of Armageddon to literally seek to fight Almighty God (Ps. 2, Zech. 14:2-4, Rev. 16:13-16, 19:11-21).

It will be at this time that Almighty God will send His glorified Son from Heaven’s glory to judge the world for their EXPONENTIAL lawless rebellion and gross transgressions against the moral and ETERNAL spiritual laws of Almighty God their Creator (Dan. 2:44-45, 7:13-14, Zech.14:1-4, Mal. 3:2-3, Matt. 24: 30, 25:31-45, Rev. 19:11-21). Almighty God the Son, the Messiah of Israel will then establish his 1000 year kingdom on earth in RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE and lawlessness will NEVER raise its destructive head again.

The Kingdom of Heaven WILL be established under the Messiah of Israel on earth and it is a LITERAL Kingdom that WILL be established!

My dear friends, that is where ALL of these national and global crises and events of this world are headed to. We just happen to be at this moment of time at the very door of the fulfillment of these events which are literally going to be. The Kingdom of Heaven WILL be established under the Messiah of Israel on earth and it is a LITERAL Kingdom which WILL be established! Christ's 1000 year Kingdom is not a make believe fairy tale kingdom but it will be a reality in the time coming up.

In these days of full blown American and Christian apostasy, may we separate ourselves from these two climates and join ourselves unto Almighty God, His NEVER changing Word and His saving grace. If you DO NOT personally know the Savior then may you do so as He has commanded (Acts 16:29-31, 17:30-31, 1 Tim. 2:3-4). If you DO know Him, then may you exercise all of His precious promises and truths that are for you in this fallen world and for all ETERNITY unto our blessed Savior comes to meet us in the air. These days are very disturbing and frightening. When we exercise faith in Almighty God He will calm our hearts and set us free from this world’s oppressive fear and dominating mental tyrannies (Matt. 11:28-30, John 8:32,36, 14:1). My beloved, Rejoice and again I say rejoice! For the Kingdom of Heaven is ta hand!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Lord’s Glorious Resurrection Body

Many deny the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the Bible proclaims this fact in unmistakable terms. The Scriptures are very specific in describing our Lord’s resurrection body. Consider the following:

1. It was a body that was missing from the tomb (Mark 16:6; Luke 24:3,23; John 20:2,12).

2. It was a body that could be seen (Matthew 28:10,17; Mark 16:14; John 20:18,25,29; Acts 1:3; 1 Corinthians 15:5-8).

3. It was a body that could speak (Matthew 28:9,18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:17,32; John 20:18).

4. It was a body that had hands and feet (Matthew 28:9; Luke 24:39-40,50).

5. It was a body that could stand (Luke 24:14; John 20:19; 21:4)

6. It was a body that could walk (Luke 24:14-15,28).

7. It was a body that could breathe (John 20:22).`

8. It was a body that could prepare a meal (John 21:9,12-13).

9. It was a body that had flesh and bones (Luke 24:39).

10. It was a body that could be touched and held onto and handled (Matthew 28:9; Luke 24:39; John 20:17–"stop clinging to Me").

11. It was a body that could hold and handle bread and other foods (Luke 24:30; John 21:13).

12. It was a body that could eat (Luke 24:30, 41-43).

13. It was a body that still had the wounds or scars from His crucifixion on His hands and on His side (John 20:27).

14. It was a body that could appear in another form (Mark 16:12).

15. It was a body that could vanish out of sight (Luke 24:31).

16. It was a body that could pass through a sealed and secured tomb and through locked doors (Matthew 27:62-66; John 20:19,26). Apparently His body also passed through the linen grave clothes (John 20:6-8).

17. It was a body that could go up into heaven (Mark 16:19; Luke 24:51; Acts 1:9) and that also could return to earth many centuries later (Acts 1:9-11).
Some of these descriptions are very normal, such as speaking, eating, standing, walking, etc. Some of these descriptions speak of activities which are abnormal and unusual: appearing in another form, vanishing, passing through solid objects, etc.

All of this is fascinating when we remember that Philippians 3:20-21 teaches us that the believer’s resurrection body will be patterned after "His glorious body."

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!