Friday, March 1, 2019

Conservative Optimist or Biblical Realist – Which One Are You?

Conservative ideologies and all other human ideologies will have to yield to the absolute righteousness and perfection demanded by Almighty God (Rom. 10:2-4). No human ideology or philosophy (based on moral absolutes - natural laws - or not) can ever produce or bring about this required righteousness and righteous environment for fallen man (Rom.5:12-21).

All will be required to know and worship Almighty God in Spirit and Truth (Reality) in the ETERNAL STATE of FOREVER (Isaiah 65:16, John: 4:24, Rev. 21-22). The delusional imaginations of man will be FOREVER removed, and all will worship and honor Almighty God for who He Is (Exodus 3:13-15), whether in Heaven above or in Hell below for all ETERNITY. (Romans 14:11; Philip. 2:10-11). Link
The only true "optimist" is a Biblical realist.
Having faith in Almighty God (Mark 11:22) and a healthy, Biblical optimism based on reality is the only sure hope for the Conservative today. The only true optimist is a Biblical realist.

In these ever-trying and exponentially-changing times, may you put aside ALL your subjective optimistic ideals for this present little world and to place your total "faith" and "trust" in the only SURE FOUNDATION and SOUND HOPE there is, namely, the REALITY of Almighty God and His never changing Word (Psalm 119:89, 160; Isaiah 40:8; Matt. 24:35, 1 Peter 1:25).
The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!!


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Tina said...

AMEN! How wonderful that we can walk and speak with confidence, that once this lawless one has done the evil he has come to do....our Savior will reign! We are fully persuaded.

God bless you David, looking forward to hearing you tonight on The Watchmen!
Sister in Christ