Monday, April 10, 2017

The Christ in the Passover

The Christ in the Passover with Zola Levitt - link

Zola explains the origin and significance of the Passover and demonstrates the feast. He also shows how Christ is revealed in the feast and proceeds to tell a “Christian Love Story.”



Anonymous said...

As a Christian I will never understand why most Churchs celebrate Easter a pagen holiday and not celebrate that Christ die and was resurected on Passover not
Easter. I can't understand why the
Web is not full of the true story of Jesus Christ fullfilled the prophecy of the Passover not a pagan holiday of Easter. Please post the true story of the fullfillment of Passover on your Web site so Christians can be exposed the true meaning of the Holiday,Christ is risen on Passover
not the pagan Cathlic Holaday.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...


Christ was crucified on the Passover. He did not rise on Passover. The day of First Fruits is when He arose.

Easter is when the world celebrates Christ resurrection. You are over zealous about trifles. Rejoice my friend that Christ arose on the first day of the week and we will live forever more because He did.

Eph 5:16-17!