Saturday, August 29, 2015

Are You Listening to the Right Voice?

Since the 2012 election I have personally made it a point NOT to listen to Rush Limbaugh or tuned on the Fox New Network etc.. etc... Now that does not mean we do not stay on the cutting edge as Almighty God's watchmen, for we do. .. but why you might ask do you stay away? Well it is very simple, they have absolutely NOTHING to say to me anymore. If Jesus Christ and the Glorious Gospel are left out of their "analysis" and "commentary" on the dire crises, which engulf our nation at present then you have absolutely nothing to say to me and I for one will not partake anymore (1 Cor. 2:2). We are far past the point now for human remedies. The Day of the Lord is at our door and you as a commentator have better offer up REALITY from Almighty God's ETERNAL perspective or else.

 If Jesus Christ and the Glorious Gospel are left out of their "analysis" and "commentary" on the dire crises, which engulf our nation at present then you have absolutely nothing to say to me and I for one will not partake anymore.

These political commentary slaves to the world offer only vain solutions and "dog chasing the tail" remedies for our incurable nation. You cannot help a dying  man wasting in hospice and you cannot help a dying nation like ours in this critical hour. Hear me my dear friends, there was a time when we as a nation were able to keep things afloat and that fighting to hold the Founding Father's vision and to preserve our God given freedoms as a nation were practical and in God's will for His Divine means. The dam was not yet broken and we as a people could hold the line for God and country and to our Founding Father's ideals in time for our children's future. But with the departure from biblical truth and reality after the civil war came the liberalism of the early 1900's that led to the progressive and sexual revolution of the 60's, which led to the "in your face" anti Almighty God movement and secularism of the 90's, which all led to today's FULL BLOWN lawlessness and godless manifestation of the spirit of anti Christ in America as we have never seen. This is the moment in which we now live at the end my friends. A new day, a new country and new era in which godlessness is received as godly and lawlessness as righteousness (Isa. 5:20). The birth pangs of a new order are on the horizon my dear friends and sadly the world is about to go head to Head with their ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator at Armageddon (Rev. 19:11-21). The Day of Almighty God's wrath is at hand and who can ever stop what is coming our way! (Rev. 6-19). There was a time to talk politics etc... but that time is now past. I cannot encourage people enough to start getting absolutely real about Almighty God and His Word (believers and unbelievers), for there is now no more time for idle play. Conservatives and liberals alike better start seeing the ETERNAL picture pretty quickly and getting on the stick (John 3:36, Eph. 5:16-17).

The birth pangs of a new order are on the horizon my dear friends and sadly the world is about to go head to Head with their ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator at Armageddon (Rev. 19:11-21).

Now... I haven't jumped ship altogether... it is true... that I daily check in with the Nugget Net Review, World Net Daily, and the American Clarion which provides a biblical perspective and sound objective coverage of current events and the Drudge Report and Front Page Magazine for sound daily news and awesome commentary and insight. I also check Rush's 24/7 member site for Rush's optimistic rants to feel the temperature of the "Dr. of Conservative Optimism". Now... if I was a betting man...  it would be safe to say that the majority of evangelical Christian conservatives have done as I have and have enjoyed a little break from the Left's 24/7 slander parade and the Marxist propaganda machine which is on the full march (John 8:32,36). Now... that does not mean that we are out of the fight, but we have come to the reality after the 2012 elections that for this nation it is COMPLETELY OVER and all the optimistic appraisal in the world will not deliver or bring comfort to the seeking soul. Let me say it again, "It is COMPLETELY over and NOTHING will EVER stop our nation's decadent and lawless transformation and the day of anarchy we now live in and its soon horrific climax". This objective observation and ETERNAL biblical appraisal is a little to much REALITY for many conservatives and moderate conservatives to digest, for even these when placed in a corner will not seek Almighty God in spirit and truth and will choose to remain in full darkness and in an unrepentant estate with their fists raised towards Heaven (John 3:19-21, Rom. 10:2-4).

A blind man should see it and deaf man should hear it but America is sleeping while the Titanic is going down.

My dear friend's, once America's restraint is totally and fully removed in this present world, what is to stop the global lawless march to Doomsday. My friends, a very sobering NOTHING! That is right, NOTHING! A blind man should see it... and deaf man should hear it... but yet  America is sleeping while the Titanic is minutes from going down. It is time for Americans and the world to recognize that The Day of the Lord is closer than it ever was and its horrific shadows linger over our heads as the dark storm clouds of a mighty deadly storm full of power and full of horrific destruction.

My dear friends, Oh how we need Divine REALITY today and not delusional worldly solutions for our EXPONENTIAL global crises. Almighty God cries out to you all day long but will YOU receive Him and His ETERNAL solutions for your life? That is the greatest question ALL must ask themselves in these last days. All these current events and crises of our global community are self-induced by the lawless and godless works of fallen man (Rom. 1:18-32, Gal. 6:7). These products of evil men and their consequences are left in place to bring us to the brink of our delusions so that we may come out of our subjective selves and show us our desperate need for the Savior, His pardon, and His RIGHTEOUSNESS.

My dear friends, WHAT WILL YOU DO? Will you continue to look for worldly solutions and human saviors or will you finally come to the end of yourself and receive the KING of kings and LORD of lords who is the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR and PRINCE of PEACE (Isa. 9:6-7, Rev. 19:11-16).

All ETERNITY is before us and our brief existence in this fallen world is about gone. See the ETERNAL, see the Savior, see the REALITY and you will find the liberation and peace of Almighty God that will calm your hearts in America's last hours.

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved!" (Acts 16:29)!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!



Anonymous said...

Oh if I could get my own children to wake up. Most young people today believe everything will turn out alright, as it always has. They want to live their lives, and they do, as if everything is completely normal. My coworkers, fellow church members, and neighbors are blind and deaf too. My warnings have fallen on deaf ears, but my bible says to pray without ceasing, so that I am doing. God bless you for these important warnings. Keep them coming!

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thank you for your reply! To God be the glory! Your heart is in tune with our Savior's and God's small remnant. They will know in that Day that they had a witness among them by your faithfulness to the Savior. You have entered into an experience that many believers refuse to enter. That's how God's people ought to be moved today!

Phil 4:4!

God speed!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!