Monday, February 11, 2019

Nazi Oaks - A Must Read!

Nazi Oaks is a great read and very insightful to help one understand the history of the environmental green movement of today and of the past. Mark Musser who is the author of Nazi Oaks is one of the leading writers on this topic and a conference speaker. This book takes a indepth look - from a biblical perspective - into the radical green movement of the Nazi's and their hidden agenda towards the Jews. This book also gives great insight into the godless environmental Baal worship practiced by the godless northern 10 tribes of Israel. It goes into great detail on how the environmental "green" Baal worship of Israel had catastrophic consequences on the northern 10 tribes (socially and morally), which led to their judgment and scattering in 721BC. You will be amazed at the parallels of then and today and see that nothing is indeed new under the sun!

We were totally blessed by and fully enjoyed this read and came away with a greater understanding of the true evil designs of the Nazi agenda and the horrific consequence of Israel's Baal worship. That is why we are sharing this read with our I.F. visitors and I.F. News Letter subscribers. Enjoy!

(Eph 5:16-17)

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


Nazi Oaks - by Mark Musser

Hear Mark's interview on Nazi Oaks


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