Friday, September 23, 2016

Ideologies, Philosophies and Biblical Reality

There are endless ideologies - political and religious - that have developed and have dominated the human race since the Babel dispersion 4,200 years ago (Genesis 10, 11:1-9). These ideologies are all rooted in the fallen humanity (i.e., inherent depravity) of man, and are ruled by his sensual nature (i.e., the five senses that govern fallen man in this physical world).

There many different varieties of color gumballs in the gumball machine, but all are made with the same basic ingredients. So also is humanity. There are many different cultures, races, religions and philosophies (i.e., “colors”) in the world but all are of Adam's fallen race (i.e., the same humanity) - Romans 3:23, 5:12. All humanity is fallen and all need the Savior! (John 3:16, 17)


Webster’s Dictionary defines this as: 1) visionary theorizing; 2a) a systematic body of concepts especially about human life or culture; 2b) a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture; c) the integrated assertions, theories and aims that constitute a sociopolitical program.

The countless fallen ideologies of fallen man may work to some degree in time (based on the moral laws of nature and inexplicable causes, some more than others, etc.), but they are all absolutely bankrupt for Almighty God's holy and perfect heaven in eternity (1 Cor. 6:9-11; Rev. 21:8).

Religious Ideology Definition

Religion is the spiritual philosophy or ideology that attempts to answer the basic need of the human heart, which is the longing to fill an eternal void that exists in the absence of a right relationship to its Creator. This ideology is prevalent throughout the multitudinous cultures and various societies of Adam's fallen race. All human history attests to this fact throughout the last 4,200 years since the scattering of people over all the earth after the Tower of Babel.

Political Ideology Definition

Politics is the governmental philosophy or ideology that pertains to managing the natural or physical world in which man lives. Political ideologies establish beliefs (theories) and practices to best govern man in the light of the natural and moral laws of time. Political ideologies are primarily dominated by the religious ideologies of fallen man.


As humanity develops and out-works these ideologies and philosophies in time, the eternal spiritual absolutes (truths) and natural (moral) laws of Almighty God never change, nor will they ever. That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation (Hebrews 6; 18a). For I am the LORD, I change not (Malachi 3:6a). My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips (Psalm 89:34). Almighty God and His Word can be totally relied upon.

In Romans 1:18-32 God tells us what happened after Babel and what were the end results thereof. Humanity had abandoned truth and reality for a delusion and a lie. They had replaced the righteousness of Almighty God with unrighteousness. For about 4,200 years, humanity has been out-working their godless, unrighteous ideologies and philosophies and have been reaping the consequences. The consequences and end results are vanity and death (Eccl. 1:14; Rom. 3:23). The Reality of life is that Almighty God sent His Son (John 3:16-17; Rom. 8:3-4) to redeem man and restore a right relationship between man and Himself (John 3:3-7).

Almighty God's Word states;

God is a Spirit; and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me (John 14:6).

Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth (John 17:17).

Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever (Psalm 119:160).

Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? To know Him is to know Reality. To know Him is to know Truth. May you be sure that your "ideology" and "reality" is rooted in the absolute reality of Almighty God and His never-changing Word. Your whole eternity depends on it.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


Gospel of John Challange
What is Sin?


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Today, Who Will Hear the Divine WARNINGS!?

The HORRIFIC ills of our nation are already in supersonic motion moving as a 1000 ft tsunami towards our national shore and how can one man or even a remnant of U.S. conservatives stop such a HORRIFIC tsunami??  It takes great blind faith of any individual to believe that one lawless man or even a lawless political party can stop and overturn our nation's EXPONENTIAL crisis and reverse our nation's super sonic death spiral. We are at the end and either you will receive these evil tidings or in great delusion receive the lie that its not to late to save America. Like in Noah's days and in Jeremiah's days; so are our days (Gen. 6, Jeremiah 1-16). Almighty God's Divine Judgment in now heavy on our nation and soon on the entire world as the Day of the Lord is at the door (Rev. 6-19)! But who will hear?!! My dear friends, who will hear?? Will you?? There are too many straw men and too many voices of deception that drowned out the voice and cries of REALITY and DIVINE reason! Man's voice and Satan's whisper is more preferred and tolerable to hear than Almighty God's call to repentance and ETERNAL salvation (John 3:16-21).

Like in Noah's days and in Jeremiah's days so are our days (Gen. 6, Jeremiah 1-16). Almighty Divine Judgment in now heavy on our nation and soon on the world as the Day of the Lord is at the door! But who will hear?!!

How can any society survive when moral absolutes are hated, scoffed at and demonized by both political parties? The answer is, “It will not!” Thus, we now see the final sad state and coming downfall of our once great and highly respected nation (Psalm 11:3, Prov. 14:3).

Many Conservatives these days are aligning themselves with fiscal conservative while ignoring their social moral positions. These delusional dreamers are being deceived and are by no means stopping the bleeding of our nation by its abandonment of social-moral conservative absolutes. They are placing ALL their trust in fallen men, a lawless apostate political parties, the wrong lawless ideals and are feeding the fire for the demise of our nation, as prophetically predicted by our Founding Fathers.

Tragically, it will be this complete abandonment of social morals that will be America's final demise.

Tragically, it will be this complete abandonment of social morals that will be America's final demise and my dear friend we are all ready there! This nation - due to her abandonment of moral absolutes and the soon coming Rapture of the body of Christ - will finally implode on herself, thus opening the door to the entrance of the Four Horsemen and the dreaded Day of the Lord (Rev. 6-19). My dear friends, it is absolutely crucial for all individuals to be sure that they personally know the Savior of this doomed and fallen world (John 1:12, 3:16-17, 1 John 5:10-13). This world is headed into the final showdown between lawlessness and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Between Lucifer the fallen angelic creature and the ETERNAL GOD and CREATOR of ALL that is in the heavens and the earth (Rev. 16:13-16).

My dear friends, the Kingdom of Heaven is TRULY at hand!


What You're "Left" With

My dear friends, when Americans outright reject Almighty God's Person, RIGHTEOUSNESS, people and moral absolutes for time and for a healthy society, we are "left" ONLY with Satan, tyrants, thugs, reprobates, immorality, tyranny and its horrific consequences, violence and their godless selves (Rom. 1:18-32). How much "peace" do you actually think that mindset and lawless drive will bring to our fallen and crumbling nation?
My dear friends, lose the optimistic delusion that we will save America, for that is the greatest demonic lie of our hour and open your hearts and minds to Almighty God's saving solution, His Word and ETERNAL future of RIGHTEOUSNESS.

The key to surviving today is to face the REALITY of our day and hour and to see things rightly from Almighty God's ETERNAL perspective! My dear friends, lose the optimistic delusion that we will save America, for that is the greatest demonic lie of our hour and open your hearts and minds to Almighty God's saving solution, His Word and ETERNAL future of RIGHTEOUSNESS (Mark 13:31, John 3:16-17, 36, 1 John 2:15-17, Rev. 21-22:1-5)! My dear friends TRUE PEACE will only come when one acknowledges one's dire need for the Savior of the world and abandon one's fallen subjective worldly perspective and have faith (believe/receive) in Almighty God, His Son and His Holy Word (John 3-7, 16-17, Gal.1:4). See the ETERNAL picture!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

DJP I.F. Share