Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Today's Near Complete American Leftist Coup - by Jan Markell and Michele Bachmann


Michele Bachmann and Jan Markell give absolute incredible cutting edge insight, which is well worth your time and hour on America's current fatal crisis, the rise of the American Left and coup; and our nation's lighting fall since the installation of Biden, covid 19, and America's Afghanistan withdrawal. This is not a sensational perspective but it is where it is at today my beloved! Be sure to check this message out! We all need to hear this and take heed!

Totally mind blowing and horrifically sobering!

INDEED! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! MARANATHA!


Sorry about that;

Here's the link; Jan took it down and placed it on RUMBLE.; Thanks!


Kenneth Glenn Koons said...

Michele was at a SoCal Church a few wks ago and she was astounding in her pol, spiritual insights. I got my picture taken with her and was proud to do so. It is a shame she is not in the 1st District of the House in Minnesota. She is a breath of fresh air compared with the Godless liberal socialists of the DNC types. Hopefully, she will keep spreading her political and Christian insights all across the USA. It may wake up people to see how quickly in just 8 months, the US has turned into a tyranny.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Couldn't agree more with you! She is awesome!