Friday, May 21, 2021

American Kool-Aid - Demonically Indoctrinated and Poisoned!

The secular sabotage from fifth column apostate Americans is almost complete. The current inhabitants of our nation for the last 80 years have been indoctrinated with poisoned kool-aid and brainwashed with the secular and godless ideologies of Marx, Nietzsche, Crowley, Dewey, Sanger, the Frankfurt School, Freud, Kinsley, Alinsky, J. Lennon, moral relativism, secularism, narcissism, socialism, subjectivism, pessimism, critical theory, secular and demonic euphemisms, godlessness and lawlessness (Rom.1:18-32)

All of these have found their great fulfillment; useful fool and means in Joe Biden. But truly, Barack Obama has been the demonic tool to fulfill all of these Marxist reprobate dreams and godless visions. He - for our nation - has been the straw that has broke the camel’s back and the man that our founding fathers warned us of who would come at the end of our nation's journey. Biden is just today's final lawless tool and clueless fool to complete the Marxist mission.

The current inhabitants of our nation for the last 80 years have been indoctrinated with poisoned kool-aid and brainwashed with the secular and godless ideologies.

Americans need to wake up to the horrific realities which are at hand and until they do they will be continually swept away by the catastrophic floods of our nation’s calamities. My dear friends, I say this with no joy and with tears in my eyes that we are finished as a nation. The fat lady has sung! The jig is up! Put the fork in it! The curtain has closed! The camel's back is broken! The final buzzer has rung! If you are one of many that actually believe that we can "Take back America" you are totally deceived; for the Day of the Lord is at hand and the Four Horsemen are about to ride and NOTHING can stop it from coming! It is now time that we as individuals and as a nation to look beyond the limited confines of this world and put aside all of its false saviors and focus on the Creator and Redeemer of all mankind. In the end, all will depend on it.

The Kingdom of Heaven is ta hand!



Anonymous said...

Geat article and right on.
Tears of joy will soon replace tears of regret.
I see it not wise to mention OHB by name.
We all know he is not the number and he will not be in place for another 4 years.
The man that ushered him in will be instead.
The man with the number
May the Father santify you and keep you whole
Peace be with you

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thanks for your kind words my friend! TGBTG!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


tojoflaherty said...

How exactly do "we all" know that???
You are wrong.

tojoflaherty said...

The globalists have worked and waited for over two thousand years, the Illuminati over two hundred and thirty years, the socialists over one hundred, the Muslims at least thirty to get this one in the OO. He is The One; he will never leave until he is PR of Gaia. See my blog

David said...

There are reasons that God thinks of America as "less than nothing":

"All nations before him [God] are as nothing; and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity."--Isaiah 40:17

Any one care to list some of the "reasons"?

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My friend , true... but you need to use verses in their proper context. Not all are wise as you so sometimes we need to point these things out to people. Also the Glorious Gospel message is given.


Unknown said...

Good article and so true. However things will not change in this country until the people start voting everyday with their dollars as that is the only language the corporations and government understand. We must put our money where our mouth other words stop shopping @ wally-world, throw out the tv that's brainwashing you, give up the i-phone that's tracking you, and quit sending our kids to government owned public indoctrination centers!! Also needs be major arrests of politicians that have gone against the constitution! Turn back to GOD and repent so his judgement that is upon us shall be stayed......repent.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Hegel.

It was prophesied that only a "small flock" would know about God. They were to be his "watchmen" and WARN America and the world what was coming and announcing the RULE OF GOD!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid -like the remnant all through out the bible...the end-time remnant also became worldly and are following Baal for the most part. There will have to be a "waking-up" and calling out of the remnant from Babylon before the straight truth can be preached. Come out of her my people ....the few watchmen left are struggling ...most sleep and don't want to be bothered with the changes that real understanding brings. Jesus is coming soon and we are not prepared. It is an individual work. Please read your Bible and learn all that the wonderful Words of Life hold. We have destroyed the planet and with the manmade diseases that are overtaking humanity...Jesus has to come soon or no one will be left. There are only two sides is truth...the other lies. God does not change....His laws are forever ... anything that says otherwise is of Satan. If you question a doctrine that your church teaches ...don't go to the pastor...go to God....the Holy Spirit will direct to all truths. It does matter what you believe and you will be held accountable for what you chose to ignore or discard as not important. Prophecy is being fulfilled with or without the remnant...I pray she awakes. Jesus is coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Please speak more to us who are the remnant. What must we do at this time?

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thanks for your reply,

At the end of these post we have given the simple message of what we must do.

Be sure your saved as the Bible simple testifys, seek God perfect will for your life, and be a light to America that Jesus alone can deliver us from our fallen humanity (Rom. 7:24-25, John 1:12, Rom. 10:2-4)!

The remnant are those who are saved and are trusting in God for His perfect will and way in this day, seeking to be used of God for His glory.
Eph. 5:15-16!