Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Israel’s FUTURE Rejection of the Second Coming of Moses and Elijah

The very one who was Jehovah’s mighty champion AGAINST the godless oppressive regime of Ahab and Jezebel (1 Kings 17-19). The very one who took on the national apostasy of the 10 tribes in the north (Israel). The very one who took on the 850 prophets of Baal then slew them upon Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:19-40). The very one who at Mount Sinai heard the still voice of Almighty G-d (1 Kings 19:9-14) who will set the ground work for turning the hearts of the sons back to the fathers and the hearts of the fathers back to the sons (Mal. 4:4-6) is now REJECTED by the present day nation of Israel at this time (Ezek. 38:26, Rev. 11:9).

Moses and Elijah will be REJECTED by the majority of the Nation of Israel durng their 31/2 year ministry!
The very deliverer of Egypt’s 400 year oppressive bondage, the one who parted the Red Sea, the Lawgiver of Mount Sinai, the very one Almighty God used to institute the Leviticus priesthood and sacrificial system (Deut 32-40) which pointed to the Person and Work of the Messiah, the one who talked Face to face with Almighty G-d (Deut. 34:10) and the most honored patriarch in Israel’s history (MOSES) will be REJECTED by the majority of present day Israel during this time (Rev. 11:9). How absolutely amazing is that! UNBELIEF is UNBELIEF no matter who Almighty G-d sends. Remember what the Messiah spoke of Abraham telling the godless rich man who died in his transgressions who was in Sheol (Luke 16:19-31)? Abraham stated to the rich man across the fixed gulf - before Sheol Paradise was emptied at the Messiah’s ascension to the Right Hand of Almighty G-d (Psalm 68:18, 110:, Eph. 4:8-10).

“Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father's house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them, lest they also come into this place of torment. Abraham saith unto him, They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead (Luke 16:27-31).”
No matter WHAT the signs and wonders, no matter WHO the mighty person or no matter the Divine witness of Almighty God, the Holy Spirit and the Light of the World, NONE of these CAN EVER turn an unbelieving and unrepentant heart to the Savior (Jer. 17:9). Time and time again this has been the case throughout Israel’s wretched history (1 Sam 8:7, Isa. 53: 1-3, Lev. 26, Acts 7) and in the 6000 year history of Adam’s fallen race (Rom. 1:18-32). As Israel dwells in the land their hearts are far from Almighty God. They have chosen an existence of self reliance and self dependance but all of this will come to an abrupt end very shortly (Jer. 30:1-7, Dan. 12, Rev. 12).

It will be at the end of MOSES and ELIJAH’S 3 ½ year ministry, that the Anti Christ will be resuscitated and given authority to violently murder these Two MIGHTY Men of world’s history, which "terrorized" a godless world with their RIGHTEOUS WORDS of Divine judgment and cause GREAT plagues and destruction on the nations of the world and their and unbelieving Israel's enemies (i,e. the WORD’S of ALMIGHTY GOD - Ezek. 38:8, 16-23, 39: 1-8,  Heb. 4:12-13, Rev. 11:3-12)! It is AT THIS TIME (at the death and resuscitation of Almighty God’s Two Witnesses – Rev. 11:7-13) that Almighty God will allow rebellious and unbelieving Israel to be persecuted as NEVER before by Satan and his demonic and human minions (Ezek 39:26, Zech. 13:8-9, Rev. 12)! Because of the national REJECTION of MOSES and ELIJAH (HOW AMAZING IS THAT STATEMENT!!) and their OVER ABUNDANT SUPER NATURAL witness to Israel, they will now be subjected to GREAT TRIBULATION for 3 ½ years (Zech. 13:8-9, Rev. 12, 13). For those who are able to flee and who have taken heed to the warnings of the Messiah's scripture text and the testimony of MOSES and ELIJAH they will be protected and nourished during this time in a place provided by Almighty God (Matt. 24:15-22, Rev. 12:14-17), a place of protection against the satanic rage of Lucifer and his earthly and demonic minions (Rev. 12).

This horrific period is called the time of “Jacob’s Trouble” and the GREAT tribulation will EXPONENTIALLY EXCEED the anti Semitic genocide and atrocities of Nazi Germany.

It will be in the END of this 3 and 1/2 year period, that the Messiah will come out of Heaven’s glory with His saints and the unbelieving Jews who have been able to survive thus far will see Him coming in the clouds in GREAT GLORY and remember All of Moses and Elijah's words. THEN it will ALL click together as it did with Saul of Tarsus (Acts 9) and they will GREATLY REPENT and MOURN for what they have done and Who they have done it to. Messiah was CUT OFF and that truth and REALITY will now FULL be comprehended (Dan. 9:26, Zech. 12:9-14, 13:1-2). It will be at this time that those who remain of the seed of Israel will FINALLY receive their Messiah and He will MIGHTILY deliver them out of the hand of a raging world HELL bent on their total annihilation (Dan. 9:26, Zech. 12:9-14, 13:1-2, 14:2-4, Rev. 12:17, 16:13-16, 19:11-21). Indeed will those who remain of Israel at this time truly say, "Blessed is He who cometh in the Name of the Lord" (Psalm 110, 118, Matt. 23:39)! It will be through the POWERFUL catalyst, testimony and ministry of MOSES and ELIJAH of old which will lay the ground work for the salvation of countless gentiles and the redemption of the nation of Israel (Isa 61:2-4, 62:1-5, 66;7-10, Zech. 12:8-14, Mal. 4, Matt. 25:32-32)!

It will be through the POWERFUL catalyst, testimony and ministry of MOSES and ELIJAH of old which will lay the ground work for the salvation of countless gentiles and the redemption of the nation of Israel.

Oh my beloved what a day to live in!! Israel will yet be a praise unto the Lord of Hosts throughout the world! Oh my beloved Jewish friend, cast a side this world's subjective carnal delights and come OUT of her and turn back to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in spirit and truth. May the Word of the Lord transform you for my friend you will NEVER be the same! Rejoice GREATLY, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at TRULY at hand!




Marty Riley said...

The fact you call Zionists "Pigs" tells you exactly who is the real terrorist. Go look in a mirror.

Throughout history the perpetrators of the most terrible crimes have always claim victimization.

I can tell you one thing the Zionists don't do....slit the necks of innocent victims and then post the videos of the event on the web with Islamic music playing in the background.

It was a good article Fisherman, thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My dear Moslem friend, you have been indoctrinated by your leaders who oppress you with their tyrannical vision for your life. My friend Jesus Christ will set you free if you let Him. Remember Moses and Elijah will soon be here and then you will remember the words of the Ignorant Fishermen were true.

My dear friend the Jews have been good to Moslems let go of your hatred and rage and come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior. Almighty God will be set free from your oppression if you let Him. May it be!

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thanks Marty for your reply!


Dale said...

Hello Ignorant Fishermen,

Let me start by they saying there is nothing Ignorant in your posts.

I live and work in a Islamic land, it is so Godless. I look around at the people and feel sad that I can't share the Truth with them. Just like Anonymous, their hearts are hard and blind.

When they do talk of Jesus, he is just considered a prophet. Not the SON of GOD.

Thank you Fishermen for your posts. I enjoy reading them and reflecting on the message you share.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Ah.. someone who actually looks up the verses! Awesome!

My friend, that was my mistake. It is Ez. 39:26. 39 not 38. Thanks for pointing that out to me and allowing me to make the correction for that is indeed a key verse!

"After that they have borne their shame, and all their trespasses whereby they have trespassed against me, when they dwelt safely in their land, and none made them afraid." Ez 39:26

During this time (coming in the future)they will dwell in safety but continued to transgress the Lord's commandments and since this is the first half of the 7 year tribulation the two witnesses are there also (Rev. 11:2-6) so.. Israel would have also transgress and be in opposition against God's two witnesses in confederate with a godless world.

The rejection of the Two Witnesses witnesses and Messiah's offer by them will bring GREAT tribulation, Jacob's trouble (the last 3 1/2 years (Jer. 30:1-8, Matt. 24:15-19,Rev. 13-16) which will eventually lead to the national repentance of Israel (Zech. 12:10-14, 13:1-2, Matt. 23:38-39).


The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Dale, Thanks and as always... To God be the glory!

God speed!


The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My friend, you could not be more wrong... A "spiritual relativism" can not work as absolute. One is absolute and one a lie and deception.

Ask yourself this pertinent question if you dare... Which One has the answer and propitiation for the transgressions of the world and who is it Redeemer.

I leave that to you to figure out.