Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Left's Operation Slander Offensive For 2012

It was just after the 2010 elections that we at the Ignorant Fishermen Blog made this prediction about the lawless, secular-socialist Democrats.  That... they would be on the total slandering offence to maintain hold of their power and to keep in law all of their godless socialistic agenda (past and future intentions). It is not that we are prophets but that we (as some others also) know the times and the seasons in which we are presently living in (1 Chron. 12:32) and have diligently studied the behavioral patterns of the godless, subjective, lawless and violent liberal mind from Almighty God's ETERNAL perspective (Rom. 1:18-32, 3).
That is just the reality of this hour and it is very frustrating to many who love this country and its founding principles.

In this last year, the lawless Left has absolutely manifested and demonstrated to the countless gullible moderates and middle of the roaders (IF THEY WOULD ONLY PAY ATTENTION) who and what they fully are. The Left's actions have been on display for all to see, yet there are still countless Americans who willingly remain ignorant in their subjective, delusional, clueless, narcissistic and apathetic worlds. The Left can NOT abide in reality and truth so they MUST slander to survive in their self induced lawless delusions. This oblivious perception is the reality of our hour and it is very frustrating to many Americans who love this country and its founding principles. The Left can only ever be what they are and it is by their deeds that they are condemned and demonstrate to all who and what they truly are (Matt. 7:16-17). They (the Left) are godless, lawless Marxist. One of the many proofs of this reality is to be found in the aftermath of the 2010 elections. As the Left suffered the loss of a great quantity of congressional seats in the 2010 elections to a few true solid (social and fiscal) conservatives and to a host of mostly "socially bankrupt" Republicans who hold a "fiscal conservatism", the Left has become even more intent - as a rabid wounded bear deprived of her cubs - to destroy their political enemies at all cost.

The Left can only ever be what they are and their deeds condemn and demonstrate to all who and what they are.

To slow the bleeding until they can regain their power, the Left knows of only one option to use for minimizing their set back and salvaging what is left of their power. That option is... Operation Slander. From now on until the 2012 elections the Left and their media allies will be on the FULL offensive - 24/7 - to put the Moderates and those of the Right on the full defensive and stir up to rage the lawless addicts of government dependency.Their sole goal is to destroy and establish their lawless ideology and state. These will hold nothing back as they attempt to bombard the masses of Americans 24/7 with their lying half truths and slanderous artillery in an effort to sway public opinion. 

From now on the Left will be on full offensive 24/7 to put the Moderates and those of the Right on the full defensive with the sole goal to destroy and establish their lawless ideology and state.

Now with the Republican primaries near completion, the Leftist media will intensify the slanderous lies and protect and insulate their godless secularist leader with zeal and full intensity. They are drunk with subjective lawlessness and there is no barrier that these destroyers will not tare down in their vindictive rage. These secular slanderers will do what they do best, that is to lie through their teeth and cause massive insecurity, fear and arouse the vindictive hatred in the subjectively lawless dependent. The government addicted masses and the clueless group of fearful senior citizens of America will be their target. The Left rejoice in slandering, labeling and blaming the Republican party as the thugs of the American masses. Wait untill you behold the Left's slanderous rhetoric which will intensify with greater lies of deception, bamboozlment and okey doke wonders. It will fully enrage and sane and moral individual. It is the Left's sole desire to paint their enemies with the grosses of slander and demonetization. As Americans in the general masses remain ignorant, they have opened themselves up to the deception, false realities and lying wonders of the lawless workers of men who's master is pulling ALL the strings (Eph. 2:1-3, 6:12).

Men love their delusion and hate Almighty God and reality.

My friends, all this deception is setting the stage the Lucifer's master politician the, "the Man of Lawlessness". Once the Day of the Lord begins, lying wonders will bamboozle the world and bring them face to face with the wrath of Almighty God. How can this be (2 Thess. 2:9, Rev. 13)? The simple answer is that men LOVE their delusion and hate Almighty God and reality (John 3:19-21, Rom 1:18-32, 2 Thess. 2:9-10).
With A Little Help from My Friends..

Lucifer's (Satan's) Minions abound everywhere today in the American Mainstream Media, Washington, local principalities, Hollywood, etc. They unknowingly do his will. He knows how to maneuver and appeal to our carnal (fleshly) fallen nature which is governed by the five physical senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing). The secular liberal mindset is the most open to Satan's suggestions for a godless trend-setting agenda. They do his will quite readily because they are the most susceptible to it (1 Tim. 4:1-3; 2 Tim. 3:1-7; 2 Thess. 2:10-12).
The secular liberal mindset is the most open to Satan's suggestions for a godless trend-setting agenda.
The title "The Devil", was given by Almighty God to Lucifer, the father of lies because of his offensive slanderous tactics (John 8:44). The word literally means to slander, to falsely accuse or to blaspheme one's character in the means of destroying one credibility or good status.

As these days are coming to a grand climax called the Tribulation Period, a time of lawlessness and the Day of Almighty God’s wrath, expect the slanderous activity of godless men and women to intensify at exponential speeds (Matt. 24; 2 Tim. 3:1-7).

There is only One who is totally trustworthy and true (Titus 1:2; Heb. 6:18). There is only One who is worthy of all praise and honor (Rev. 4:11, 5:9). There is only One who, no matter how much He is blasphemed and slandered against, will always be vindicated in the endlessness of forever (Psalm 110:1, Phil. 2:7-10, Rev. 5). Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? In these last days make sure and certain that you truly know the One who in the end will be victorious forevermore (Dan. 2:44-45, Zech. 14, Rev. 1911:21; 21, 22:1-5).

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Homosexual War on Christianity Continues to Rage

There are many people, including some supposed “conservatives,” who scoff at those of us who warn of the dangers of the radical homosexual agenda. “What homosexual agenda? There is no such thing,” they say. “Giving homosexuals the equal right to marry will in no way hurt traditional marriage,” they say.

Despite these false assertions, we still keep sounding the alarm, and each week brings new evidence that what is at stake is nothing short of the loss of our constitutionally protected freedoms of speech and religion. I have warned that these freedoms cannot coexist with a successful implementation of the radical homosexual agenda’s platform, and the proof of this truth keeps rolling in.

You may have read or heard about the judge in New Jersey who, last week, stole the First Amendment rights of members of a ministry who refused the request of two homosexual women who wanted to make a mockery of the marriage ceremony on the ministry’s property.

WND’s Bob Unruh reported last Thursday,

"A ministry that follows the dictates of its faith is engaging in wrongdoing, according to a New Jersey judge who recommended today that the state Division on Civil Rights find the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association violated the state’s nondiscrimination law.

'The respondent violated the [Law Against Discrimination] when it refused to conduct a civil-union ceremony for Ms. Bernstein and Ms. Paster,' wrote Solomon Metzger, an administrative law judge whose determination will become final if not overturned by the Division of Civil Rights.

'Respondent opposes same-sex unions as a matter of religious belief, and in 2007 found itself on the wrong side of recent changes in the law.'

The seaside location has been popular for years for weddings, but the association, which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, determined it could not biblically allow same-sex ceremonies to take place on its property.

So when Harriet Bernstein and Luisa Paster signed up for such a ceremony, they were turned down. They filed the discrimination complaint, and the state’s Division on Civil Rights joined their cause."

Here is yet another example of activist homosexuals pushing their cause by attempting to force those who hold to Christian knowledge to bend to the will of members of the radical homosexual movement. This is happening regularly all across our nation, and leftist judges are fully on board with this program of Hell. This judge’s ruling is clearly an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment rights of the members of the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.

This kind of faulty ruling is one result of tacking on the designation of “sexual orientation” to the list of non-discrimination laws for specially protected groups. Non-discrimination laws, with the added dimension of specially protected, unnatural sexual behaviors, are detrimental to the First Amendment freedoms of American citizens in general, and therefore could be argued to be unconstitutional.

After this New Jersey judge’s ruling, the Alliance Defense Fund, which represented the ministry, is considering its options, but, as Bob Unruh reported, it appears options are limited, because the judge’s ruling will stand unless it is overturned by the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights—the bureaucracy that the two homosexuals already have on their side.

It is these kinds of rulings that are steadily eroding our God-given rights to freedom of religion and freedom of speech and expression—rights that are supposed to be protected by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those who argue that the homosexual agenda poses no threat to American society are either ignorant, deceived or lying. The goal of radical homosexual activists is the total silencing of any opposition to their unhealthy, immoral behavior, and they have been waging a militaristic campaign for several decades now, a campaign that includes heavy pro-homosexual indoctrination of public school children and college kids, as the next story clearly illustrates.

Have you heard about the brave, Christian Girl Scout who called for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies and why she did it? A 14-year-old Girl Scout from California named Taylor, with no last name released, posted a You Tube video calling for the boycott in response to Girl Scouts USA admitting that they now allow boys who think they are girls to be members of the Girl Scouts. We are talking about boys as old as high school age being allowed to be “Girl Scouts.”

WND’s Drew Zahn reported that Taylor had to set her You Tube page to “private” after the vicious backlash she received from pro-homosexual You Tube members. Her video can still be viewed, having been posted by at least one other person who only posted it in order to berate the girl.

What is most sickening in this story, besides the obvious point of the Girl Scouts USA allowing boys to be members, is the flood of ignorant and deceived reactions to her video. I watched several responses, and it is plain to see the depth of pro-homosexual indoctrination that has occurred in the minds of our young people.

Far too many kids nowadays are deceived about the truth of homosexuality and related mental and spiritual disorders, including so-called “transgender” people—people who imagine they are members of the opposite sex. Our kids—at least those who do not have a proper foundation of truth knowledge—have been brainwashed into believing such nonsense is reality and acceptable, and it is quite disturbing to see this deception on parade in those You Tube responses.

One You Tube poster, a girl who appears to be in her early-20s, had this to say,

“Taylor, your main argument appears to be that Girl Scouts is a place for only girls, where girls can have a female-only environment, where they can be themselves as girls. The fault in your logic occurs when you use the definition of ‘girl’ to mean ‘has a vagina.’ Biological sex, having a penis or a vagina, is different than gender, which is your innate female or maleness. There’s also a huge range of other gender and sexual identities, but I’ll focus on the binary for now.

For me personally, as a longtime Girl Scout myself, I take the word ‘girl’ to mean ‘identifies as female.’ Because of this, I think the Girl Scouts is the place for any child who feels they are a girl, regardless of what parts they were born with.”

A boy who appears to be in his mid-twenties said this,

“If there were a Trangendered Scouts of America, that would be an interesting half-step in-between, but again, that would be missing the point that transgendered girls are girls—not anatomically, but still in their minds, in their actions, and in how they perceive themselves and they perceive the world.”

Another young lady spouted the false comparison talking point of the radical homosexual movement which attempts to compare the immutable characteristic of race to the behavior of homosexuality when she said,

“What you need to understand, however, is that the world is changing. The world will always change. Years ago, there would’ve been videos like this—if we had the technology available, of course—of someone saying that troops allowed little black girls into the Girl Scouts and how atrocious that was and how they weren’t being honest or faithful or whatever.

I just can’t wait till ten, even five years from now when you look back on that video and you think, ‘Wow. That’s embarrassing,’ because there will be people who identify as girls in the Girl Scouts, regardless of whether or not they have an ‘inney’ or and ‘outey,’ and I’m not talking about their belly button.”

And, in another video, a 20-something girl made this statement that apparently makes perfect sense to her scrambled mind,

“Now, first of all I want to point out that transgendered girls are girls. Just because they were born into boys’ bodies does not mean that they are not female.

… These are not transgender boys. They are transgender girls. They are born in the body of a boy. They are identifying as a girl.”

There is your 20-something-year-old mindset. There is the result of successful homosexual indoctrination of kids by the government-run public schools and colleges, the media and entertainment industries. There is the death of common sense. There is the result of decades of parental abandonment of learning and teaching the truth of God’s Word, the truth of the ages and the truth of human sexuality, which belongs to a married man and woman, but which has instead been woefully perverted and abused by a lost and dying world.

When you watch these kids’ videos, when you look into their eyes, it’s enough to break your heart. These kids are speaking their deeply-held convictions, not realizing how dead-wrong they are. We have lost the war for the soul of our society. We lost it years ago, and now that many of us are awake to that fact, we are in damage control mode, but it may not be enough to push back the forces of darkness and perversion that seek to defeat the forces of Christian morality.

Girl Scouts USA is a radical leftist organization. That may go without saying to those of us who pay attention to such things, but if you have not been watching and are not aware, Girl Scouts is aligned with a number of leftwing causes and organizations. The Girl Scouts website list of those groups and causes that Girl Scouts has embraced, includes environmental wackoism with “Earth Hour,” the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the “US Green Building Council,” which teaches little girls about the communistic “sustainable development” agenda. Speaking of sustainable development, Girl Scouts is also partnered with the United Nations—ain’t that swell? Girl Scouts is also wedded to the deceptive “diversity” movement, as is stated elsewhere on the website. When you closely examine its agenda, you can easily see that Girl Scouts is no place for girls.

The radical homosexual war on Christianity and common sense continues to rage in America, from the Christian ministry losing its First Amendment rights, to the Christian Girl Scout being viciously attacked for standing for her knowledge of the truth. Although it seems an uphill battle, we will continue to fight in the court of public opinion, in the courts of law and in the spirit realm, where the true battle is taking place. Those of us who know the truth and know the Lord should pray for the young people of America, like those deceived kids in the You Tube videos, and for all those people who are trapped in the various manifestations of homosexuality. We should pray for the healing of their minds and hearts and pray that one day, before it is too late, they will accept the freedom from the slavery to sin which can only be found in salvation through Jesus Christ.

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Posted with permission.

Homosexuality--What Does the Bible Teach?

HOMOSEXUALITY - What Does God Say?


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Marketing of Sodomy and Licentiousness to America and our Children

Nothing has been more powerfully promoted in our America social culture in the last 20 years as the current Homosexual agenda.

In the last 50 years this small zealous minority and their secular allies have infiltrated all facets of government bureaucracy, main stream media, newspaper and magazine outlets, the music industry and the TV, movie industry (i.e., Hollywood) and… the “churches”. It is from these well entrenched media positions that these agents of social change seek to daily bombard society with the licentious drumbeat promoting the acceptance of lawlessness and licentious decadence. These – at the hand of their “puppet master (John 8:44)” - seek to use subtle carnal tactics on humanity’s fallen sensual desires and their subjectively confused emotional reasoning and conscience to sway the masses to drink this poisonous cocktail (Rom. 1:18-32, 2 Cor. 4:3-4, Eph. 6:12).

It is from these well entrenched media positions that these agents of social change seek to daily bombard society with the licentious drum beat promoting the acceptance of lawlessness and licentious decadence.

By the sensual aids of music, victim status imagery, double speak vernacular, intimidation, baseless slander, establishing the offensive position of character assassination (putting on the defensive), the discrediting of moral absolutes (which were instilled into the creation by the world’s Creator - Gen.1-2, Rom. 1:18-32) and the abuse of bureaucratic authorities and powers, this deviant agenda is being marketed lock stock and barrel to the American public and brainwashing and desensitizing millions (i.e., Europe and the America’s). Their primary target has been the brain washing of our youth. We have seen here in Hartford of late, high school students were forced to watch a homosexual play while the principle refused send out any notification of the play to parents. This is the daily indoctrination up here in the north targeting of youth.
Their primary target has been the brain washing of our youth.

These believe if they can deceive and brainwash the weak and fertile minds of the youth with the lie of moral relativism that they can over turn the established and unmovable Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. These seek to create a delusional bizzaro world of make believe in which they can express their lawlessness and deviant desires in a vain effort to reach a non - catastrophic sexual utopia. Though they may deceive millions by this aggressive godless agenda of seeking to normalize and legitimatize this base and licentious life style of homosexual and heterosexual decadence, in the end they will have to face the realities of their godless imaginations (Rom. 1:32, Rev. 19:11-21, 21:27, 22:11,14-14).

These seek to create a delusional bizzaro world of make believe in which they can express their lawlessness and deviant desires in a vain effort to reach a non - catastrophic sexual utopia.

What has been most alarming has been the number of conservative individuals who should know far better and are embracing this licentious movement under the politically correct vernacular of tolerance and relativism. Some of these have been intimidated into excepting this perverted premise while others have been subtly deceived by drinking this demonic seducing, destructive and decadent Kool – aid (Eph. 6:12).
The Implosion!!

When humanity out right rejects Almighty God’s Divine revelation of natural and moral laws - which are absolutely crucial for a healthy social order in a fallen world (Isa.5:16-23, Rom. 5:12-21) – expect the cataclysmic destruction of a society (nation) via disease and violence (Gen. 6, 13:13, 18:20). History has given us a very powerful witness to these realities. Babylon, Canaan, Israel, Greece, Rome, the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas etc. all could not survive the exponential weight of decadence upon their society. How much more will we?

Today we here in America live in a narcissistic, godless, pleasure seeking, sexually immoral, licentious gratifying culture, burning with the unrestrained and unbridled desires of man’s fallen passions. Its licentious hand is in every facet of American society, culture and media. The majority of American’s are absolutely numb and dumb to the destructive consequences of these unnatural practices of homosexuality and the unbridled passions of unrestrained heterosexuality. This licentious inferno in America is absolutely out of control and is ravishing what is left of our post Judeo/Christian society.

This licentious inferno in America is absolutely out of control and is ravishing what is left of our post Judeo/Christian society.

Almighty God has made known to all, His moral absolutes by writing them upon every ones own heart and conscience (Rom 1:18-32). He has revealed them through out all of His creation and written them in His infallible Word (i.e., the Bible); (Psalm 19:1-7, Rom. 1:18-32). Do not think that you can rewrite and over turn what the ETERNAL God has designed. It is the height of insanity (Isa.24:5-6).
The Tree of Decadence

Homosexuality is just one of the many godless manifestations of man's fallen humanity (Jer. 17:9, Matt 15:16-19, Rom 1:18-32, Gal 5:19-21). Sadly these godless destructive vices are promoted, taught and marketed today by Lucifer’s decadent progressive secular minions (John 8:44, Rom 1:25-32). The western countries of the world - which have all but have rejected Almighty God’s Gospel (1 Cor. 15:2-4) message and witness - are now the most open and susceptible to Lucifer’s subtle decadent brain washing doctrines and agenda.

Homosexuality is just one of the many godless manifestations of man's fallen humanity.

Just look at Europe over the last 100 years. Anti Semitism, fascism, National Socialism, communism, secularism, decadence and horrific wars have dominated and have filled the void of what was once a people some what open to the virtues of Judeo/Christian values at one time. Today, we here in America are following the same suit. Because of the once possession and rejection of these Judeo/Christian values these western nations of the world (including the Americas) have become very susceptible and open to the secular mind set and have surrendered to the decadent and unbridled passions of their fallen humanity (Rom. 1:18-32, 7:24-25, , 2 Cor.4:3-4). The fall out of the rejection of these Divine moral absolutes has made the reprobate humanic soil of these western nations very fertile for Lucifer’s godless out working, brainwashing, indoctrination and satanic agenda as he seeks to set up his global 666 state and receive global worship (2 Thess. 2:3-1, Rev. 13). It will be these nations in which the god of this world will use to establish his “666 government” and global worship of himself and his anti Christ in the near future as Almighty God’s Word has so clearly stated (Dan.2:40-45, 7:7-14, 9:26, Rev. 13:4, 8, 12, 15).


One must understand: Lucifer can only succeed when humanity is at it basest and lowest point. That is when he is most powerful. His goal is just that; to reduce man spiritually and reduce him to a carnal and base state of non absolutes and godless delusions to further his demonic agenda at all cost. It is ALL about him (Isa. 14:12-14)! He is fallen man’s slave master and exploits his fallen nature for his evil delusional designs of self worship and absolute power (Isa. 14:12-14).

The more that a man’s soul consumes, the more that a man’s soul needs to consume.

The fathomless depths of the abyss of man’s soul are as a ravishing dragon seeking to be fulfilled (Eccl. 3:11, Jude 1:10). The more that a man’s soul consumes, the more that a man’s soul needs to consume. The soul of man is ETERNAL. It was designed by Almighty God to “house” the ETERNAL God (Isa. 55:1-2, John 1:4, 4:14). My friend what or who can replace Almighty God? When a man or woman leaves out their Creator from their temporal existence in this fallen and ravished world, they will ALWAYS end up serving their fallen destructive appetites, all the while seeking to find fulfillment, deceiving themselves and reaping the horrific consequences thereof (Rom 1:18-32, Gal. 6:7, Heb. 13:4, Rev. 20:11-15). Oh! How we need Almighty God’s Savior!!! (Rom. 7:24-25)

Deliverance Only in Christ

My friend, there is NEVER any excuse for serving the vile desires of our heart (Jer. 17:9, Matt 15:16-19). Almighty God has sent His Son to deliver (rescue) us from ourselves and from His coming judgment
on our outright display of the transgressions of fallen humanity (John 3:36, Rom 3:23, 7:24-25). The practice of non absolutes, disorder, chaos, anarchy and lawlessness can NEVER bring about a utopia or harmony let alone peace in this fallen world (Isa. 48:22). One will NEVER enter into Almighty God’s presence and His RIGHTEOUS Heaven without a true repentance and the reception of Divine reality and truth (John 3:3-17, 4:24, 1 Cor. 6:9, 15:50, Eph. 5:5, Heb. 13:4).

His Son came to earth, was born of a virgin, suffered, was crucified and died to be YOUR propitiation unto righteousness.

Almighty God calls out to ALL today, “Repent and be saved for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!” Almighty God loves you with a PERFECT and ETERNAL love which transcends the limited confines of this little temporal world. (Rom. 10:4, 1 John 2:2, 4:10). My friend, I do not know how to say anything more wonderful than that! If you are a prisoner (homosexual or heterosexual) in this current life style and are zealous for its acceptance, I pray you to let go of your vices and self destructive will and serve the One who so LOVED you and gave Himself for you (John 3:16-17). What will keep you out of God's perfect Heaven will not be your application and practice of a decadent life style but rejecting Almighty God's saving solution that is only found in Jesus Christ the Lamb of Almighty God. (John 3:36, Rom. 10:2-4). No doubt there is much more to comprehend about each individuals personal decision on this matter but whatever the hurt or pain or sorrow or addiction, Almighty God wants to help you and to bring you unto Himself to love you as only He can (John 3:16-17).

As mankind’s godless rebellion today knows no boundaries and all that is scared and pure is slandered, trashed and vilified be assured that your hope and expectations are found in Almighty God alone! He soon will come from Heavens glory to deliver the just, destroy the wicked and establish His Kingdom reign and His ETERNAL state of RIGHTEOUSNESS FOREVER (2 Thess. 2:3-12, Rev.19:11-21, 21-22). My friend may you be one who embraces Divine reality in an evil, decadent and licentious day.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


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Homosexuality--What Does the Bible Teach?