Friday, October 6, 2017

Why Animal Sacrifices in the Kingdom Age under the Messiah?

Dr. Whitcomb is the man... when it comes to any Old Testament Bible studies on the Levitical sacrifices (past and future), creation science and the Kingdom reign of the Messiah for a thousand years in Israel. Here are a few links to help any who might need some more info on this topic. Always remember my dear friends... Almighty God is not through with the apple of His eye!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!



Brains said...

Since the Lord Jesus Christ was the perfect sacrifice once and for ALL sin, the Veil in the Temple being torn from top to bottom and the fact that he said on the cross "It is finished", what does anybody base this conclusion on? I recall nothing from either Testament that supports this.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...


No offense my dear friend but you are then not at all a student of the Word of God.

All you stated is true about the Messiah but sadly people cannot think out of the Church box on this topic including myself 20 years ago..

Once the Rapture(John 14:3, 1 Thess. 4:13-18, 1 John 3:1-3). takes place then it is all Israel. The animal sacrifices will be instituted and it will be the anti Christ who will stop them for 3 1/2 years until Messiah return (second coming with His bride... the church)(Rev. 19:11-21,Dan. 9:27, 12:11, Matt.24:15, 2 Thess. 2:3-12, Rev. 11:1-6) these are future after the church is gone (Rapture).

There is a ton of info on this. In the Kingdom age the Messiah (Jesus) will reign in Israel (Isa 2:1-4, 4:2,9:7, Isa. 11, Ezek 43, Jer. 23:5, Mic. 4:1-4, Matt. Luke 1:32, Zech 14:1-4, Acts 1:9-11).

Also Ezek 40-48 looks at the future Millennial Temple. Aslos Malachi 3:1-6 etc...

The keeping of the Feasts of Jehovah will also be kept in the Kingdom (Zech. 8:20-23, 14:16-21)

My dear friend ask the Holy Spirit to lead you in all the truth on this matter.. for it is indeed all true and will be!

God speed!


Copy and paste these the Bible verses at this Bible link and see for yourself!,6&version=KJV

Brains said...

Hi David,

You've provided several references which were actually about events that I didn't dispute. I do not dispute the Rapture, sacrifice being stopped after three and a half years by the Anti-Christ (whoever he may turn out to be), Christ's second coming with his bride, his reign in Israel or the Feasts of the LORD that will be observed. What I do question is whether the Temple mentioned in Ezekiel and the attendant sacrificing is the Millennial Temple (I admit I should have specified which temple I was talking about). The reason I was questioning this is because in Ezekiel 40 - 48, Chapter 48 specifically, my KJV says that Dan has a portion, but by the time we get to Rev. Chap. 7 he's no longer included in the list of tribes. The other point is because after Christ's return there's no temple mentioned even after Gog and Magog appear, and when the thousand years are expired with Satan's last futile little foray and the Judgement by God, a new heaven and a new earth are seen. Rev. 21:22 then states, after describing the dimensions, that there is no temple, because "the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it". So as you see, the discrepancy in the roll call for the tribes of Israel and no more mention of temples after Christ's return lead me to be skeptical as to Whitcomb's article about Millennial Temple sacrifice.
As someone who is nothing more than a wretched sinner saved only by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and not by any works I've performed, I know that I will be in a position to see for myself one day whether any temple does eventuate. And I won't need any "title" conferred by the world.

Yours in Christ,

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Brains My friend, Good observation on the 144,000 and thanks again for your reply and great question! Ephraim is also not listed in Revelation 7 because (I believe) because both lead astray the people into gross idolatry (Judges 18:1-31, 1 Kings 12:19-33, Hosea).

After Messiah’s return God forgives all of Israel’s transgressions (Zech. 12:10-14, 13:1-2) and I believe will restore Dan and Ephraim land in the Kingdom age as Ezek 48 testifies (Lev. 25:13, 27:24, Isa. 11:13, Jer. 3:18, 16:15, 30:3, 50:4, Ezek 37:22, Dan. 9:24, Zech 14).. The Kingdom age will begin as the Year of Jubilee when all things are restored and forgiven (Lev. 25:13, 27:24, Dan. 9:24).

Ezekiel 40-48 speaks of after Messiah’s return and the 1000 year reign and a view of the millennial temple. The question to be ask is why have a millennial temple if sacrifices are not offered (Ezek. 44)? The section you refer to is the ETERNAL estate, (NEW heavens and earth Rev. 21) after Messiah’s 1000 year reign, Satan’s release and man’s final rebellion (Rev. 20:1-10)

This I believe is the key… The Kingdom age is hardly mentioned in Revelation, just glimpse of the high points (Rev. 20:1-10). The Old Testament is loaded with Kingdom Age activity, events and worship which will yet be. The old testament sees just as far into the future as the new testament does. The key is to connect the dots. Almighty God is very protective of His Word and does not give up the gold nuggets and jewels with out deep study and prayer. The key verse to look for in the old Testament is the phrase the Lord uses… “In that Day” That phrase almost always refers to the restoration of Israel to Almighty God and their final obedience to their Savior.

Almighty God is all about grace and mercy and restoration! Praise be! (Dan. 9:24, Roms. 9-11).

Praise be that we both are sinners saved by grace and know the Savior!


Brains said...

Thanks David, I appreciate your reply. My concern, initially was probably of a dispensational type. I was wondering why, after Christ's sacrifice on the cross, a suggestion would be made that His act of obedience to the Heavenly Father was to be somehow considered insufficient since I know that we are under a different dispensation from the "post-exodus" Israelites. Personally, I'm not sure I could've kept up all with the Levitical requirements and that is why I praise God repeatedly for giving us a far more straight-forward arrangement, as costly as it was, although as we see many can't even grasp the simplicity of it. I know that because I have just about run out of people here that I can discuss any of these matters with.

Yours in Christ,