Sunday, October 17, 2021

The Ignorant Fishermen Sunday Sermon - Featuring Dr. Tony Evans and His Powerful Message on Forgiveness

Beloved, We wanted to share with our IFB viewership some of our favorite Bible sermons and messages that are filled with great hope, blessing, and purpose in Almighty God. Each Sunday we will share a new Bible message with you to watch, listen, learn and grow in our faith in Jesus Christ. Of course dear friends, this is not a replacement for being gathered with God's people, but just an added message for you to enjoy and draw closer to our precious Savior in light of our ever-growing lawless day. Indeed, we need to be redeeming the time and knowing what the will of Almighty God is for us in this hour (John 17:17, Eph. 5:16-17).

For our first Sunday Message here at the IFB, I wanted to share with you a man who has had been one of the greatest blessings and influences in my life, Dr. Tony Evans. For thirty years Dr. Tony Evans has been one of my favorite speakers, bible teacher, and disciple-maker. His unique style, great passion, and teaching have helped multitudes to grow in the Word and in the Lord. Dr. Evans is the most practical Bible teacher I know of and in listening to Dr. Evans, I have learned much about the simple practicality of Scripture and its general application in light of our daily walk with the Lord. He is the king of the biblical one-liners and I have only ever been blessed by his ministry. For 25 minutes a day, I listen daily to Dr. Evans and He is to me and my family our internet pastor as we listen to him while at home, work, traveling, walking, etc. 

The message I would like to share today with you is one of the most powerful ones you will ever hear and it's on forgiveness. Oh, my dear friends! There is nothing like the power of forgiveness! It's God's great love and RIGHTEOUSNESS that He will forgive all who come to the cross and it is by this example that we can release, let go and forgive others so that we ourselves will not become a bitter shipwreck of a soul but the Lord's fruitful vine!

May you be totally blessed by Dr. Evan's message today as he uses Joesph to teach us the power of forgiveness!