Wednesday, October 25, 2023

The “Coexist” Movement and Delusion Setting the Stage for 666!

It seems like everywhere you look these days while driving on the road – especially on college campuses – an odd-phrased bumper sticker with religious symbols spelling “COEXIST” can be seen. This phrase contains the spiritual symbols of the major religions or fallen spiritual ideologies of mankind (Rom. 1:18-32).

Every letter in the “COEXIST” phrase has a symbol representing a religious system or fallen spiritual ideology: C for the crescent and star (representing Islam); O is dotted with the Karma Wheel (Buddhism) E as energy in the relativity equation (Science); X illustrating the star of David (Judaism); the I representing the pentagram (Wicca/Pagan); S for the Tao symbol; and T for the cross for Christianity.

Every letter in the “COEXIST” phrase has a symbol representing a religious system or fallen spiritual ideology.
The subtle demonic goal of this movement is the promotion of a pluralistic and universal utopian worldview, which is rooted in spiritual relativism. At the heart of this movement is found the abandonment of core moral and spiritual absolutes ordained by this world's RIGHTEOUS ETERNAL Creator. In this abandonment of these God-ordained RIGHTEOUS absolutes and values is found the outworking of Satan's relativistic delusion (moral and spiritual) for the furtherance of his kingdom of darkness and rebellion against his RIGHTEOUS ETERNAL Creator (John. 8:44, 2 Cor. 4:3-4; 11:13-15, Eph. 2:1-2, 2 Thess. 2:10-12, Rev, 13). This movement seeks to undermine personal beliefs rooted in spiritual absolutes and practices for the supposed “betterment” of world unification. Its most damnable feature, however, is the staunch rejection of the SOVEREIGNTY and  REALITY of Almighty God, His authoritative Word (the Bible), and His Savior for all fallen men, the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Acts 4:12; 1 John 2:22-23). One of the chief promoters of this godless ecumenical movement is the godless music industry and the pop icon Bono from the band U2. Many in Hollywood and the fashion industry also seek to promote this movement with an array of clothing products, gear, and bumper stickers.

A phrase from the Coexist website states, “Coexist is a concept brand for everyone, connecting people and planet, together we symbolize life, love, and global harmony.”

The Coexist phenomenon is the product of the subjective secular Left. The majority of the Coexist followers are secular liberals. This ideology of religious pluralism actually intersects with all three political ideologies (liberal, moderate, and conservative), but it has its greatest hold in the secular liberal mind (Romans 1:18-32; 8:5-8).

The true core of the Left are secularists who wish to promote a delusional, pluralistic universe that combines all godless ideologies. However, their main goal and real agenda is to rid the world of all religious ideologies in favor of a secular, godless one. Dear friends, can you see where this is all leading and heading demonically (Dan. 11:36-39, 2 Thess. 2:3-12; Rev. 13; 17:12-18)? It's not at all hard to see in 2023, even for the unregenerate objective mind.

However, their main goal and real agenda are to rid the world of all religious ideologies in favor of a secular, godless one.

Though at first glance the motivation behind this movement seems sincere, noble, and virtuous, the very subtle hiss of Luciferian (Satanic) mass deception can be distinctly heard. This movement seeks to bring about a godless unification - while rejecting sound moral absolutes - of the scattered inhabitants of nations following the Tower of Babel rebellion ~ 4,300 years ago (Gen. 11:1-9; Dan. 2:31-35, 37-45; Rev. 13:12-14).

Lucifer is the Master Kool-aid maker and pourer when it comes to mass deception of unregenerate humanity. The taste of Lucifer’s Kool-Aid is sweet and satisfying to man’s fallen (i.e., unregenerate) humanity (John 3:19; Rom. 8:5-8; Gal. 5:17-21; 2 Cor. 2:14), while his poison brew of lies seeks to counteract the reality of the ETERNAL and natural laws of Almighty God (Rev. 17:2-3). The final destiny of these Satanic Kool-Aid drinkers is physical and eternal death (Rom. 3:23; Rev. 20:12-15; 21:8). Lucifer’s master plan is the unification of all the scattered children of Babel (Gen 11:1-9; Rev. 13), and reigning over them as their fascist, despotic master (Isa. 14:12-17; Ezek. 28:13-19; John 8:44; Rev. 13:8, 16-18).
The true core of the Left is the secularists who wish to promote a delusional, pluralistic universe that combines all godless ideologies. However, their main goal and real agenda are to rid the world of all religious ideologies in favor of a single secular, godless one.

Prior to the creation (Gen 1:1), the fallen Angelic realm rebelled against Almighty God in ETERNITY past abandoning all ABSOLUTE TRUTH and REALITY (Isa. 14:12-17, Ezek. 13-19, John 8:44, Jude 6; Rev. 12:4), causing evil (spiritual darkness) to first appear in God’s perfect creation. Fallen Humanity also follows suit in attempting to replace the Reality (truth) of Almighty God and His ETERNAL absolutes with that of a temporal earthly delusional (false) one. All that remains to those who reject God’s absolutes is a decadent, delusional state of “universal pluralism” that ends in darkness and ETERNAL damnation (John 3:19; 2 Thess. 2:10-12; Rev. 20:12-15).

Pluralism and Universalism and The Whore

The philosophy of Pluralism stipulates that all religions or spiritual ideologies exist on an equal footing. Universalism is the belief that any and all religions or spiritual philosophies lead to “God,” and everyone will be saved in the end regardless of what is practiced. Religion is the godless spiritual ideology of an unregenerate (fallen) man.

The final outworking of the Coexist movement of pluralism, tolerance, and universalism will lead to a global abandonment of all “faiths” in receiving the mark of the Beast (Rev. 13) after the Rapture of God’s Church, as God’s infallible Word declares. In the end, this “godless morass” will be violently destroyed by the Anti-Christ (Lucifer’s secular servant) and his confederacy of 10 nations or global regions (Rev. 13:1; 17:12, 15-17). Following the destruction and removal of this Whore (the Coexist movement), the Anti-Christ will fill the global void with the worship of himself and Lucifer by way of a blasphemous, idolatrous Image (Dan. 11:37; Matt. 24:15; 2 Thess. 2:4; Rev. 13:4, 8, 12, 15, 18:2). This will be the fulfillment of Satan’s age-long plan to gain worship and sovereignty in his delusional reality without Almighty God and His ETERNAL Sovereignty.

The final outworking of the Coexist movement of pluralism, tolerance, and universalism will lead to a global abandonment of all “faiths” in receiving the mark of the Beast.
This short-lived reign will only last 3 1/2 years (Rev. 13:5), and his promise of “Peace and a Global Utopia” will be the furthest thing from the truth (Matt 24:21-22; 1 Thess. 5:3). EXPONENTIAL lawlessness and absolute anarchy will be the fruit of his demonic agenda until the ETERNAL God of REALITY and TRUTH, the Son of Almighty God, comes to crush Lucifer’s godless rebellion and establish His Kingdom on earth in Reality and Truth FOREVER and EVER! (Dan 2:44; 7:21-22; 2 Thess. 2:8; Rev. 19:11-21; 20:10)

True Coexistence is Only Possible through Jesus Christ
The Coexistence of fallen humanity can only come about through the Person and Work of Jesus Christ (John 17:20-23; Romans 10:4). He alone is Almighty God’s solution and remedy for His lost creation and the unregenerate state and condition of fallen man (Acts 4:12; John 14:6).

For any and all who place their trust in Him, Almighty God will deliver from the judgment, bondage, and mortality of their fallen estate (Rom. 12:2; 1 Cor. 15: 42-44; Gal. 1:4; Heb. 2:14-15; 2 Peter 2:20).

FOREVERMORE in the Kingdom age to come and in ETERNITY future will they dwell in absolute righteousness to serve Almighty God in spirit and truth (John 4:23; Dan. 2:44; 7:13, 14, 18). They will be permanently delivered from the bondage and presence of a sinful nature and a cursed world (Rom. 7:24; 8:21-23; 1 Cor. 15:42-44; Rev. 21; 22:1-5).

To those who choose to Coexist in a state of spiritual delusion and rebellion against the ETERNAL absolutes and natural laws of Almighty God, they will die (i.e., be separated) in their trespass and sin, and ultimately assigned to God’s ETERNAL prison called the Lake of Fire (John 8:24; Roms 3:23; Rev 21: 8, 27).

The Two Different Co-habitations of Forever

Note the vastly different ETERNAL destinies of those who by faith receive Almighty God’s remedy (solution) for their fallen estate and those who by unbelief reject it.

My friend, Almighty God in His goodness wants to pardon you from your trespasses against His Perfect Person and Nature. He created you to know Him and to enjoy Him FOREVER. He loves you and sent His Son to die in your place. He reaches out to you even now. Don’t turn your back on Him. Don’t deceive yourself or harden your heart, which may be heavily laden with sin, bitterness, and hate, and allow unbelief to deprive you of God’s great love and tranquility. Place your trust in Him and His never-changing Word. You will be so glad that you did. My friend, God’s love will transform you such that you will never be the same! Let it be so for you.

In the midst of a secular, “pluralistic universalism” global movement which will soon engulf the whole world, be not deceived! Turn your heart to the One who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life,” even the Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus said, "Enter ye in at the strait (narrow) gate: for wide is the gate, and broad (wide) is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat" (Matt 7:13).

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" (John 14:6).

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved" (Acts 4:12).

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!




Burning Lamp said...

Are you familiar with Rick Warren and his P.E.A.C.E. plan? He has done more to further the ecumenical movement and waterdown the Gospel and hoodwink the church into apostasy than any other person. A true wolf posing as a sheep. He has been endorsed by many formerly solid Christian leaders. He is best buds w/Bono and rubs shoulders with many influential world leaders. The Church needs to be warned about him - those who will listen.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Burning Lamp, Totally! They are truly wolf's with a sensual appeal to their poison. A lot drinking their cool aid..

Thanks for your reply!

Anonymous said...

Karma comes from Hinduism. When Buddhism arose from Hinduism, still remaining its part, it incorporated Karma and other Hindu concepts.

The Scott said...

The article lost me when the author suggested the Coexist group is in league with Satan. I have no idea what the real motivations of the Coexist group, but in the USA we have had something called the 1st Amendment for a very long time and it has served us well.

Yeah, Coexist attracts tree-hugging, vegan eating liberals, so what? That's not enough to accuse them of being satanic...stupid maybe, but not satanic.

They believe in Coexist, I believe in the 1st Amendment. And if someone takes exception they should know I also believe in the 2nd Amendment.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My friend thanks for your comment.

First of all in the light of Almighty God and eternity the 1st Amendment means absolutely nothing. I am all for the 1st amendment but it has been so abused and apostatized today that it has become totally irrelevant.

If you look at things from a strictly earthly and human subjective perspective (John 3:12) then you’ll miss what life is all about. It is not about here but eternity.

Any thing done that rejects the absolute authority and eternal standards of Almighty God and His Word is of the Devil (Lucifer John 8:44). You have a free will to choose who you will serve... you do not have to worry about me that I will take that right from you. I would myself apply the second amendment my self if that was the case.

God’s 1st amendment is “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matt 6:33).”

God’s 2nd amendment is “and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him (John 3:36b).”

Look outside the box my friend then you will understand what this post was all about!


Anonymous said...

I was a Druidic high prietess, and then a New Age "Chrisitian" before I was born-again through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. As New-Ager in the late 1970's, I was groomed and instructed by channeled spirits (we all were) to infiltrate Religion, Education, Politics, Government, Medicine, Media - every aspect of society - in order to "further the cause of enlightenment and global harmony on the planet". The "COEXIST" movement, Rich Warren's P.E.A.C.E. plan, Spiritual Formation programs in Christian Education, Contemplative Prayer, etc. are all outworkings of that infiltration. After I came to Christ, I understood that the "christed" spirit entities and "Ascended Masters" and "UFO Captains" who instructed us through mediums and spoke to our minds directly were/are demonic spirits. The infiltration is now very far advanced. Nothing will stop it until all that God wrote has been fulfilled. "My people are destroyed by their lack of knowledge". READ YOUR BIBLES. He warned us about these things. For a chronicle of this apostasy and information from other former New Age authors and Men of God who are warning the church, go to:
It's important to realize that people who are participating in this scheme are very sincere, and very sincerely deceived. I sincerely believed I was a "real" Christian while under the influence of New Age teaching in the United States. It was interesting to see how the movement morphed toward a counterfeit Christianity in this country. It did not start out that way.

Anonymous said...

I think COEXIST is a great message, all 5 of my children have COEXIST t-shirts, and we have set off a trend in our school and church.

I am a pastor in a small church here in Kansas, it is catching on thanks to true believers of all faith practices!

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Thanks for your reply. No offence... but you practice a relativist humanistic form of "Christianity" which rejects the basic and fundamental truths of the Holy Scripture (Jude 1:2-3).

We should show all people respect .. the golden rule etc... but all roads do not lead to Heaven. Don’t drink the satanic Kool aid my friend. (Matt 7:21-23)

May you want take a more fundamental objective view of Almighty God's Word "the Bible"

Jesus stated. That He alone is the way the truth the life. (John 14:6). Either He is telling the truth or not. You will have to decide.

Take the Gospel of John challenge and see!


Anonymous said...

No offense taken, we do practice a very humanistic form of Christianity, which is by no means the only way it need be taught.

We just feel that inclusiveness, cooperation and mutual understanding will put all humans on a path towards better social, spiritual and self enlightenment!

Many might find this utopian or offensive, but I am okay with this, because for every "cynic" or "skeptic" we are reaching 100 open-minded humans of diverse and diverging viewpoints who want to understand their fellow humans.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1,

Not surprised that many accept your open-minded way!

Matthew 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: 14Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for this interesting article. I hadn't heard of COEXIST before this, maybe because I live on the other side of the pond but I will keep a look out for it in the future, it is bound to find its way here to the UK.

I don't go to church any more, I can't find one that does not aspire to some sort of humanistic doctrine or they have no idea of the significance of "Israel" being back 'in the land' and believe that Israel is now 'the Church'. It is maddening trying to explain where they are going wrong. I asked a pastor if he thought Israel was important and he gave me a weird look and said "Yes" and that was all. He looked stumped like - what does she getting at. !

My belief is that Jesus/Yeshua a Jew, who lived in Israel and intends for us to be like the 1st century Christians and follow His teachings not the impossible 163 laws of Moses nor the church dogma and lies handed down from Rome.

I am a Bible believing Christian and I have had to divest myself of all the erroneous teachings of the Church of England ( ie. Lent, Easter, Christmas, Catechism etc etc...) Now days I read the Complete Jewish Bible and the KJV Bible and pray the Holy Spirit guides me.

I have been reading a lot of your writings and want to say - Thanks I appreciate your great articles and opinions and I personally agree with what you have to say.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Chrys, thanks for your reply and words of encouragement!

Israel is key to knowing where people are coming from. God is NOT done with them yet!

May God find you a group of believers to fellowship with till He comes! Also check out this web site for (MBC) for all kinds of biblical studies and taped messages to encourage your heart!

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!

David I.F.

Anonymous said...

While I sort of see your point, I think your idea of the meaning of coexist is a bit inaccurate. While I'm sure there are plenty of secular leftist who embrace the idea, I don't necessarily see this as a bad thong. Coexist is not a religion. These people made their religious and political choices separately. And I for one, am happy that those who chose atheism chose a way of acceptance and peace, rather than persecution of those with faith.
For those who are religious and support the coexist movement, I have never seen any kind of desire to defile their own religion and create a bastardized super-religion. There have always been people of different beliefs on this planet, and there always will be. We can choose to follow the path we choose and live in peace with others, or we can choose the path of bloodshed, persecution, and war.

sweettina2 said...

Great post! The NWO One World Religion has invaded so many churches and different aspects of life. Rick Warren is one of its facilitators.
What are your thoughts on the Hebrew Roots Movement?

The Ignorant Fishermen said...


Thanks for your comments… I never heard of the Hebrew roots movement until you brought it to my attention…. The Bible was written by the Holy Spirit in which He used almost all Jews to do so. One has to have a proper Jewish biblical perspective to truly understand the flavor of God’s writings. Israel will play an absolutely crucial part in the 7 year tribulation and in the 1000 year reign of Christ Messiah (Isa. 11, Zech. 14), But salvation is quite simple and you could be a Goy (gentile) or Jew to understand and receive God’s simple message (John 3:16-17). Sadly the simple message is hated by the world.

For the recorded… I am a Bible believing fundamentalist who holds to a pre trib rapture position and a dispensationalist.


WXRGina said...


You are on fire from the Lord!!!

Our prayers are answered!

I'm still listening now...

Anonymous said...

I would add in that Glenn Beck is also part of the ecumenical movement (just take a closer look at his rally in Washington, D.C. August 2010)!

Beware of wolves in the Shepherd's clothing from both the left and the right!


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you have missed the actual message behind the Coexist movement? Which all boils down to one, simple, common sense statement:

Maybe we shouldn't kill each other just because we don't agree about something.

It's okay for you to have a different point of view than I do. I can go on believing what I believe without forcing it on you.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

J.S.. indeed my friend!! We wrote on that. Check it out if you can.

God Bless!


The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Anonymous (3/3)

Not at all my friend... the post is quite clear on that. One can not relativize or discard absolute truth.

May Almighty God open your eyes my friend to see that Jesus is the only way for salvation from our destructive nature and sins penalties (Rom. 5:12-21).

Please take these few challenges and see for yourself. Let me know about what conclusion you came to.


Anonymous said...

While the learned Christian believer should know that this movement is not of God, they should know that these are the times we are in, the END TIMES. It is all part of God's grand plan for the ages. In works as I write are plans for a One World religion that teaches tolorance for all belief systems and the emalgumation of such systems into one system under one church. It can not stopped, so we should not waste time trying. We need to be about Great commission to win as many to Christ as we can before the Rapture occur in a short while. Inform your kids, family members, churches, etc. about this movement which is rampet on college campuses. The message sounds nice but it is part of Satan's lie.

Anonymous said...

I have often seen the “COEXIST” stickers right along a fish with feet. It is the usual atheist liberal drivel. Found one near my home. Note the public radio endorsement, too. The "Coexist" movement is as phony as your average liberal.

jtradc said...

Check out this coexist parody ... funny but true.

Anonymous said...

Coexist, Meaning all religious beliefs to blend together, get along. What does the Bible say about adding or subtracting from the word Of God. %99 NO, %100 critical purity is necesary. And let us not waver to the [only] truth, The Gospel according to Jesus Christ. And just to add a comment about Glenn Beck's rally. There was a time when i was being severly tested, where i did at times have fear, and was in a position where when killing a civilein they call in a rifle. i was quite amused and even laughed that Glenn wore a bullet proof vest that day. What a sensless act, A shooter will always go for the head. But on topic it got to the point i was becoming angry that my mother was taken sides with Rick Warren. She is no more. As a True beleiver it is qute easy to see he could not hide a grain of sand in a sandbox. And truly if you are one of Gods children it is a you got to be kidding to even waste a thought process to accept such a concept of coexist. Satan knows the word of God more than all of us comenters combined and he loves to twist it always combining it with a lie. If you do not know your enemy-Satan you will fall in his traps constantly. COEXIST-another word that Satan-Lucifer calls out saying follow me.

Anonymous said...

Have you in any way gone to Coexist's page and read their mission? It is not as if they are looking for a universal adaptation of all religious beliefs. They are not in a league with Satan. In fact, their message is one of acceptance and love, not far off from Jesus's teachings. You can and should be a devoted Christian and still love your fellow man, regardless of his religious beliefs.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My friend, yes I have been to the site and true there is no doctrinal statement. We do love all people but want them to know the truth of Almighty God's message of salvation (John 3:16-17,Rom. 3:23, 6:23, Eph. 2:8-9). Almighty God truly LOVES all people and sent His Son (John 3:16-17). That is not a relative position but ABSOLUTE REALITY.

The Coexist organization spiritual and moral preaches relativism which contradicts Divine reality and truth from the Word of Almighty God. I know that that is a very dogmatic and AN absolute position but that is what Almighty God's Word clearly teaches like it or not.

In posting this post it is a sincere desire to reach people with the Gospel Truth for Love out work is done so in TRUTH and REALITY.

I hope that you understand what I was try to convey to you. If you are a christian then God's Word should be the final authority for you on this topic.

My friend, take the Gospel of John Challenge and see for your self what god's word clearly teaches on this topic. You will NEVER be the same!!

Thanks for your reply!


Anonymous said...

Your hate will devour you. For the sake of all that is holy seek help before you hurt yourself or someone else. :-(

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

My friend, truth and reality are not hate. Practicing relativism over ETERNAL absolutes is a delusion and lie (Rom. 1:18-32). There can NEVER be any peace until Jesus Christ has entered into the heart of an indivdual in Spirit and Truth (John 3:3-7, 4:24, Rom 10:2-4). My friend, You need to read the Bible and believe it. Then you we see the truth. If you reject Almighty God's saving solution for you then you are doomed (Rom. 10:2-4, Rev. 20:11-15). May Almighty god open your eyes to reality.

John 8:32,36


Anonymous said...

God bless you brother , you will be persecuted for telling the truth , Coexist is Satans little lie from the deepest depths of hell
and wanting a fuzzy feel good peace i love you all feeling
that is his plan to DESTROY man with ignorance

in the last days they will believe a lie and want this one world religion and nwo we see as new world order and who stands behind it waiting smiling SATAN

Keep up the good work i shard this page with my church in yeppoon australia !
GOD bless you you are a mighty Soldjier for GOD !!

Debroah leah (yeppon Au

Anonymous said...

there are so many symbols and signs Stan is using to trick people and they dont even see them i have recently seen also the satanic symbols rhianna and lady gaga use ! people get flaming mad when i say its not christian WELL then i rather speak and say its not of GOD than shut my mouth

there are many wolves in sheeps clothing out there
we need to open our eyes
Jesus is coming back and not for a bride with spot or blemish
you cant roll in the mud and leave with the Bride of Christ !

Keep sending the message and i will keep sending it to the world as well. just remember when you speak truth YOU will Be attacked by Satan and those whoe are blinded by the world .

but they need to know these things
its done in love only to Expose Slime ball Satan
things like rock and roll , and hand gestures to name a few are waiting with popular pop stars to lul your children in lies as well
its time to STAND up and SAY NO more WE are EXPOSING you Satan !

even if it means you reach only one yes 1 soul for Jesus
then its all worth it isnt it

GOD bless you Brother
Deborha leah
a soldjier against the princapalities of darkness !

Yeshua's Bride said...

I have been thinking about this COEXIST movement all week, shaking my head. People today don't think for themselves; they don't want to! Make something trendy and there will no doubt be a domino effect. The sheeple will buy the bumper sticker and slap it on their car because everyone else has it without thinking deeply about what it really stands for. Anything interfaith, in my mind, is contrary to Scripture. Meaning our Christian duty is to spread THE Word. Not pat the non-believers' back and say "There there, buddy, we're with you!" No. Christians are just threatened left and right nowadays as we are not the outcasts. It's real "in" to hate Christians in this age. Thank God for the Lord, though.

Mind you all, I used to be a rabid anti-Christian and would have gladly pushed this ridiculous coexist movement. I constantly pray that God will forgive everything I ever said against him and Christ and other Christians. And anyone that will pray for me, I'd really appreciate it!

Keep up the great work!

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Yeshua's Bride,

I love that name! We who have personally received Him are indeed the Bride of the Messiah of Israel, the Savior of the world!!

The Coexist movement is a delusion and I rejoice that you have come to know the Lord. I also was “out there”.

If you truly know the Savior then all of your passed sins are forgive (1 John 2:2)

Here is my personal Testimony if you are interested…

We will pray for you that God will use you mightily for His glory in these Last days before His soon coming…for His Bride (Col. 1:9-18, 1 John 3:1-2)

God Speed!

Eph. 5:16-17!

Anonymous said...

Are all of you people seriously arrogant enough to believe that one religion is above all others? Every major religion came from the same place. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all derived from Ancient Sumeria!

Anonymous said...

the funny thing is
people think there is all paths to GOD
but JESUS said
John 14:6

YET they still want to go under the sheep fold and think this is gonna be acceptable to go to heaven ..
they will find out when they close their eyes and in death if they didn not accept Jesus
the ONLY one that came to Earth
by a virgin to die on a cruel cross and take upon all our sins so that
If they might believe and accept him as savior
they would see eternal life

2 thives were also on the cross
and one yelled " if your God then save us and yourself and get us off here "

the other said " as he recoginzed Jesus as savior just minutes into death a man that was a theif and murderer at that " he said i believe you are LORD "

and Jesus said " this day you will be with me in paradise "

so where did the other theif on the cross go ??? the one that denied he was the savior ??

hell ....

God has written his law on every single mans heart and KNOWONE is without excuse !

you have 2 choices to accept him as savior and have eteranl life and heaven as home forever

or die without him
and die in your sins and live eternally in hell in suffering and seperation from GOD

remember God also gave the angels a choice and will and when luicifer
wanted to be over GOD
he was cast into hell , and 1/3 of the angels followed !

you have a choice
and a will
but you also have a destiny
so dont think your man made excuses
will pardon you from not going to hell

only through the blood of the LAMB of Jesus
and NO other religion will save you

Jesus is not a religion
HE is your only key to life

God bless

ps left this comment
when i seen the last one about how ignorant people think we Christians are ...

WE go by GODS Holy WORD
not mans self made religions or ideas

and they will have mouths wide open when they realize Jesus is coming back for his saved

then after their loved ones , and little children are TAKEN in a instant then they will believe

but for now we know what HIS word says !
HE is coming ARE you READY
or is mans word more trusted ???

Anonymous said...

That just proves the point of arrogance! Christianity is a man made religion based loosely off the ones that preceded it.

Demosthenes said...

I like to read EX 21:17, LE 20:9, DT 21:18-21. Read some of Leviticus 15:19 or 12:2. Then read some Exodus perhaps: 21:15 or 21:9. Then consider for a second how you use the Bible as a credible source for moral absolutes. Then think about reading Plato, Aristotle, and many other philosophers for a better idea of morality.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are the supposed Christians that give Christianity a bad name. Jesus asks you to love and forgive. You are just pushing your own bias and distorted view of his beautiful teachings. Shame on you. Love and accept all as jesus loved and accepted ALL!

snufy said...

It seems as though there are many people in here that have eyes but cannot see, have ears but cannot hear. Satan is indeed the great deceiver.

Anonymous said...

the bible was written by man and is not the word of god. it is corrupted and tells lies

Anonymous said...

Damn, right man! 8 was thinking the same thing

Unknown said...

Satan goes about as peace loving singing songs about harmony. He is really a lion seeking to devour all. I have had many prophetic dreams. I know Jesus is coming soon and the devil wants all to go down with him. Be wary Christians!

Anonymous said...

The first amendment allows everyone to go about their own business. This "coexistence" that's being referred to here is all in the hopes of mass conformity. A brainless nation will be a lot easier to control. New World Order. I recommend picking up a King James Bible.

Anonymous said...

You're rejecting the parts Bible you think you're above. That's not Christianity. The Bible warns us of this New World Order and of course the first thing Satan would want to infiltrate is the church, the closest thing to heaven that can be on earth. The path to Jesus is not easy and does not evolve along with today's society as much as this "Coexist" label would like you to believe. This is being written only in the hopes for you to open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

The tiger is a sign of the devil

Anonymous said...

If you want to know it your religion is true look at the symbols they possess coexist each letter symbolizes a religion. But a true Christian would see this religion puts Christians last...... hmmmm see how fast that was David. Stop with the confused facts. You are right but need to be more simple after all we are all Babes in Jesus eyes Anon 623

Anonymous said...

Hello old testement. Christian are new testement. How can you judge Jesus before he was there??? All that came before him are thieves.Period.

Anonymous said...

1 John 3 I believe it is that not only tells how to recognize the children of the devil from the children of God but in 1 John 4 (in the new testament) it addresses lying spirits.

I was raised an Evangelical Christian in a republican patriotic household and I am loyal to only ONE nation that is UNDER GOD and that nation happens to be my birth home, the United States of America. Not every Christian has fallen under Satan's democratic secular social lies and in visions, I have seen my savior fighting off the devil.

I praise God that other people too are finally showing their faith by not letting Satan try to blur the lines, the enmity between true Christianity versus Satan's counterfeit cowardly Christians and denizens of hell.

When you start seeing Lucifer in nightmares the way I have seen him trying to flatter me by telling me " there's something so attractive about a woman with a strong spirit", and saying that while looking at the tree of Jewish Mysticism (aka the sephiroth tree) you know that when you start seeing these "coexist" members start sitting in your church to immediately stop going to that church and to do more independent bible studies.

Until recently, anything I had been revealing through my Facebook page against secularists or the Roman Catholic church or against Islam, even my parents didn't understand that God himself was showing me, teaching me what versus in my evangelical bible to study and I still give glory to God alone for helping me to understand how to recognize the lying spirits from the Holy Spirit. "You will know them by their fruits". Those that live in denial will gladly and ignorantly defend the interracial, multicultural one world religion/government exactly like in the days of the Tower of Babel before God separated the languages of the people and the original idea about interracial/multiculturalism and marriages was from Alexander the (not-so) Great. He was described in the Old Testament book of Daniel from 7 through 10, as having unified 4 great countries that were later broken never to be remade into that empire ever again and the Roman Catholic church is the only church and city that matches all key points about the whore and is the predominate leader of not only the new age movement but the Coexistance movement as well as also being the mother of Islam. Is that any surprise by now?

Ephesians 6 " for we wrestle, not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against evil rulers in high places and against the dark powers of the wicked world. So put on the FULL armor of God that we might be able to block the flaming arrows of the evil one...." There is a bookmI highly recommend that I found in my local grocery store after reading some of it online called "Spiritual Warfare" by Derek Prince. I highly recommend that book. And to the lying Spirits that still dare to speak, I pray that through God the father, Jesus Christ his son who died on the cross and shed his blood for me and by the Holy Spirit to rebuke you and that you let go of the human whose body you are inhabiting. Amen!

Anonymous said...

If the bible is a lie than why do you consider it a threat to your anti-law lifestyles?

If the bible is a lie than why do you only attack Christians, invade Christian communities, make false accusations against only Christians and try to tell Christians what and who to worship or allow in our Christian churches?

You are an unreasoning animal. Thing is, what so-called "evolutionists" got so wrong even about evolution and about symbolitry is for starters the 'Karma wheel' is not only accompanied by a famous phrase "all roads lead to hell" or " the road to hell is paved with good intentions" but that 'wheel' is upside down. Correct side up it forms the pitchfork which only Satan, of all entities, is associated with but what Darwinians and evolutionist new agers got so wrong is trying to separate God from evolution.

In all forms or elements of society, the only ever true evolving element has the highest morals around, uncompromising faith and that faith happens to be a common belief that obedience to God, (which means believing and trusting that Jesus Christ IS God's ONLY son) is the only way to eternal ascension while physical evidence proves that those who reject Christ are systematically degenerating back into primordial stupidity like cavemen and barbarians.

Without the SON of God in your life, you have no God in your life and DE-Evolve instead of evolving into what God made you to be. That is an unchangable already proven fact that you hate but cannot escape. When you stand for nothing you fall for everything. Those that blind the barriers between faith and satanic society/pagan cultures fall for every con that comes their way. To those that do such stupid things, the truth really does hurt because it's like throwing holy water on a wicked witch. Yes that was a reference to the "wizard of Oz".

Anonymous said...

Pagans/anti-Christs only know how to babble so to them, reason and logic or faith makes no sense so it is pointless to continue arguing with non-Christians or with anti-Christians.

No matter how much they try, they can never con God into believing they are innocent and they can't recognize their own destruction so instead their whining and cursing against God, blaspheming against Christ, only gets worse until God himself destroys these chaotic pieces of garbage. But don't let them stop you from still talking about and sharing the love of Jesus Christ through both deed and faith. Continue helping the poor and feeding the homeless and rebuke Satan by the power and by the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.

C. said...

Deat DJP I.F. -

I was raised catholic. As I grew up I became aware of my surroundings and my peers and noticed how many of them practiced different religions. Observing their attitudes towards their own religions and how they were different from my own grew on me as part of my curiosity and I opened my mind and wanted to learn more about other religions in the world. As I entered my young adulthood and I began to question everything so as to find answers of my own, I realised many moral and ethical rules found in different religious texts (bible, torah, talmud, quoran, etc) had a historical, social context that is just as important as the religious one. If you disagree with this, although you are more than entitled to do so, I would like to ask you the following question: Is there a passage in the bible that specifies how to spread the the word of God if it's to be placed in the same medium you may find, lets say "sinful" content such as pornography or gambling sites, or any sort of specifications which apply to present day practices of different churches around the world?

Back in biblical times war, slavery, diseases, patriarchal ruling in society, justified murder, and many things that for many years have been considered crimes against humanity and injustice were quite common, "the ways of the wicked men" so to speak, and aside from geopolitical, economical and social motivations, religious differences were also an influential factor in the way that people (you know... those other billions of beings similar to you in many ways around the globe) decided to act upon each other (for further inquiry, please consult the Holy Bible and history books on the spread of christianity).

Yes, the movement COEXIST is a campaign (quite different from BRAND, as you eloquently pointed out in your article) - that promotes something shared among christian beliefs - peace... the Kingdom of God if you will. I do see the participation of atheist and non-believers, as it is all inclusive, as well as many other religious (atheists could be even considered a minority taking in consideration the many religions that exist in the world you and I share). Although true, some believers may change their faith due to their involvement in a philosophy which promotes coexistance and knowledge of different cultures, religions, schools of thought among other things; this seems like an effect produced not by the statements of the movement itself, but by the free will of the people.

Is it very christian or perhaps, very christ-like to speak judgementally, uninformed and with hidden ulterior motives about movements of peace? or is that something only you do?

I respect all religions and declare myself a Coexistentialist. I don't believe the relevance of proving or disproving the existence of God exceeds the relevance of working and striving for peace and coexistence in humanity regardless of creed, race, sexual orientation or individual identity... but that's just me, that's what I believe.

I respect your right to speak your mind, I respect the importance you give to your religious fervor and your zealous efforts in defending your beliefs.

I do consider your blog post somewhat close minded and shortsighted, and very coward as it seems you're dissing on something else just to get some attention.
If your God is threatened by the idea of peaceful coexistance, then your God is too small, and you are a fool and truly an ignorant fisherman.

Nothing I say may change your mind, I believe... but just in case one way or another this message may inspire you, wether positively or negatively to say something about it... there's only one thing I ask of you:
Please, become friends with people from different religions than your own. Understand their background, learn what you can of them, share this world with them.
Wouldn't that be more christ-like?

Stan said...

Dear IF,

You have Bono wrong. He is an outspoken Christian and the picture you post above of him is titled "The Blind Leading the Blind." He is mocking the Coexist movement. His theology may not be deep or precise, but he is a brother in Christ. He has been outspoken on his belief in Christ as the Savior and risen Lord and God incarnate.


Anonymous said...

If there is one thing I have learned about God through prayer and asking him to teach me truth it is he is love in the purist form and it wasn't until I stopped fearing him that I found out he reaches many people in many religions through his lessons in love and is recognized in many forms throughout the world. He is excepting and loving of all and I will live by his example. 1 John 4:8. I dislike when people pervert religion and with all due respect I feel you are using the Lord's name in vain, you must remember words have no inherent meaning and will be used subjectively, only a person who first fully understands love can interpret the meaning in the bible otherwise they will use it in vain in and attempt to extinguish and justify their own insecurities fears and ego, qualities in which God has none of. If you cant first discard those unGodly qualities you have no business preaching the word of God. If you are preaching intolerance and non exceptance you are not showing others God's love you are not living and showing him to others through his example you are demanding he be seen only through your understanding. You should never fear God you should embrace him. God's words should NEVER invoke fear he is about love. Fear is the Devil it is rooted in self and ego if you find yourself fearing the world, the devil, other religions, anything different than you, your minds focus has been narrowed and misguided, you have fallen victim to his game because it is only through Love~God that you will be saved from your suffering and through which others will be excepting of you please consider these words I know you have the right intentions somewhere inside yourselves but you must understand that some of you are preaching from a place of fear. I pray Gods grace and love will open all your hearts and you will all be guided it :)

Anonymous said...

God IS Love. You will only be saved through accepting and embracing LOVE the only way to LOVE is through the path of LOVE all suffering ends with LOVE the world will be at peace again when all accept and embrace LOVE not a deity that a religion or man projects in man's image. God the Holy spirit and Jesus are all embodiments of LOVE as with many other figures in religion but it's not the figure you are supposed to worship and bow down before that is a false idol it is the LOVE you are supposed to embrace understand and share. Tolerance of other religions is not about creating one world religion demanding all bow to a singular recognition of a religious figure. Demanding all follow Christianity from the perspective that God is a deity to praise fear and bow before is not true to what LOVE is that in itself is demanding a one world religion and a disservice to what God really is. We don't want one world religion or the blending of religions until it disappears what we want is the recognition of LOVE which is what God is and the acceptance in how others have found and excepted LOVE. There is only one path to GOD Christians the path of LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE when people accept LOVE as their savior. 'Some' Christians (bless them) are misguided worshiping a deity a false idol instead of LOVE, ask God and the power of LOVE in Prayer with an open heart to show you true LOVE teach you LOVE and you will be guided on the path of LOVE to discover what LOVE is you will then see the true words of LOVE in scripture and in the world. You were given a heart allow it to guide you do not fear it. The greatest illusion is that physical matter and symbols have inherent meaning this is a lie you will only project what your heart sees and it should not be fear in any form. Discover who you are understand through introspection and LOVE how your insecurities and fears illusioned you from the truth that is LOVE.

Anonymous said...

I was in a drive-thru line when I first saw a car with the coexist bumper sticker and I was staring at it going through it slowly and then the first words out of my mouth were "one world religion". Drove home, told my husband about it, he already knew. We live on a college campus in a very christian city, so this was extra shocking. I think a big problem with coexist is that it's treating Christianity as an equal belief system to all of the pagan (satanic) ones, or ones that deny Jesus as God. It further confuses the youth (as they are the target for this movement) into feeling okay about the other religions, instead of recognizing the horrible reality that hell is on the horizon. How many more young people will be swayed by this peaceable option instead of fighting for the souls of their peers, because after all, the most important thing is for them to be saved, not for them to think all religions are great and to embrace them. Peace doesn't matter if people find themselves separated from God when they die. Peace is not the problem, love of the true God is the problem, and coexist further sets the stage for what is written at the end of the bible.

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Anonymous said...

I think that COEXIST is just wanting all religions to have a mutual respect for other religions. If you don't respect what someone else has to say about their own religion, then how do you expect them to respect what you have to say about yours. Maybe we don't think that other religions are right, but I believe that this campaign is trying to say that we shouldn't be worried about what's right and wrong. In other religions, Christianity may not be right and vice versa. I think that this campaign is trying to promote religious tolerance and understanding and support religious freedom because many people came and still come to America for this reason. I guess it's really just trying to promote respect, understanding, and goodwill between all of these religions because, yeah, they may not believe in what you believe but is there really any harm and being their friend or understanding that they have their own beliefs?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, what’s your view on this other blog
and also the alternative bumper sticker
the coexist bumper sticker is really very dangerous, the best deception is as close to the truth as possible, we as children of God want to accept this seemingly peaceful sticker but truly it as Antichrist as comes.

Unknown said...

I don't know what these people think they are doing with this whole 'acceptance' thing. As a Christian I'm called to love everyone but the idea that I would ever agree with religions like Hinduism or Islam is silly. My take on existing in a secular world is to have a division between religious conversations and secular ones.

The notions behind COEXIST is this idea ill informed people have that religion is a small thing with people and is nothing more than a superstition like having a dream catcher or throwing salt at doorways. That a devout Islamic and Christian can live next to each other the same way that people who like different cars live next to each other.

These liberals think that tolerance is the same as acceptance, but it isn't. Despite the fact that the church and the state are separate, the people of the state are trying quite hard to affect the lives of the church.

Next time you see someone with this sticker, I urge you to ask them how they plan on reaching their goals. You might just see how 'open minded' they really are. Then pray for the at the end of the day.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

If that were true, all you'd have to do is take your lecture to the Roman CATHOLIC Church (investigate that word) and it's secret love Islam. Instead you focus and "unify" yourselves AGAINST any Jew or Christian who reads the Bible and bend over backwards never to confront, but instead to accommodate, excuse, justify, and champion the bloody hands of Romanism and Islam and bare and create FALSE WITNESS to vilify Protestantism as "their equal" because of your Faith - which unlike Christian Faith which lives because the world PROVES the Bible is TRUTH - your worldly "universalism" REJECTS what you know of the world and propagated itself w LIES, DOUBLE STANDARDS,and FALSE NARRATIVES to claim "everyone" and "all things" are "the same" particularly when they're NOT.

"Fundamentalists" - which is your pejorative for anyone who rejects YOUR Romanism - are NOT the ones seeking to dominate and rule in "unity" (because we're not the ones trying to create "god's" kingdom on this Earth.) Consequently we're not the Romans= who crucified Christ, destroyed the Jewish Temple, separated Christ's people, the Jews, from the Land of God's Promise, sold Christ's people into slavery, fed Christians to lions FOR FOUR CENTURIES, nor burned "Heretics" at the stake, nor led the crusades, nor witch trials (Salem= ergot poisoning), nor led inquisition FOR CENTURIES, nor burned scientists for their thoughts, nor assassinated leaders, started wars, deposed kings, sent Roman Catholic "Conquistadors" to wipe out entire populations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas, formed a "counter-reformation" to murder our Forefathers and drive them from their homes, nor collaborated with the Nazis, then HELPED the Nazi war criminals and leaders escape justice to Roman Catholic South and LATIN America at the end of WW2, nor burned the US Capital in Philadelphia to create a "new" "universal" Capital identical to the Vatican in the "District of Columbia" (Rome's dove "goddess" also known as Semiramis / Isis = that man-in-drag boy-raping "goddess" standing with his dim and darkened torch of "enlightenment" on Ellis Island) nor forming our new "centralized" one size fits all "universal" unresponsive disconnected insulated government right in the middle of VIRGIN-ia and MARY-Land right here in PROTESTant America - simply because we "fundamentalists" aren't the ones who "Hope" to "Change" the deepest personal religious PROTESTant faiths of others - NOR - silence their PROTEST of the Bible which WHY it is WE PROTESTants - and not you CATHOLICS - who are free and innocent of all the UNIVERSAL Pope-ish crimes, plots, and villanies just mentioned.

We so called "fundamentalists" have been peacefully "Coexisting" no matter "however many 'denominations' Rome has successfully infiltrated, undermined, and divided us into for generations. We get along just fine with Buddhists, and Hindus, and Atheists, and even you apostate islamists and "Catholics" whenever you cease your "universalist" bloodletting and persecutions long enough to let us. And we didn't need your "speach codes", thought / belief crime legislations, nor YOUR persecutions, torture chambers, or genocides nor your bumper sticker lectures to do it.

And lest you forget history.. worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob WAS NEVER prohibited in ancient Rome. (though worship of the Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ always was), only Jewish - MONOTHEISM - (i.e. the REJECTION of universalism) WAS.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I dont think that the coexist message is a bad message at all. Realize that their msg is of Unity with the world and religions in the world. They do not discriminate like I see in ALOT of post on this blog. Do you think God wants that from us?
Yes Jesus is our savior but realize that religion is man made. Different perceptions of all the teachers from the same source is all. And there is nothing wrong with that as long as it comes from love. Jesus was not a Christian. And I dont think he intended for all of us to separate our beliefs either for they all come from the same source and teach the same message. Peace, love, acceptance, forgiveness and all that is good. In the bible is talks about unity all over.
Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.
Ephesians 4:3
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Anonymous said...

Colonialism is evidence that many Christians are fans of Jesus but do not follow Him. If they were disciples of Jesus they could hate the sin and love the sinner but they either love the sinner and the sin or hate the sin and the sinner. While they called infidels barbarians their actions showed them to be barbarians of the first class. They feel no contrition for the fact that white supremacy causes societies around the world to put the white man on a pedestal. They mistake racism for prejudice and are comfortable thinking that everyone is equal now though they are still on pedestals.

Michaelangel007 said...

The author, sadly, lives up to their name. :-/

They are ignorant of the fact that Jesus specifically said "Do not judge." PERIOD. There are no exceptions.

Jesus never once told the Sadducees, Pharisees, or anyone else for that matter, that they needed to give up their beliefs -- only to _expand_ theirs and include God. Why? Because ALL religions are man-made and they all contain truths, half-truths, and lies. i.e. The Parables never literally happened -- what IS important is _Relationship._ That is, there is only ONE commandment: "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

And when Jesus said "Love your enemies." that wasn't some footnote but the core CENTRAL theme.

Spouting myopic intolerance along with being ignorant of understanding that everyone is developing _their_ own personal relationship with God in their own way, _regardless_ of how other judges them, only festers hates. Satanism is Division, but God is Unity.

Cult mentality of "My Way is the Only Way", aka ALL Theology, will be given a rude awakening in 2024. You have been informed.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Mike, thanks for your sarcastic reply?... lol... was that done in love or hate bro?

True Christianity is based on spiritual absolutes a word and truth that absolutely horrifies people like you... You are looking at the Holy Scriptures through a relativistic prism not from an objective position or RIGHTEOUS absolutes. To say he never told the Sadds or the Pharrs or the world to repent and be saved shows you never read the Bible. The Gospels are totally full of it. Matt. 7:21-23, 15, 23, John 3:16-17, 36; 8:44, 14:6, Acts 4:12, Rom. 7:24-26, 16:28-30, 1 John 5:13, Rev. 3:14-22 etc...etc...

Mike you share some great half truths but you leave out the RIGHTEOUSNESS of Almighty God (Matt. 6:33, John 3:36, Rom. 10:2-4) Is you "thoughts" about love Almighty God's who is ETERNAL and absolute or yours which are subjective and fallen?

God's love only seeks the highest and best for all based on the moral and spiritual absolutes of Almighty God and His RIGHTEOUSNESS (PERFECT absolutes based on His RIGHTEOUS character). Leave that out and your love is a lie and evil.

The Coexist movement is a movement that rejects absolute truth and is based in moral relativism which rejects absolutes and revelation. To say that spiritual truth is relevant makes void and vain any logic because what you are really saying is any fairy tale you want to believe in is absolute but not really.

My friend you need the Gospel of John Challenge! The ignorant of the Lord are wiser than Satan's sheep because the abide in spiritual truth and absolutes not delusion and moral relativism! (John 8:44, 1 Cor. 18-31)

Hope you can see that my friend!

Shalom and love to you IN Jesus Christ the RIGHTEOUS One and True One (absolute) of the Father.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jal11180 said...

Deborah Leah, a.k.a., littlelight777, you are of Lucifer because you call rock music as Satanic. I am going to explain to you why I am calling you out on your modern day Pharisee attitude about music. First of all, who created music? Second, who created all of the different concepts of music? Third, who created the beats of different styles of music? Fourth, who created all of the different genres of music? Fifth, who created all of the musical instruments? Sixth, who created all of the different people that made all of those things possible? The reality is that YAHWEH EL ELOHIM created all of those things and He even created Lucifer, you know, the fallen angel that was behind ALL forms of music?

I have also noted that people like yourself say that certain genres, beats, and musical instruments are of Lucifer, yet woe be to anyone that points out that ANY musical concept, instrument, genre, and such could be used for evil purposes. Where is your faux outrage over Claude Debussey who is regarded as one of the biggest names of classical music in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries, when he wrote Sapphos and Bilitus, which was essentially a musical suite over one of the first recorded lesbian/female homosexual/female heterophobe pairings in human history? Imagine a whole hour devoted to the LGBT agenda in beautifully sounding music with no words, and yet I hear not a peep over self-righteous hypocrites like yourself on the matter. Seriously, go look it up on the internet and see what I am saying is not true.

The bottom line is this, Debbie, you can not declare an entire genre, let alone any musical instrument, concept, beat, and such as evil when YAHWEH EL ELOHIM Himself made them all by His Hand. Furthermore, music, by its base nature, let alone ANY form of media, art, or the like, is NEUTRAL in form and in function, for YAHWEH EL ELOHIM made them so Himself, and that they are only considered as good or evil if they are used for good or evil purposes. Yes, evildoers do exist within any form of music, let alone with any musical beats, genres, or the like, but that is because we, as the sinful and fallen human race, are evil because of the sinful natures that we have inherited through Adam and Eve, and no amount of listening to religious ritualism like you promote can save you, for only by truthfully following, as well as rightfully interpreting, YAHWEH EL ELOHIM and His Word and what is said from Them can save you and your own actions can not get you into the Kingdom of YAHWEH EL ELOHIM. Finally, if you plan on using the tired old "Woe be to those that consider good as evil and evil as good" or "God Bless you, I will pray for you lines," then you must be aware that the biggest woe will be upon an arrogant, prideful, elitist, spiritually and mentally immature, and hypocritical individual in yourself and that the prayers of wicked people are a stench in the nostrils of YAHWEH EL ELOHIM. You need to read more about what YAHASHUA HA'MASHIACH did to the Pharisees and why doctrines of yourself are just as bad, wicked, vile, immoral, evil, and spiritually and mentally destructive as the Coexist movement. Repent or perish!

jal11180 said...

Be gone, fatima666, you spam making troll and harlot of Lucifer!

jal11180 said...

You can also go, money money, for you also have become a harlot of Lucifer as well as a con artist and a troll.

jal11180 said...

Shut up, Illuminate Godfather, you worker of wickedness!

antonio said...

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James J. Fire said...

Good Stuff here saint! Read the article on COEXIST, and loved it so much, shared it on my FB wall, and the FB The TRUTH Under FIRE Group as well!
I'd like to read more of your articles in these archives, and if I see that we are agreed on the essentials (I'm convinced this will probably be the case!), I'd like to add a link to my own blog.
The LORD bless and keep you always! <

Brother James Fire

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

James, thanks for your kind words of encouragement! To God be the glory!
This post is our number one most visited post. Also, We have tracts also on this topic. Thanks for sharing us for God's glory and Name!

God speed my brother for all of Almighty God's perfect will for your life!

Eph. 3:20-21!


Anonymous said...

Coexist is a call for tolerance and non-judgement. Whom do you believe has the sole right to judge His creation and ALL the people within it? The Bible says not you, me or anyone. How will you answer at the time of Judgement when you are asked if "You treated your fellow humans and His creation with dignity and repsect?" Be careful not to break the 9th Commandment. You intolerants appear to follow the Devil. Only GOD can judge, not you.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

Deborah, thanks for your reply!

Your personal perspective and mental perception is based on moral relativism which abhors moral absolutes and seeks to "exist" in a world without them. A moral relativist multiplies absolutes by zero while using disorder and delusion as fact. They are NEVER objective with truth but seek to discredit it. The heart of the COEXIST movement is moral relativism. Moral relativism is the sound rejection of moral absolutes established by our Creator (Romans 1:18-32). Romans 1:18-32 cannot state it any clearer for all who truly want to know. Moral relativist rejected the Divine moral absolutes establish at the beginning of the creation (Gen. 1) as defined by our Creator and despise those who do not reject them. You have a problem with this post because you personally rejected the establish biblical moral absolutes of ALMIGHTY God your Creator and seek to pass judgment on those who receive and believe Almighty God's word on this matter. You personally pick and choose what part of the Bible you will believe and use and not believe and use. You miss use words like love, judgment, kindness, etc... based on your darkened perception and not in the proper biblical context as the Bible simply and clear teaches.

You say I'm of the devil but you are speaking as the devil in error and confusion. 2+2=4. It is what it is! How can you make that absolute not true? Well Deborah you cannot. Thus is the same with spiritual and moral absolutes. You can't say they don't exist because you don't like them and say all error is absolute and true.

It is really simple to see if you want to and we hope you do!

Jesus stated, I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE (John 14:6, Romans 3:23, 6:23, 10:2-4, 9-13). That is absolute and that is why the coexist movement fails and is from hell John 8:43-44. Error NEVER brings about peace, love, order, harmony, correction, compassion etc only moral absolutes do. Error only brings about hate, war, violence, discord, death etc.. every time it is practiced. What we sow we reap. If we sow lawlessness we will get the fruit there of, If we sow rightness based on biblical spiritual and moral absolutes we will reap harmony, order, peace etc..

Thanks again Deborah for your reply and hope you are objective and see thing the way your ETERNAL RIGHTEOUS Creator does. Ask Him to help you see and He will! I once was out to lunch and was a relativist until I listened to the Word of God and am now free indeed! (John 8:32,36, Eph. 2:1-14)


Michaelangel007 said...


Please ignore ignorant people like David. He doesn't understand the first thing about the difference between (pseudo) Religion and Spirituality:

* Religion: One man telling another man what he _should_ do to understand God.
* Spirituality: One man telling another man what he _could_ do to understand God.

Wanna-be-Pharisees like David love to quote scripture but fail to understand it -- let alone read it -- instead following their own dogma COMPLETELY missing the point that we are to learn how to love EVERYONE. They are so trapped in a Black-and-White duality world that they are unable to understand Ecclesiastes 3 in any form , shape, or fashion:

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, a time to die;
a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
a time to break down, and a time to build up;

As we read we see that _Context_ (Relativism) is MORE important then Absolutes. i.e. Sometimes you can hurt a person MORE by telling them the Truth -- and in the rare situation it would cause them less harm if the truth was omitted. i.e. the Literal Letter killeth but the Spirit gives lives. A person recognizes in that the Tree of Life there is a time to Err on Judgement (Male), and a time to err on Mercy (Female).

Pseudo-Christians such as David love to ignore inconvenient scripture such as Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged" which makes it CRYSTAL clear that the typical Pseudo-Christian such as our friend David is a hypocrite -- they love to think they are better then the Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Jew, Muslim, etc. but the reality is that they are NO better, nor any worse then anyone else. ALL men are equal in the eyes of God. "God causes rain on both the just, and unjust."

1) God loves everyone regardless of what they believe, and
2) He/She _alone_ has the right to judge others -- any man who claims to is worshiping them self.

Fortunately, First Contact in roughly ~2024 will show the stupidity of Judaic "Original Sin" and the arrogance of pseudo-religious men who are blinded by dogma following corrupted pseudo-religions such as modern Judaism and Christianity simply because the word "tolerance" isn't in their vocabulary. They operate under the delusion that man is the only intelligent creature God created -- completely oblivious each person worships God in their own way based on their own understanding. When mankind finally meets our cosmic neighbors it will force the entire world to re-evaluate myopic perspectives such as he one shared by our friend David here to look at the BIGGER picture. Until then there is a reason the blog is called "The Ignorant Fisherman".

Peace and Blessings
Michaelangel007 the Mystic

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michaelangel007 for your kind words of encouragement (are you Norwegian? Your identity page is in Norwegian? I'm learning it before I visit someday--the land of my ancestors). People like "David" and his pseudo-intellect have no effect on me. I came to my beliefs on my own, through "the hard knocks of life experience" and seeking wisdom--using my intellect to question, read, and seek, as God has commanded. My question was not answered and that says plenty about those who use God/Jesus to justify their motive to worship the god money, by spreading fear and separateness. How can they pass judgment on others and not honor ALL in God's creation and not fear the final days when they will be asked to answer for their self-righteousness and obvious lack of humility? My thoughts logically ask if they truly believe in God, fear Him, fear the judgment when they continue judging in God's place--logic says MONEY is their true motive--don't they believe that God sees them?. My husband says I ask tough questions. That's why we left religion--today, most don't seem to be about even--Do unto others as you would have done to you. I find people rarely answer. But I'll wait for one. I'm patient. Takk.

Anonymous said...

David: Cough! Gaslighting and mansplaining the WOMAN noted, (no need to recover, I grew up in an all male house, I can hold my own) and your pseudo-intellectual babble. Question still not answered. If you cannot answer the simple question I posed in my first post, doubts about your true belief in God and His sole right of judgment over you comes into play. If you feel comfortable passing judgment on and in feeling superior over those in God's creation, how can you continue to do this and answer in judgment honestly later? Try again. God granted me the gift of persistence, I try not to disappoint him.

The Ignorant Fishermen said...

??? Deborah.. wow.... alot of rage there... some might call your persistence rage and self preservation.

All was answered in my last reply but you are willingly blind to ETERNAL truth and Righteousness (2 Cor. 4:2-4)

You're speaking for God by miss representing Him and contradicting His Word. We make judgements based on truth, absolutes and reality. You do it every day, What is so hard to understand? Your judging me with your reply? But your judgement is based on moral relativism and not moral and spiritual absolutes.

Truly, All of God's best to you Deborah in God's perfect love which is in Truth and RIGHTEOUSNESS.

John 14:6


Michaelangel007 said...

Shalom Deborah

No, I am not Norwegian. Not sure what identity page you are referring to?

Our friend David may indeed be pursing the false Profit of greed selling Heaven Insurance -- but I haven't seen any evidence of that; though I haven't looked.

You asked an important question: "How can they pass judgment on others and not honor ALL in God's creation ...?"

People like David are xenophobic spiritual children. They condemn anything they don't understand due to their insecurity and ignorance -- they don't know any better because their mind is undeveloped. They don't (or can't) bother to read let alone *think* about the numerous contradictions in the Torah -- Murder (Ex 20:13, 1 Sam 15:3), Sacrifices (Ex 20:24, Isa 66:3, Jer 7:22), etc. They are under the delusion that there are only absolutes -- exactly like a child who is unable to grasp the concept there is a difference between tough love and soft love. Unfortunately, spiritual children don't believe the message really is simple so they over-complicate it with man-made dogma and pseudo-intellectualism. The first clue is that they love to quote the murderer and liar Paul in an attempt to justify their pseudo-intellectualism.

It sounds like you have indeed truly understood how the Golden Rule summarizes the *entire* Bible with two words: Love Unconditionally.

Keep asking the tough questions. It helps force people to think outside their box. :-)

Michaelangel007 the Mystic

Anonymous said...

I understand that San Francisco Democrat politician, close associate of Willie Brown (yes, that Willie Brown), and Satanic cult leader Jim Jones used Flavor-Aid, not Kool-Aid, to brew his deadly concoction.