Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Setting the 666 Agenda With Music

The youth of any particular generation love to imitate and follow the world's godless performers in their different eras; these tools of Lucifer are cleverly marketed and sold as goods to the youth of this world. From Benny Goodman and Frank Sinatra to Elvis and the Beatles, from Led Zeppelin to Ozzy Osbourne, Nirvana to Marylyn Manson, from Madonna to Beyonce to Lady Gaga etc., these have all been used to sell a bill of demonic goods for patterns to live out reprobate (ungodly) lives here in time. There is truly "nothing new under the sun" (i.e., in terms of human nature and imagination, not in a “technological” sense). Whatever your flavor, Lucifer has it for you (Rom. 1:18-32, Eph. 2:1-2). This demonic tactic is as old as the one used in the Garden of Eden, when Satan seduced and used Eve to bring down Adam and his race (Gen 3, John 8:44, Rom. 5:12-21, 1 Tim 2:13-14) The demonic tactic and deception is the subtle lie to challenge Almighty God's ETERNAL Word and Authority and bring the individual to a state of mind in which the Savior of the world is the Villain and kill joy of mankind. Countless generations have followed after these damnable hypnotic trends, and the majority has allowed themselves to be led astray to ruin in this life and ETERNAL destruction for ones ETERNAL future (Prov. 16:25, Eph. 2:1-2, Rev. 20:11-15). There is something about music that temporarily satisfies the soul (like a drug). Humanity uses music to soothe and nourish their famished souls which were created for Almighty God and His ETERNAL Person. Those who reject their Creator’s mercy and saving grace (Romans 7:24-25) seek to fill this void with idolatry, material possessions, sex, drugs and, yes… the Pop and Rock-n-Roll music culture. It is a way to express themselves and to “lash out” at this demonically run fallen world which has them caught in their demonic web (Eph. 2:1-2).

The Game Plan - Lucifer's Successful War

The admiration and idolatrous worship of these demonic lyric masters (musicians) is all part and parcel of the Evil Master’s master plan to deceive, mislead, derail and detour as many souls as possible from coming to a saving relationship of Almighty God in TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS (John 8:44; 2 Thess. 2:9-12). Because of his primeval rebellion against God, Lucifer hates Adam’s race created in the image of God. From Adam’s race came the woman from whom was born the Savior of the world (Gen. 3:14-15; Gal. 3:16; 4:4; Rev. 12:1-4), who is also the Divine Judge of Lucifer and his rebellious minions - both angelic and human (Matt. 25:41; Rev. 20:10-15).
Lucifer’s rebellion is an insane and delusional attempt to overthrow Almighty God’s Eternal Sovereignty of righteousness for replacement with His own fallen rule and godless tyranny.
Does this revelation and evaluation seem far-fetched and “over the top” to you? Does this sound like “fringe religion” and the height of kookiness? Well then, my friend, you are blinded to the realities of the Great Spiritual War now raging for the heart, souls and minds of mankind (2 Cor. 4:3-4, Eph. 6:12). This spiritual warfare is thousands of years old, though it will soon be coming to a climax at the Battle of Armageddon. Lucifer’s rebellion is an insane and delusional attempt to overthrow Almighty God’s ETERNAL Sovereignty of RIGHTEOUSNESS for replacement with His own fallen rule and godless tyranny (Isa. 14:12-17; Ezek. 28:13-19; Rev. 12; 20:7-10). He is a hater of all that is life and light (reality), and the lover of all that is death and darkness (John 8:43-44) and tragically so are his followers whether they be unbelieving conservative or radical liberal.

Lucifer knows that the vast spectrum of flavors in his hypnotic "goodie bag” crosses all languages, cultures, borders, creeds, and ethnicities. These sensual delights so offered are his attempt to overcome the hurdle put in place by Almighty God at the Tower of Babel to slow down man’s unholy unity AGAINST God and His RIGHTEOUS absolutes. Music is the universal language of this world and Lucifer, the Supreme Angel of Music, is a master of this. This insane genius knows the game and how to best exploit the weaknesses of his victims (John 8:44, Rom. 1:18-32).
The music industry has single-handedly ravished and re-formatted the condition of our culture and the substance of our society to a godless and decadent wasteland.
No single campaign strategy has been more successful in Satan’s war to corrupt mankind than that found in the music industry. Like no other entity, the music industry has single-handedly ravished and re-formatted the condition of our American Judeo/Christian culture and the substance of our society to a godless and decadent wasteland.

Just take a long, hard look at the history of the music industry in America since the Roaring Twenties. Its progression has been EXPONENTIAL, so also has been its wake of devastation on the family, morals, society and our Judeo/ Christian heritage.

Liberated By Christ

As one whom Almighty God has saved out of this insane, decadent culture and lifestyle, I (DJP I.F.) personally know all too well that it is a machine of godlessness, excess and ruin. Oh, how I now sing the praises to Almighty God for His grace and mercy to this lost transgressor who was saved from ETERNAL ruin of my delusion and hypnotic stupor! 

As the days in which we live get more and more godless, decadent and vile, thank Almighty God that He has provided a solution - a Savior - for those who are walking the course of this world in darkness and unbelief (Eph. 2:1-12).

My dear friend, do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? In these days this is the ONE most pertinent and relevant question that one could ask and give answer to. One’s entire destiny and ETERNAL  future depends on it. Things are only getting worse and more desperate, which is setting the stage for the "ultimate" lie and delusion -666 (Matt. 24:15; Rev. 13). May you place your faith in the God of REALITY and TRUTH so that you will not be part of this damnable illusion. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31), and you will NEVER be the same!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


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The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My friend, be-careful how you word that. The "Church" is the body of believers who have been placed into the body of Christ(Eph. 1:21-22, Col.3:1-4). She can be deceived, but not entered into.. Professing Christendom that is not part of His body can be possessed and deceived. But I believe I know what you are trying to say.


Anonymous said...

I have come to the Lord little over 3 years,and can not believe all the compromising in the church.Compromising is from satan! It alarms me that the church which is the tabernacle-Holy of Holies,is now" come do what you want" place.No reverence,No order as told for us in 1 Timothy 3:1-13!!Pastors and deacons are to have 1 wife ALL the time I see remarried couples serving the church.I see ALL churches compromising and even saying they arent living in daily sin in their remarriage!Blaspheme!!IT IS WRITTEN!!!!~~Whosoever marries her who is divorced is called an adultererwhosoever marries him who is divorced is called an adulterous~~. Matthew 19:9, Mark 10:11-12,Luke 16:18,Romans 7:3.God hayes divorce Malachi 2:16!I jave never heard true teachings on marriage.fellowshipped with members whove been in church 20,some 30 years who dont know this?? Hello,satan is in the church!!broad is the way narrow is the gate and FEW will enter.yhat should ALARM EVERYONE!! I highly feel this is yhe great falling away!Hebrews 13:4-Marriage in honorable among all,and the bed undefiled;but fornicators and adulteres God will judge.Yes fornication is bad but they can repent,marry whom theyre fornicating with.Adultery repentance comes only from divorce and reconciling with first spouse 1Corinthians 7:11.Oh yes I have to add so some dont throw nonsense out-,remarriage ONLY if spouse dies and new spouse unto the Lord!Hear and Understand!!!

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