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Boy Scouts Choose Suicide, and Homosexual Activists are Still Outraged!

The Boy Scouts of America present a gift to Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates after presenting a copy of their "Report to the Nation" at the Pentagon, Feb. 26, 2007. Defense Dept. photo by Cherie A. Thurlby

Surely the national leadership members of the Boy Scouts of America didn’t believe this ungodly, profoundly stupid vote to allow openly homosexual boys to be Scouts would somehow appease the tools of the radical homosexual movement.  Surely these leaders who voted against all common sense and against the very principles their organization professes didn’t imagine that the homosexual alphabet soup militia would be happy with the vote and just let things be.

The yeas and nays of the vote had barely been counted when the screeching and wailing commenced from Sodom’s ranks—the Scouts didn’t go far enough!  In an abundantly dark-minded statement, anti-Christian, homosexual activist, Wayne Besen, of the misnamed “Truth Wins Out,” immediately called for the Scouts to take their decision further and allow homosexual men to be Scout leaders and volunteers.  Besen called the Scouts’ decision “cowardly, incoherent, and mean-spirited” and an “outrageous and offensive policy,” because homosexual men were still excluded.
He also wrote, in part:
Today’s Boy Scout’s decision was insulting and pandered to ignorance and bigotry at the expense of gay people and their families. Allowing gay scouts but not adult scout leaders was a compromise – only in the sense that BSA compromised its integrity and decency. Let’s be clear — this was not a step forward, but a step backward, because it reinforced the most vile stereotypes and misconceptions deliberately peddled by anti-gay activists.
While Besen’s statement could not be further from the truth, a couple of his lines are “technically correct” when we apply their true meaning.  The Boy Scouts of America most certainly did compromise its integrity and decency.  Both were shattered on the altar of the bully homosexual movement.  They left behind their “morally straight” ways for the crooked road to perversion, selling out the boys’ safety and well-being for thirty pieces of corporate sponsorship silver.
And, it was indeed a “step backward,” because as Dr. Scott Lively wrote in his column, “Satan Wins Back the Scouts,” the scouting movement has homosexual roots in nineteenth-century Germany.  It was started by homosexuals—pederasts—who desired sexual relationships with young boys.  In part, Dr. Lively wrote,
Like so many evils in our modern world, the homosexual roots of scouting go back to Germany, where a pair of pederasts, Karl Fischer and Wilhelm Jansen, and homosexual youth leader Hans Blueher turned a small newly-formed hiking club of adolescent boys into a nation-wide scouting organization called the Wandervogel (Wandering Birds).
Dr. Lively points out the distinction between the German scouting movement and the English one later founded:
Eighteen years after the German scouting movement began, Lord Baden Powell formed the English organization in 1908 that our Boy Scouts is based upon. Powell is often accused by “gays” of having been a homosexual himself, but their evidence is very flimsy and I don’t believe they are correct. In fact, I think Lord Powell was successful only because he built his organization on Biblical values. It is only these values that have protected the Boy Scouts of America from following the example of the Wandervogel…
Of course, when Wayne Besen said the Scouts took a “step backward,” this is in no way what he meant.  But it’s true that with this insane vote to admit homosexual boys, the Boy Scouts of America is surely moving backward—back in time to a man-boy sexual scouting movement of the late nineteenth century.  It is also certain that the homosexual radicals will persist in harping on the Scouts and filing lawsuits until they see homosexual men admitted as scoutmasters and volunteers.

We know that there have long been homosexuals under cover inside the Scouts, as Dr. Lively points out: 

There are no doubt many hidden and very cautious pederasts already lurking in the Boy Scout leadership who are now salivating over the prospect of having in their care self-declared “gay” boys whom they can approach sexually with far less fear of exposure. “Gay” boys who can also help to recruit their peers into intergenerational “gay” relationships.
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that pederasts naturally gravitate to all-male societies. Consider the Roman Catholic priesthood. Look at their list of victims and you will see that the priesthood scandal was not about pedophilia, but pederasty, a form of homosexuality. The Boy Scouts of America is no different, except now the organization itself will do most of the work of recruiting the victims, and is also likely to try and cover up all evidence of the problem so as not to admit their policy change was to blame. (The latter phenomenon seems to be occurring in our military, vis a vis male-on-male rapes, since the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.) But there’s nothing new under the sun. The world has seen open homosexuality in scouting before, as well as its consequences.

Yes, there will be consequences, and the Boy Scouts of America will not like them.  This will be a devastating blow to its membership numbers, because “morally straight” families will not permit their boys to be exposed to the dangers of this sinful, degenerate behavior.  And, there will certainly be a new, morally straight, American scouting movement to take the place of the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts of America has just voted “yea” to its own demise, and the homo-radicals like Wayne Besen are still not happy, but of course, they never will be.

Gina Miller
(Printed with permission)


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