Saturday, August 3, 2019

Getting Down to the Real Nitty Gritty!

My dear friend, may we get right down to the real nitty gritty of our hour... Do YOU personally know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior as the Holy Scriptures teach. In death everyone will give an account to Almighty God whether conservative or progressive (John 3:36, Rom. 14:11, Phil. 2:10, Heb. 9:27, Rev. 20:11-15). What we need today is ETERNAL REALITY and not subjective optimistic delusions. Here me, I love America and its noble aspirations at our founding but the jig is up and the Day of the Lord is at hand (Rev. 6-19). May you choose to want to see the REALITY of our hour for if you do you will be made ETERNALLY free (John 3:16-17, 36, Rev. 22:1-5)!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!



Wendell Samford said...

Did the Lord put this on your heart today? I know you usually write longer posts, so I'm feeling like you sense a change coming and soon. I am feeling somewhat uneasy in my spirit because of the events going on currently in the Middle East.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Yes, I just felt led to post it, that's all... may God use it for His Glory!

Thanks for your reply Wendell!