Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Treasure of the Magi - Christmas Song and Video


The One who is ETERNALLY MORE precious than gold! Is that true for you this Christmas my friend this Christmas season?

1. The Treasure of the Magi
(Matt. 2:1-12; 6:21; 1 Cor. 1:18-31; Col. 2:2-3)
Our hearts within us
Are longing for more than gold:
Treasures and riches
Which only Messiah holds.
His presence we seek,
Humbly and meek.

Through many days and nights,
We travel on to Him;
His star leads the way,
And our hearts brightly burn within.
And finally we see: 
The young Christ and King.

This One, this child:
The King of Israel;
And gifts we bring 
With joy exceedingly!

Gold for our God and King,
Frankincense to worship Thee;
Myrrh for our Lamb,
Who shall die and then rise for we.
And our hearts we bring
And lay at His feet.

With joy and praise
We glorify His Name:
Whose arm and strength
Shall bring salvation’s grace;
And now we see
The ETERNAL Son and King!

Now our hearts have found
The treasure far more than gold!

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