Saturday, April 21, 2018

Climate Change's Secular Social Pollution

The majority of those who adhere to the "climate change" delusion of our day practice a Romans 1:18-32 ideology; which consists of a despising of our ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator and a hatred of His ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS ATTRIBUTES. I have personally found that the majority of the climate change crowd are the biggest contributors to social pollution and war against a healthy society founded on and by the Divine moral absolutes of our ETERNAL Creator. These haters of moral absolutes are personally responsible for the EXPONETIAL growing godless social consequences present in America today; which are due to their lawless "social change" policies. The moral and spiritual relativism and godless religious ideology of the secular Left has permeated into all aspects of our once dominant Judeo/ Christian heritage and culture. The social climate of today’s America is so decadent, so immoral, so polluted, so base and so lewd that it has passed the point of remediation to the point of no return.

The fact is that our American society is contaminated to the very core and saturated with pornography and lewdness.

The majority of Americans look at the surface of our societal ills and gullibility think that things aren’t as bad as they seem.  They have deceived themselves and have been absolutely desensitized. Their moral compass has been made hard and callus to comprehend how absolutely decadent we have become as a nation. The fact is that our American society is contaminated to the very core and saturated with pornography and lewdness. The American steak - as it were - has been left out of the refrigerator too long, and no “conservative ideology” revival or leadership can restore this rotting slab to its former state (Isaiah 1:5-6). Once a nation has given themselves over to the basest of ideals (i.e., secular socialism and moral practices), it is just a matter of time before it implodes on itself es(Romans 1:18-32). As one who loves my country and its founding ideals I take no delight in declaring this, but the present status of our society and culture compels making an objective assessment for all to take heed by. May we as a people learn the lessons of history, and may she be our wise teacher. Every nation that has gone down this path has become a third world nation or has NEVER survived.

A Steak and Its Environment
When a steak (i.e., humanity) is placed in a refrigerator, the cold environment slows down the corruption and spoiling process (see Isa. 64:6; Rom. 3:23). Even under refrigeration the meat will eventually spoil, but the corruption process is slowed down. Such is the Conservative (Right, moral) ideology.

When a steak is left out at room temperature, the corruption process accelerates due to a higher rate of bacterial growth that takes place in a warm environment. Such is the Moderate (Centrist, compromising) ideology.

When a steak is left out in the direct sunlight and high heat, the corruption process accelerates exponentially. Such is the Liberal (Leftist, secular) ideology.
The tremendous impact from the 60’s counterculture revolution is akin to a steak left out at room temperature. In the last 50 years or so since, the corruption process in our society has increased to an extent such that we can see the radical and fundamental changes that have produced countless social ills and catastrophes.

O America! We are at the very door of social implosion. Almighty God cries out to ALL to repent and be saved!

O America! We are at the very door of social implosion. Almighty God cries out to ALL to repent and be saved! ONLY in Almighty God is there deliverance from the corruptions of this fallen world and hope for ETERNITY (Gal. 1:4). As we see our day deteriorating right before our very eyes, may Almighty God and His Word be our strength and consolation in these very uncertain times. For one thing is VERY certain, the Rapture is at hand, then the Day of the Lord and then the establishment of Almighty God's Kingdom of RIGHTEOUSNESS!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!


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Anonymous said...

The right is equally corrupt.....they lust for money while the left just lusts.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Indeed! Both need Jesus Christ Almighty God's Savior and propitiation! Rom. 10:2-4, 1 John 4:10

Bill of Ohio said...

Amen. America is falling apart and the liberty guaranteed by the Constitution is under assault from the leftist global socialists who hate freedom of religion. May the good Lord Jesus Christ guide and bless and protect President Trump from communists leftist lies and imaginations to destroy America.