Saturday, May 26, 2012

Connecticut’s Sexual Revolution Tourism Theme - by Gina Miller

DJP I.F., who runs the Ignorant Fishermen website, and who lives in Connecticut, has brought to our attention a new, multi-million-dollar tourism campaign aimed at boosting Connecticut’s tourism income. David has seen through the hype and giddy promotion to the heart of the tourism slogan that Connecticut is “Still Revolutionary.”

This very expensive tourism project was spawned under the current Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy and was unveiled last week.

As the Connecticut Mirror reported,
“Three years after its tourism budget was reduced to $1, Connecticut is back with a two-year, $27 million marketing campaign to promote tourism and brand the state as ‘still revolutionary.’

The state spent $500,000 on its new logo and other creative materials, with most of the remainder of the two-year budget going to the placement of ads on television, radio, billboards and social media. It also created a new website,

The campaign is geared to growing the state’s $11.5 billion annual tourism business, but it also is meant to assist in economic development, branding the state as cutting edge from Eli Whitney to Igor Sikorsky to bioscience.

‘It’s not just about tourism. It’s not just about hospitality. It’s about getting our step back in Connecticut,’ Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday at a press conference at the Old State House. ‘That’s why I believe it is the right story to tell.’”
The first thing that strikes me in this story is the fact that the previous governor of Connecticut, Republican Jodi Rell, eliminated the tourism budget, yet this current governor, in this terrible Obama economy, finds 27 million dollars lying around, 22 million of which he is shipping out of state to the New York ad firm, Chowder Inc., which was awarded the tourism contract. Way to send those millions of dollars out-of-state there, Governor Malloy!

Beyond that, the message of the campaign is that Connecticut is “still revolutionary.” This is the slogan that Chowder created. What does it mean? Of course, you have the obvious, rich and beautiful American historical meaning going back to even before the original thirteen colonies, of which Connecticut was one. There is also the fact that Connecticut is home to Sikorsky Aircraft, the oldest helicopter firm in the world.

So, what does the slogan “still revolutionary” mean for today? Well, for one thing,Connecticut was one of the first states to invest millions of dollars in embryonic stem cell research, which is the barbaric practice of butchering tiny human baby embryos in an attempt to find cures for illnesses. Pretty sick, revolutionary stuff! Dr. Frankenstein would be proud.

Also revolutionary, as reported by the Hartford Courant,
“A lawsuit filed in Connecticut when a young married woman was denied access to the birth control pill resulted in a Supreme Court ruling — Griswold v. Connecticut — that made contraception widely accessible.

‘The sexual revolution was fought and won here in Connecticut,’ Malloy said.

The state also was the third in the nation to legalize gay marriages.”
Ah! So the sexual revolution is being tied to the American Revolution through this tourism campaign! How very “progressive” of Connecticut! This is the governor of the state saying this. The sexual revolution was fought and won in Connecticut? Wow, what a legacy! I wonder if we can tabulate the millions of cases of sexually transmitted diseases, out-of-wedlock pregnancies and abortions, broken homes and spirits and other regrettable results of the “sexual revolution.”

Now, just because Governor Malloy made this statement does not mean the tourism ads will be portraying the wonders of what we prefer to call the “sexual anarchy revolution.” As the Connecticut Mirror put it,
“Malloy made clear during the 2010 campaign for governor that he saw the state’s elimination of tourism marketing as shortsighted, and he repeatedly complained that Connecticut undersold its place in history.

On Monday, the governor even mentioned a piece of history unlikely to find its way into a marketing campaign: its role in the 1960s sexual revolution.

He referred to Griswold v. Connecticut, a 1965 case in which the U.S. Supreme Court struck down legal prohibitions on the use of contraception. It is considered a precursor to Roe v. Wade, which asserted a right to privacy, effectively legalizing abortion.”
So, we have embryonic stem cell “research,” free, unaccountable sex with the Supreme Court decision that paved the way for abortion, and homosexual “marriage.” Sounds like the perfect platform on which to base a tourism campaign—in a leftist utopia! I wonder if the good people of Connecticut were consulted on this thing? Not likely.

As I said, you will probably not see these points touted in the Connecticut“still revolutionary” tourism ads, so why is the Governor adding them to the list of reasons that Connecticut is “still revolutionary”? Are they hoping to draw people who support these things? Are they hoping to flood the state with homosexual couples, embryonic stem cell research fans and abortion advocates, alongside of Connecticut history buffs?

The Ignorant Fishermen’s DJP I.F. put it this way,
“Our state will be seeking to market to those of the alternative gay and transgender life style, moral relativists, progressives and secularists and to put us on the map as a great place to visit and to move for those of the progressive immoral life style (Isa. 5:20).

This agenda would be unimaginable even 5 years ago, but it is now dominating and saturating our small state, which had a special part in the founding of this nation. There is no stopping the progressive push here in Connecticut, and we are in the last room of the Alamo. We have seen this trend also with other progressive states, but Connecticut is indeed on the cutting edge, radical and revolutionary for godlessness, lawlessness and progressivism.”
With this brand new tourism campaign, we will have to wait and see if these millions of hard-earned,Connecticut taxpayer dollars will result in a massive influx of visitors to the state. It seems amazing to me that this governor was allowed to give that much of the state’s money to a single New York ad firm, and then the firm comes up with this “still revolutionary” theme that is tied to the sexual anarchy revolution.

What is this Connecticut Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy thinking?

by Gina Miller - American Clarion
Posted with Gina's permission.