Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Treasure of the Magi - Song and Video


1. The Treasure of the Magi
(Matt. 2:1-12; 6:21; 1 Cor. 1:18-31; Col. 2:2-3)
Our hearts within us
Are longing for more than gold:
Treasures and riches
Which only Messiah holds.
His presence we seek,
Humbly and meek.

Through many days and nights,
We travel on to Him;
His star leads the way,
And our hearts brightly burn within.
And finally we see: 
The young Christ and King.

This One, this child:
The King of Israel;
And gifts we bring 
With joy exceedingly!

Gold for our God and King,
Frankincense to worship Thee;
Myrrh for our Lamb,
Who shall die and then rise for we.
And our hearts we bring
And lay at His feet.

With joy and praise
We glorify His Name:
Whose arm and strength
Shall bring salvation’s grace;
And now we see
The ETERNAL Son and King!

Now our hearts have found
The treasure far more than gold!

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