Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Teen's Suicide Shows Tragic Folly of "Transgender" Delusion


On Sunday, December 28th, a mentally ill Ohio teenager committed suicide by stepping in front of a semi-trailer on an interstate, selfishly forcing the driver to run him down. The driver, who was minding his own business, will now have to live with this horror the rest of his life. How do I know the kid was mentally ill? I know, because 17-year-old Joshua Alcorn believed he was a girl trapped in a boy's body and had apparently labored under this tragic, "transgender" delusion since he was a little boy. In his suicide note, he blamed his Christian parents for not supporting and encouraging him in his fantasy. Instead, they did the best they knew how in getting him psychiatric help and telling him the truth that he could never be a girl.

Naturally, the radical homosexual activist community is seizing on this horrific suicide as an excuse to falsely blame the young man's death on the Christian beliefs of his parents. This is to be expected today in our truly insane society, in which all manner of deception and lies are embraced by a fringe minority and spread far and wide by a complicit, dark-minded media. Members of the sexual anarchy movement have in their cross-hairs anyone who publicly opposes their tyrannical agenda, and they will not hesitate to cravenly use an awful event like this kid's suicide to further that agenda.

Just about the only people left with the courage to tell the truth about immoral, unhealthy and unnatural homosexuality and "transgenderism" are Christians. Others are too scared to speak out against it, foolishly don't care one way or another, or they support this degeneracy. Far too many people don't understand the danger to our society and our freedoms posed by this evil movement. It is Christianity that these people seek to thwart and Christians they seek to silence, because the lovers of perversion despise the truth we tell about them and their agenda.

I have no way of knowing the beliefs of Joshua Alcorn's parents. From the stories I've read, they cared very deeply for their son, and they knew he had serious mental problems. They tried to get help for him, and I would guess they prayed their hearts out for him, but in the end, he chose the tragic final solution, as do many other people who absurdly believe they are the opposite sex. According to one study from 2010, over forty percent of "transgender" people have attempted suicide. Proponents of "transgenderism" explain this high figure by mistakenly blaming society's disapproval for "causing" these people to attempt suicide. That's not it. Anyone in open rebellion against God's design for human sexuality will suffer for it, and suicidal tendencies are just one of the many ill effects.

"Transgenderism" is a deeply disturbing mental and spiritual sickness. Any person who believes he is the opposite sex has serious problems, and society's rightful disapproval is the least of them. Not everyone will like to hear this, but demon possession certainly plays a part in homosexuality and "transgenderism." In the Bible, we see that demon possession was commonly acknowledged and understood to be prevalent, but the knowledge of it has been largely lost or buried today, as if our "modern" culture is too "smart" to give credence to the reality of spiritual forces at work in people today, just as they were then.

We often read that some who are homosexual or "transgender" have believed this since they were children. Demons do not spare children any more than adults. In Mark, chapter 9, we read of the father who comes to Jesus asking that the Lord help free his son from demon possession. Jesus asks the father how long his son has been possessed, and the father tells Him "since he was a child." How many of these cases today are demon-related? I don't know, but it is certainly a factor.

The growing acceptance of "transgenderism" is pure folly, as this young man's suicide demonstrates. The groups that exist to support those who have this delusion are only hurting them. It is truly a case of the blind leading the blind, and the ditch awaits them all. It is not Christians telling the truth about this dangerous, destructive mental and spiritual pathology who are harming these deluded and rebellious people, but it is those who encourage them to embrace it and celebrate it who do the harm. No person can find peace or fulfillment in doubling down on this evil rebellion against the natural order. Suicide and the black cloud of self-hatred and despondency are inevitable results of submerging oneself in this deranged, sinful belief and behavior. As with all sin, embracing it only hurts us, and it never makes anything better.

We are in a dark and perilous time, unlike any in the history of our nation. Godless forces are determined to destroy the moral foundations of our nation and western civilization. Our freedoms are in terrible danger. The radical homosexual movement is a powerful tool of these evil forces, and it is being used in an aggressive campaign to squash our natural rights of conscience, speech, association and religion and to pervert the meaning of family and marriage. Christians are the chief targets, because we are pretty much "the last man standing" in opposition to the sinful degeneracy of members of the radical homosexual movement. The attacks on Christian belief exhibited in the wake of this sad young man's suicide are more evidence of the larger war against Christianity these homosexualists are waging. If we stop resisting their wicked efforts to redefine marriage, to silence opposition to the accommodation of "transgender" lunacy and in-your-face homosexual behavior, then we will all lose what freedoms we still retain. Do not be afraid to speak out against this great evil of our time. Do not allow yourself to be silenced.

© Gina Miller


Anonymous said...

Probably should learn a few things per a given issue prior to writing a slanted article about it. Vastly apparent that YOU have zero clue as to what you're talking about.

Please allow me to give you a little Transsexual 101 : True TS folks are born TS whether they ever actually go thru the process of changing their bodies to match their brains (that were deluged by sex-hormones while in the womb and therefore, feminizing their brains during its development which begins at 8 weeks into gestation) or they don't. Little baby boys will be born with brain more like that of a female & girls more like that of boys. The only option to correct the in-congruence of brain and body is to do surgery on the body. Since the brain is hard-wired per gender@ birth. Think about it : our brain is who we are (our hard-drive). There have been many medical-experiments with the hope of changing the brain of a TS person to match the body, all to no avail. So, in so to feel "normal" TS folks opt to change their bodies and be the sex their brain says they are. For all practical-purposes, speaking.

While most parents would spare no amount of money in so to make their child feel as close to normal, offering them a better quality of life as possible should they be born with cleft-lip/cleft-pallet as they know this is a real-legit anomaly because 'seeing is believing'. but, woe to those who are born with anomalies that are not as easily detected. In their vastly simpleton minds, 'if they cannot see it, must be a farce.' Makes me wonder how these typs ever get saved? They take God and His Word by faith. Yet, argue with medical pros. Or their own children.. which, is worse. God created doctors. And allows children to be born with gender-dysphoria (in which, He knew about before the foundation of the world was lay. HELLO!)If you really would like to learn about Transsexualism you will learn it from someone who knows. Common sense tells us that if we would like to know how to shoe a horse, we don't ask a pig-farmer.

Wake up and move out of your match-box thinking. Righteous-judgment is about having ALL the facts. In which, YOU do not. Try THAT in lieu of just simply casting judgment and condemnation upon someone and something that YOU do not understand. The individual going thru it gets it. They live with it everyday while you bask in denial. Its YOU who is out in left-field. And I think its safe to say that you're not the all-knowing standard in which all in the great scheme of things are judged. Just because you're not TS or gay or whatever, you have your own set of issues and sins. Its easy to point a plastic-finger at others about being TS or gay because you are by the grace of God, fortunate to have been born with congruent brain/body. What are your sins? (Rhetorical question).

Also, children born with GENDER-DYSPHORIA occur over twice as much as those born with cleft-lip/cleft-pallet.. Multiple-Sclerosis and cerebral-palsy.

When they commit suicide for lack of support.. their blood is on the hands of millions. Enjoy.

Hope this helps. If it doesn't, you cannot be helped. You choose to remain ignorant. DARN! That comfort-zone.

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Forgive the ignorant God, for they do not know. They still choose the lies and not seek You first for ALL the trouble .